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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics are confusing the hell out of people

Ray paul rondo
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Many years ago on a postseason flight back from Detroit, Bob Cousy
shook his head and said, “You used to be able to count on the effort
being there in the playoffs at least.”

That expectation passed into obsolescence long ago. Even your 2008
NBA champions had their moments of ennui in Atlanta. And it’s worse now.
Of all the bad things you can say about these Celtics, this might be
the strongest indictment. They don’t always give you everything they

At the Garden in Game 3, you had a right to believe that wouldn’t be
an issue. Yet you couldn’t deny the possibility.

So now Doc
avoids the question in public.

“I never really answer that,” he said. “I say something like, ‘Oh,
we’ll be fine.’ I never get into that stuff. They ask if we’re all right
and how we look, and I say, ‘We’ll be all right.’ That’s about it.
That’s all they get from me.”

Enigmatic Celtics leave experts without answers

You've got to follow the link to see how Perk addresses this.  It's great… and a little upsetting… at the same time.

This is what it all boils down to, folks.  The C's know it.  Sometimes they just don't give everything they have.  Damned if I know why they don't.  If you're not going to try in these games, then when are you gonna try.

Just makes you wonder if sometimes they just can't.  Like they're reaching for something that's not there.

Only we know its there because we saw it for most of Games 1 and 2.  Then they pull what they pulled in Game 3 and the pundits are already talking about Cleveland moving on.

So a little effort will go a long way today, boys.  If you're ever going to come out hard, this is it.

On Page 2, Why the offense wasn't the problem in Game 3

Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

"Listen, if we're going to go over the offense when we just gave up 120
points, then we have a problem," Rivers said a day after his team's
124-95 thumping at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 3 of an
Eastern Conference semifinal series.

"That was not an offensive problem [Friday]. It was a defensive
problem. We score off our defense. If you take the ball out every time
[after an opposing make], you're not going to score in the playoffs. You
have to get stops, multiple stops."

Chris Forsberg – Game 4 adjustments?  Doc gets defensive

Yeah, it is that simple.  You stop them, you get out and run, and you will score.  That's always been where the Celtics are most effective.  We're not talking about Suns style run-and-gun… but we are talking about getting out in transition and taking advantage of the chaos as guys try to find someone to guard.

Get stops.  Get out in transition.  Win the game.

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  • rcry

    Sometimes, it seems like no one on the team cares, save for Rondo and KG.

  • the-facts

    the blow out lost friday night, was the worst playoffs lost for the celtics. it was the worst coaching game by doc rivers ever. the cavs made rondo became the scorer for the celtics. and rondo wanted to show everyone that he can score and his not just an assist guy. rondo was horrible. the kid just can’t score. he missed so many jump shots and 3’s, he had more field goal than ray and pierce. his game is all about pushing the ball up the court and find the open guy. he needs to understand that is his job to get others involve, get steals and play strong defense. He will never be an offensive player like deron williams, nash, and chris paul.

  • CFH

    I would add Ray Allen to that list, but otherwise… yup.

  • Rcry

    Rondo was 9/17, Pierce was 4/15, Ray was 2/9, Nate was 3/10… and the conclusion is that Rondo “just can’t score”? How about his teammates just not making any shots? And it’s not entirely up to Rondo to get others involved. For us to get any kind of transition game where Rondo can push the ball up the court – we need to get stops, aka play a team defense. For us to be able to get into fast breaks, we need to get rebounds – which is a team activity. For Rondo to be able to get the ball to the open guy, guys need to move off the ball… not just stand there watching and waiting. Yes, the kid needs to stay aggressive and not settle on taking jumpshots, but “Rondo is horrible” is a bit much…

  • DRJ

    I rewatched the beginning of Game 3 (to get time codes, etc.) and some things popped out clear as day.
    – Celtics missed shots. A LOT of shots. They were just ice cold to start the game.
    – Cavs were hot. RED hot. Whatever shot they put up, no matter how well-guarded or tough… seemed to hit nothing but net. It was uncanny.
    – Paul couldn’t hit the side of a barn. Ray was only a little better.
    – Refs began helping the Cavs — not that they needed it — about 3 minutes in. I doubt the Cs could have won that game anyway.
    – Rondo seemed strangely focused on taking jumpers, as opposed to driving. This was NOT, repeat NOT due to any defense the Cavs put up. When Rondo DID drive… he blew right by them like they were nailed down. But for some reason (which I still do not understand) he kept taking jumpers. Weird.
    – The Cs started the game with plenty of energy. Then 3 things happened roughly simultaneously, the COMBINATION of which caused them to shut down and write the game off: (a) They missed a ton of shots, (b) the Cavs hit their shots regardless of the defense (falling back, hand in the face, 20 feet out, etc., etc.) over and over, and (c) the refs started letting the Cavs SLAM the Cs with no calls, while calling every little touch (and some totally phantom, like the moving pick on Baby in early-Q2) on Boston.
    I know it’s heretical, but I have to admit that were I in their shoes, I might have given up too. They’re pros, they’re not supposed to EVER give up (since once in a while, 08 Finals Game 4 happens), and I know that… and THEY know that… but still… given the reality they were facing, I’m not sure that I would not have tossed in the towel too.

  • DRJ

    But today’s game is the clearest must-win of the season to date. A loss = the end. It’s going to be fascinating to see what happens in this one.
    Note: It seems that HCA has been reduced to near-total meaninglessness in this series, by both teams. A win today, therefore, would put these teams on an equal footing, facing a truly even (theoretically speaking) 3-game series.

  • the-facts

    yes he was horrible friday night. he has to understand his job as a point guard. in the first half it was a lebron and rondo show. rondo was just trying to be a scorer. he wasn’t being aggressive going to the basket at all. that’s what he has to do to get ray, pierce and garnet open for easy shots. that’s why i said that’s his job to get everybody involved. antwan jamison said that the cavs wanted rondo to become a jump shooter, because we know his uncomfortable in that area. the cavs got what they wanted.

  • mikey


  • MikeintheNENYC

    we are fans mikey – this is part of it. and refs have been terrible. every shaq play is offensive foul
    anyone see the picture of lebron crying behind our 1st half hoop. great work kid