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Enemy Chatter: Lebron wants a piece of Rondo


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters
and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics.
Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Cleveland.

LeBron said it might be time for the Cavs to "explore" having him
guard Rondo since Rondo's vanquished Mo Williams and a second-look at
Anthony Parker didn't work as well as the first.

That's nice of him.

Cleveland Plain Dealer

LeBron James is the best player in the world, a unique mix of brute force, speed and agility. But… is he really quick enough to stay with Rondo? James is 6-8, 250 lbs. Rondo is 6-1, 171 lbs. James' height will surely bother Rondo's shooting, provided he can stay in front of Rajon.

I applaud James for stepping up, a la Kobe Bryant. But Bryant is better suited to the Rondo challenge because he is lighter on his feet.

On Page 2, some defensive praise for Rondo.

Well, Mo Williams got his first threes of the series and managed to get
in the paint a few times. He still had a bad game. He absolutely,
positively cannot get loose against Rondo on the perimeter, even when he
uses a pick — it really seems to be having an impact on the Cavs’
ability to run their sets. Freaking Rondo.

Cavs: The Blog

Rondo really picked up his effort on the defensive side of the ball, hounding Mo Williams from the moment he touched the ball. Will he have the energy to do this in Game 5?

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  • idaho.jim

    Rest up Double RR…keep that V8 wide open in Game 5.
    If the Cavs do put ‘Bron on Rondo, who’s gonna cover Pierce? Any move they make is gonna make life easier for Paul, Ray, or KG

  • DRJ

    That’s the key question which will probably decide the Cs’ fate this season. Can Rondo do it again? And again, and again…. times 10. Man, that’s a lot to ask.

  • BRADinLA

    Yeah, maybe if take Lebron off Pierce the Truth can have that explosive game we all know he has in him.

  • larry

    i think 10 million dollars a year is enough motivation.!!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    The Cavs don’t have an answer. Mike Brown is SO scared to unleash Paul Pierce and Ray Allen that he has been living with Rondo beating them to keep those two at a minimum. Well Putting Lebron on Rondo would free Pierce and Ray up to start to get going and then once they are going it’s over anyway because Rondo can still give Lebron fits. I hope they stick Lebron on Rondo because we WILL see a big game from Paul Pierce I guarantee that

  • idaho_jim

    Exactly…are they gonna move Antwain J over to Paul, and Shaq on KG? Who’s the big body for PerK? Are they gonna run Shaq/Varejo or Shaq/Big Z together?….And doesn’t that put Mo Williams on Ray? I don’t see ‘Bron on Rondo helping…one thing is for sure, more hard fouls on Rondo are coming

  • Tim Stille

    well seeing how lebron can get away with whatever he wnats on defense reaching and slapping at the ball as hard as he can getting ball sometimes and somtimes not , bodying players in the air when he goes for blocks, yeling at refs and gettign them to chnage calls ( I personally have seen this twice this series) as well as refs looking reluctant to call fouls on lebron when they have too this could be bad for the celtics the only real sunlight out of the sudden press and media givin to rondo for his stellar play this might lead to refs actually being forced to have to make calls on the NBA’s golden boy

  • mikey

    Dude isn’t the best player in the world.
    Stop making up stuff.
    That is an opinion.