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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc could see this coming


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“You could see it early,” said Doc

Or earlier.

“I thought we had two lousy practices,” he said. “I thought our
preparation was pulling nails. And, so, that was the result.”

Herald – Flat-out Awful

It seemed the Celtics made few if any adjustments from Game 2, as if an
identical game plan would work against a Cleveland club that spent the
past three days watching more game tape than Bill Belichick. They
depended too much on Rajon Rondo, didn’t use any fresh ways to get Ray
Allen open, and practically ignored rebounding. It was a lazy response
in a critical series and now the Celtics have to attempt to get their
vigor back in practice, a tough assignment for an uneven practice team.

Globe – Bad Habits Resurface

I should have seen this coming, I've watched the Celtics all season long, I know their tendencies. 

This has nothing to do with Xs and Os, why the Celtics didn't rebound, why they didn't get the ball to KG enough, etc.

This team's overconfidence breeds lazy habits. It's a characteristic they will have for the rest of this season. Accept it.

Does last night's performance mean the series is over? Hell no. In fact, I fully expect this team to bounce back and win Game 4.

On Page 2, searching out the Truth.

In three games, Pierce  hasn't scored more than 14 points while shooting
just 31 percent from the field.

"I could have scored 30 tonight and we probably would have lost the game
the way we played defense," Pierce said. "Obviously I have to shoot the
ball better; get to my spots and do a better job a that. But, it's not
about one person. It's not gonna bother me at all, I know I can bounce
back. But I gotta do it within the framework of the team where it's
gonna equal wins because, you know, it's not all about one person."

CSNNE – Celtics Notes

Paul is wrong. His scoring can help the team's defense. How so? If he comes out shooting 6-10 instead of 3-10, the Celtics are down 6 instead of 12. It slows the Cavs momentum and takes some of the defensive pressure off the team to get stops.

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  • Alex

    Paul Pierce really needs to shape up.
    I went to this game and wasted $50 on the ticket. Left 30 minutes early and went straight to sleep. Still in bed as we speak feeling depressed.

  • CFH

    I have absolutely no doubt that the Celtics will win Game 4.
    But then what? Then they’re in a 3-game series where the Cavs have much the best player and home court.

  • NineSevenEight

    Part of the problem the C’s had with rebounding goes back to defense. Cavs were getting wide open looks and knocking them down, contested looks even at some points. Then the teams traded baskets for what felt like forever. Hard to get rebounds when everything is falling for one team. But then again, a little defensive effort would lead to more rebounds.

  • NineSevenEight

    And I don’t like Pierce’s attitude about his offense. He’s been horrific offensively and defensively. He almost sounds content with his offense being terrible. Not going to win much of anything with that attitude. He needs to take on a bigger load plain and simple.

  • mikey

    You people flip flop on your comments.
    First it was Game 1 first half Celtics are dominating, then it was Game 1 2nd half Cavs are winning series.
    Then it was Game 2 Celtics crush Cavs, Celtics are great.
    Now its Game 3 Celtics stink.
    At least I post the same thing.
    The refs cheat.
    They gave the Cavs 14 points in the 1st Qtr alone and that decided the game.
    1.Allen 3 taken away -3 points.
    2.Allen 2 taken away -2 points.
    3.Pierce foul no call -2 points.
    4.Davis foul no call -2 points.
    5.Fake foul on KG on Jamison -2 points.
    6.Fake flagrant on Perk – 2 points.
    7.Perk foul no call on made basket -1 point.
    Not only that, but when Pierce gets knocked down and there is no call, he is on the floor and the Cavs have a fast break they have a better opportunity to score so the FG, Rebounds & Assits numbers go up.
    Its the same refs every time Salvatore, Bavetta, Mauer, Malloy, Crawford, no sense in blaming the players. Why should they play in front of the same refs every time? Do you think that is fair? Wake up people it is the same refs every single time making the same phony calls and cheating against the team they want to lose, and cheating the same way.
    Remember how Ray hit a 3, but the basket got taken away? Has anyone this year seen a made basket by the Cavs taken away? I have not. I’ve seen about 80-100 Celtics baskets taken away on calls like that.
    The refs control the game.
    They tried to give all 3 games to the Cavs.
    They cheat and you fans are clueless because you are so quick to believe that it is the players fault, and so hesitant to believe that the same refs who control everything don’t have honest intentions.
    It is so easy to cheat, judging by most of your reactions and comments, and not just to single out posts from this site, from all the sites about the games. Too many of you are clueless.
    Alex:You wasted $50 on a ticket because you paid to see an nba game. I did not waste $1.
    Too many of you are
    1.Too quick to believe it is the players fault.
    2.Too slow to believe the refs cheat, knowing and realizing the control they have over the game.
    That is why too many of you waste your money, and I don’t.
    You let people deceive you, and I do not.

