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Rondo’s living the charmed life, huh?

Via Jess Camerato:

Rondo has a cameo role in the upcoming film “Just Wright,” a romantic
comedy about a basketball player starring Common and Queen Latifah,
which opens in theaters on Friday.

“I’m friends with Common,” Rondo told “He asked me if I
wasn’t doing anything, there was a basketball movie and he would try to
get me a part in it, and he did.”

I feel like this is going to sort of be like Blue Chips 2… a bunch of cameos surrounding a weak story line peppered with a bunch of overacting.

That won't stop me from watching it, though. 

And can I… if I may… just point something out about this?

Rondo was about as awesome as he could be last night.  He's been great all year and while he still has holes and flaws, he's progressing at an amazing rate and is taking ownership of this team.  Yet he still managed to do something fun like shoot a cameo in a movie.

So the next time you hear about a basketball player, or athlete in general, doing something fun or not-sports related during the offseason in the future… please understand that in the offseason, you can do that.  That you have have about 14 to 16 hours (assuming you sleep 8 hours) to not only get a full, rigorous workout in… but to also do something fun.

I just find the "maybe he should have been working on his free throws" type of comments a little annoying… as if he's expected to be in a gym 16 hours a day in the off-season. 

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  • ok what is the worst basketball movie ever? Not counting Air Bud?????????

  • mike o

    best basketball movie ever – the 6th man

  • Cliff Kensington

    I agree with the sentiment about him being allowed to have fun. Having said that, when someone continuously is lacking in something like free throw shooting, which is almost entirely based on effort, one has no choice but to wonder. Rondo obviously has been working hard so this isn’t necessarily pointed at him.
    This has always been my issue with Shaq. He was lucky enough to be given a body and coordination that could dominate basketball for years. But never got his foul shooting anywhere approaching adequate. And yes, part of this is because he spent so much time making terrible rap albums, terrible movies, and terrible tv shows.
    It just bugs me as person who would kill to have the athletic ability these guys do. They can’t be bothered to spend time on free throws. It’s a waste.

  • The Truth is Here

    I don’t think free throws are a direct show of effort.

  • Cliff Kensington

    So you really think that someone can be just naturally predisposed against shooting free throws? No matter how many they take, they’ll always be bad?
    What could cause that? I’ve heard people try to say that Shaq is too big or his hands are too big but Yao shoots over 85% and is taller.
    Most things in basketball are a combination of natural coordination, energy, and muscle memory. But the world record holder for most free throws consecutively was an old, out of shape white guy. I’m not saying everyone could end up shooting 95% but there’s no excuse for being unable to top 50%