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How to beat the Cavs with LeBron on Rondo


Ok, Mike Brown.  You want to take Rondo out of things by puting LeBron James on him?

Ok, we'll play your game.  Here's how I'd attack it.

Assuming Parker would now cover Pierce because of his height, Paul and Ray start opposite Rondo with the ball in Pierce's hands.  Perk starts on the weak side high with KG on the weak side block. Ray comes over and picks for Paul while Perk screens for KG.  Rondo and his new buddy LeBron are on the opposite side of the floor. 

Pierce uses the screen while Ray flares out to the 3 point line.  Parker will probably go under and dare Pierce to shoot, which I'm still comfortable with since he can see over Parker.  Even if he does go under the screen, Pierce can continue going to the hole.  KG is coming off the Perk screen and flashing to the middle. 

If Mo Williams gets lost, Ray is somewhere behind the 3 point line.  KG is at the top elbow ready to hit a jumper if Antawn Jamison cheats too far in the lane to prevent Pierce's penetration.  If Shaq steps over to help at all and also stop Pierce's penetration, Perk is there for a bounce pass and dunk. 

If LeBron cheats into the middle, Rondo can sneak in behind him and get the ball as a 5th option.  If Rondo gets the ball there, you can bet it's a bounce pass to Perk underneath or Ray still working his way around the perimeter.

You can also run the play with Pierce setting the pick for Ray… but I like Ray flaring out or rolling for the jumper since Pierce is more of a bull going to the hole.

This is just one way to attack it.  But you can bet that if the Cavs really do put LeBron on Rondo in the half court, then the Big 3 are going to take over.  Rondo will still run things in transition… but it's too easy to take LeBron way out of the play defensively if he's on Rondo.  The Cavs are asking for problems if they try that for too long.

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  • Excellent work. Looking over Game 3 a bit, it seemed like Cleveland had Anthony Parker pick up Rondo full court, one-on-one. Rondo essentially did a zig-zag drill to get it over half court and get the Celtics into their offense.
    I wonder if they would employ the same tactics with LeBron. I mean he’s certainly capable. The other main thing I’d watch for is if LBJ drops under all of the screens like Parker did and play off Rondo, leaving him open for the jumpers. Still, this is a gamble because it would allow Pierce to finally get some good looks and get into a flow without getting into foul trouble.

  • I don’t think I’d set any picks for Rondo on LBJ. I let Rondo go at him 1-on-1.

  • Pierce is Ready

    Yeah, Rondo is quick enough to cause james some trouble and draw him in for a kick out all night.
    I would just keep Rondo away from every play and let the big three dominate everybody else on the cavs. They would be dead. James off gaurding rondo? Good.

  • I totally agree.
    If the Cavs REALLY want to sacrifice LeBron for us to give up Rondo…. then I’ll go to war with Ray, Paul, KG and Perk vs. Mo, Parker, Jamison and Shaq.
    Every damn day. I’d do it every damn day

  • You better coach Youth Basketball at the least. Good stuff here.

  • Awesome stuff. I was going to suggest, “maybe Rondo’s speed can get LBJ into a few early fouls, like it’s happened with PP”… then I remembered who we were talking about. Fouls aside..
    If LBJ tries to chase Rondo around Rondo will drive and pull LBJ into a block, (he’s always chasing it), and kick it out for a slam/bucket. ALL DAMN DAY Reds.
    I don’t think it’s really going to happen though.