  • mikey

    Pierce doesn’t have to do anything, he plays in a phony league.
    That’s the thing, too many of you think the players have to do something.
    They don’t have to do anything.
    This is not a competition, its just about money.

  • mikey

    Salvatore and Mauer were the ones playing.
    Not the Celtics.
    No sense in watching this game.
    Don’t watch Celtics games when you see those two names.

  • Refs were horrible, but anyonehere naive and stupid enough to think they were the reason we lost? just go away,and just stop watching already.
    No suprise here really…a big dissapointment,the only suprise was how good they did play in game 2, this was more the celtics we saw all year, certainly the second half.

  • mikey

    Yes the refs were the reason the Celtics lost.
    It wasn’t just Game 3, it was Game 1 & Game 2 also. It is a cumulative effect.
    Whether someone watches the game or not, or goes away or not, the outcome remains the same.
    Telling someone to go away or stop watching is the same thing as telling someone what the reason is of who won or lost the game.
    How can you tell someone not to watch the game, then tell them the reason for the outcome?

  • Robert

    Hey, no one got hurt. Isn’t that the goal , get through the regular season and be healthy for the playoffs? Oh!! these are the playoffs. Bad habits are hard to break. We can’t put two good halves together, why would we think they could play two good games together.

  • Double P

    Refs are not the issue here. I was screaming about refs as well throughout the game but doesn’t mean that is why we lost.
    KG nad Perk were out EARLY in the first quarter bc of stupid fouls then the Cavs burnt up our paint defense because we had lebron driving on RASHEED WALLACE and GLEN DAVIS. They built a huge lead, got confident, comfortable, and then hot shooting throughout the team.
    Give the cavs credit, they made an adjustment on how to defend Rondo and we had ZERO answers for it. Parker is longer, backs way off him, and Rondo took about 10 shots in the 1st quarter and made 2 of them…. While the Cavs were hitting everything. Thats the ball game.
    Shut up about the refs, the celtics came out flat and got smacked in the mouth. Now lets see if they have any heart and at least show up for game 4 otherwise this series is over. Last night was the biggest game of the series and this team coasted into it without any focus? What a fucking joke

  • Double P

    I am very surprised I haven’t heard one person bring up the defensive adjustment on Rondo, I thought that was the ball game and the reason we lost. Rondo may hit some jumpers but as you see from last game, you turn him into a jump shooter he will hit maybe 36% and you can live with that defensively if your the Cavs. They better figure out how to get Rondo back in the paint or Game 4 will be much like this one

  • Double P

    Oh yeah and James had 30 points at halftime, that was some of the hottest shooting I’ve ever seen from the guy.

  • James

    Doc made a post game comment about Cleveland sending in tapes to the league about the officiating. Anybody know what he was talking about?

  • Shawn-cvd

    Cavs coach sent a video to league of Shaq hitting Rondo on one of his drives in game one for review of whether it was a foul (it was).

  • Credit the Cavs for coming to play last night.
    I’m not sure how much of the Rondo thing was defensive change or him just not being aggressive (like the rest of the team). Seems to me he had some of the same corners turned and decided not to drive and further.
    Pierce looked like he was playing for a call on most of his shots. You can see him some games he is thinking basket made first then foul and some games where it seems “draw the foul and hope the shot goes in”.
    Mikey, you’re a god dammed idiot. I’ve seen 50-8- Cavs baskets taken away this year. I’ve seen tons of ticky tack fouls called on the Cavs and Lakers this, and every, year. I’ve seen the Cavs and the Lakers lose games they should have won because of the officials taking them out of their game. Now what are you gonna do about that?! I am not going to take a chance on losing what I have for them, but the question is, what will you do about it?


