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Rondo: I really don’t care (if LeBron guards me)


"It’s happened before," Rondo said at practice today. "LeBron’s going
to be LeBron. He’s a great help defender so he’s definitely going to be
helping. They did it a couple years ago when Kobe was checking me in
the Finals, so I’m used to bigger guys guarding me, giving me the shot
and just challenging the lane because of their wingspan.

“I really don’t care. If he checks me, he checks me. It’s not going
to change the way we run our offense.”

Meanwhile, Paul Pierce told reporters that he's not injured or sick:

"There's nothing wrong with me," said Pierce. "The key for me is to just
being focus, being ready to give this team what it needs to win.
There's nothing wrong with me."

"I do whatever I gotta do to help this team win," said Pierce. "Guarding
is no easy task. He's the two-time MVP and a lot of their
offense goes through him — pretty much all of it. I know I have to
focus on that end, more so than the offense. I knew that coming into the

If LeBron switches to Rondo, then Pierce should get cleaner looks at the basket. Pick your poison Mike Brown.

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  • The Truth is Here

    Am I crazy to think that they should base their gameplan on who Lebron is covering?
    He is a game changer, they need to look more towards Paul, and work screening Lebron into the plays. This offense is at it’s finest when Rondo gets into the paint, which will be harder with LBJ checking him.
    Also, you really weren’t kidding about all Rondo all day…

  • ConverseWeapon

    This move might be the call of the series. LeBron basically taking over as coach here. Can’t wait to see “6’9 270” try to stay with Rondo. I don’t know, LeBron might be in over his head here. Would love to see Pierce go off… 🙂

  • Tim Stille

    I would love to see Lebron get into foul trouble reaching and trying to keep rajon rondo infront of him when everyone knows he can’t keep up with his quickness as well as trying to block rajon rondo’s shot but it will never happen as long as nba refs choose never to get Lebron James in foul trouble EVER he somehow plays the whole game and plays hard nosed defense the whole game and goes up for crazy blocks and somehow is NEVER in foul trouble EVER

  • Jason

    I cannot fathom why there is so much discussion about what is wrong with Pierce. Hey everybody, duh, I’m no Queen fan, but LeBron is an awesome defender. Sorry, no debate. He’s bigger, taller, stronger, faster, quicker and a better leaper than Pierce at this stage. He’s just shutting Pierce down. Honestly, the few times Parker checked Pierce, he couldn’t get by him either. Pierce is going in slow motion, can’t penetrate at all, is barely even trying, and when he does, he turns it over. When he settles, he shoots bricks. Good, but declining offensive player against All-NBA defender. Not rocket science.

  • davecowens

    Why would Lebron’s coverage of Rondobecome public knowledge? What the hell is going on in the Cleveland locker room? At this point, LBJ should know enough to keep his mouth shut. Must everything about this guy be public knowledge?
    Can’t wait to see Rondo exploit this.