    Don’t provoke him TTR – this guy lives in a cave with posters of fraudulent refs all over his walls. Not very sound…

  • DRJ

    If you don’t see the pattern of the WHOLE game, you won’t understand what happened.
    Doc ASKED the assembled media to talk about the referees. None of them has. Not even the blogs. What’s that about?
    What happened in this game was that the referees did not wait until later in the game to start calling irrational, phantom fouls on the Celtics, while letting Cleveland get away with murder. They started right at tipoff. The Cs had no chance. A non-existent moving pick here, ticky-tack foul there, all while getting slammed on their drives with no calls — and pretty soon, the Celtics gave up. All this in the first quarter. That must be some kind of record.
    It is true that the Celtics might have lost this game anyway, because the Cavs didn’t need the refs’ help. They were hitting shots. Even very tough shots. From everywhere. But it’s also true that the refs were determined to make SURE the Cavs won and didn’t go down 1-3 in this series. Once that end was evident, they went back to calling a reasonably fair game (presumably to hide their intentions).
    The Celtics gave up in the first quarter, and never came back. I’m not sure they can be blamed for that. There is little doubt in my mind that the referees would not have permitted a comeback. The end result of this game was never in doubt, and the Celtics, looking around in the first frame, knew it.
    How about ONE blog actually doing what Doc implored you to do? Talk about the officiating, for a change — because THAT WAS THE ONE AND ONLY STORY WORTH PRINTING about Game 3.

  • mikey

    that’s what you post becuase you try and silence any opposition to the refs.
    You are proving the point that they cheat.

  • mikey

    When you say shutup about the refs, you only prove the point that they cheat.
    Because you try and silence any opposition to their authority.

  • mikey

    You’re 100% straight up lying.
    No way the Cavs got 50-80 baskets taken away this year like Ray Allen got 2 of his last night.
    No way you’ve seen the Cavs lose games this year because of officiating it hasn’t happened. You’re lying about that.
    The Lakers yes sure the officiating with them is much more bearable like I said they will only get 1-3 calls a game, the Cavs get 8-10 calls EVERY GAME.
    What will I do about it?
    Nothing, all I can do is post on blogs.
    I know they cheat though that is the difference.

  • mikey

    DRJ1 They don’t want to talk about the refs becuase they are.
    1.Scared of looking like poor sports.
    2.Are involved in silencing opposition.
    Has to be one of the two.
    All any post that says to not talk about the officiating, all it does is prove the point that the refs heavily cheat.

  • Mollysdaddy

    Dude, site some sources for your claims then. You’ve offered up nothing in defense of your claims. Your stats from the past twenty years only show the Celtics being called for 1 more foul per game than their opponents, hardly believable that the woes of the Celtics since 1990 are due to an extra foul per game.
    Go start your own blog and please stop crapping up this fabulous source of Celtics news and opinions.

  • Mollysdaddy

    Come on. You can’t prove intent.
    Our own Celtics are given a lot of room to hack I’m the lane and at the basket.
    I appreciate everyones passion here, but someone is going to have to bring some serious statistics and case studies before I am convinced. Surely if it were true someone would have written a book by now.

  • DRJ

    “Intent” is impossible to prove. Just pointing out what happened.

  • Yep, sorry DrJ, I’m lost in all these refs suck comments. I didn’t mean to imply you specifically said there that the refs came out with the intention of handicapping the Celtics. Apologies.

  • mikey

    I’ve already posted many stats from basketball reference.
    They are all 100% accurate stats.
    The stats are not my stats they are from the nba.
    The stats show that in the past 20 years only 1 year were the Celtics called for less personal fouls over an 82 game season than their opponents, just once in 2002-03.
    The Celtics have had 9 winning seasons since 1990-91, but only 1 season where they got less foul calls.
    The Lakers have had 17 winning seasons since 1990-91, and in 18 of them they were called for less fouls in a season then their opponents.
    Lakers 17 winning seaosns 18 years they get calls.
    Celtics 9 winning seasons 1 year they get calls.
    So again you don’t know what you’re talking about.
    “Go start your own blog and please stop crapping up this fabulous source of Celtics news and opinions.”
    Don’t tell me what to do.

  • mikey

    This isn’t enough stats for you?
    Celtics PF opponents PF
    1990-91 1695 1660
    1991-92 1686 1634
    1992-93 1862 1676
    1993-94 1849 1739
    1994-95 1975 1922
    1995-96 2041 1965
    1996-97 1915 1827
    1997-98 2203 1719
    1998-99 1193 1001
    1999-00 2223 1928
    2000-01 1952 1903
    2001-02 1776 1734
    2002-03 1758 1798
    2003-04 1837 1819
    2004-05 2000 1937
    2005-06 2033 1837
    2006-07 1971 1757
    2007-08 1864 1818
    2008-09 1897 1820
    2009-10 1816 1777
    69 out of the last 105 playoff games the Celtics have been called for more personal fouls than their opponent.
    2009-10 Cavaliers 1591 fouls called all season 22nd lowest of all-time.
    10 Consecutive foul calls against the Celtics on 11/13/10 playing the Hawks in just 5:38 an nba record.
    Lebron went 360 consecutive minutes in 2009 picking up just 6 fouls.
    Celtics have never been called for less than 1644 fouls in a season in their entire 65 year history. 20090-10 Cavs only 1591 fouls.
    Overrated favoritism:
    A decisive win is when a team scores 110 or more points, holds opponents to under 82 points, or wins by 18 or more points.
    Here are the teams that have won 60 or more games in an NBA season or a championship. The 1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks hold the NBA record having done this 95 times during the 1970-71 season.
    1. 71 Bucks 95
    2. 67 76ers 86
    3. 68 76ers 86
    4. 67 Celtics 85
    5. 60 Celtics 83
    6. 62 Celtics 84
    7. 87 Lakers 80
    8. 72 Lakers 76
    9. 72 Bucks 76
    10. 61 Celtics 76
    11. 86 Lakers 75
    12. 97 Bulls 74
    13. 86 Celtics 73
    14. 85 Lakers 72
    15. 63 Celtics 72
    16. 70 Knicks 70
    17. 68 Celtics 68
    18. 80 Celtics 67
    19. 65 Celtics 65
    20. 93 Suns 65
    21. 91 Blazers 65
    22. 64 Celtics 65
    23. 73 Lakers 64
    24. 66 Celtics 63
    25. 47 Warriors 63
    26. 85 Celtics 62
    27. 82 Celtics 61
    28. 96 Bulls 60
    29. 92 Bulls 60
    30. 88 Lakers 60
    31. 81 76ers 59
    32. 50 Lakers 59
    33. 94 Sonics 58
    34. 80 Lakers 58
    35. 73 Celtics 58
    36. 53 Lakers 58
    37. 81 Bucks 57
    38. 08 Celtics 57
    39. 69 Celtics 57
    40. 91 Bulls 57
    41. 82 Lakers 56
    42. 73 Bucks 55
    43. 59 Celtics 55
    44. 49 Lakers 55
    45. 05 Suns 54
    46. 90 Lakers 54
    47. 54 Lakers 54
    48. 02 Kings 53
    49. 07 Suns 52
    50. 83 76ers 51
    51. 95 Jazz 50
    52. 77 Blazers 50
    53. 09 Cavs 50
    54. 97 Jazz 49
    55. 05 Spurs 49
    56. 09 Lakers 48
    57. 84 Celtics 48
    58. 09 Celtics 47
    59. 75 Bullets 47
    60. 74 Celtics 47
    61. 96 Magic 46
    62. 52 Lakers 46
    63. 75 Warriors 45
    64. 48 Bullets 45
    65. 89 Pistons 44
    66. 07 Mavs 43
    67. 07 Spurs 43
    68. 98 Lakers 43
    69. 96 Sonics 42
    70. 98 Sonics 42
    71. 95 Spurs 42
    72. 93 Bulls 41
    73. 04 Pistons 41
    74. 00 Lakers 40
    75. 51 Royals 40
    76. 06 Spurs 39
    77. 90 Pistons 39
    78. 75 Celtics 38
    79. 02 Lakers 38
    80. 98 Bulls 38
    81. 06 Mavs 38
    82. 78 Bullets 37
    83. 98 Jazz 36
    84. 06 Heat 35
    85. 79 Sonics 35
    86. 97 Heat 35
    87. 06 Pistons 35
    88. 93 Knicks 35
    89. 57 Celtics 35
    90. 10 Celtics 33
    91. 03 Spurs 33
    92. 56 Warriors 33
    93. 58 Hawks 33
    94. 76 Celtics 32
    95. 95 Rockets 31
    96. 94 Rockets 31
    97. 55 Nationals 28
    98. 01 Lakers 28
    99. 10 Cavs 25
    2009-10 Cavaliers
    More than 10 FT attempts Less than 10 FT attempts
    MIL 45-9 HOU 34-16
    DET 29-17 OKC 29-15
    BOS 48-30 CHA 30-17
    NYK 27-17 WAS 35-15
    TOR 36-25 WAS 41-27
    NOH 24-13
    DEN 40-26
    MIA 36-14
    IND 44-5
    POR 30-20
    WAS 30-20
    ATL 38-15
    MIL 31-14
    PHO 40-25
    MIL 27-16
    CHI 31-20
    IND 34-21
    NYK 26-12
    OK? So the 2009-10 Cavs have had 18 more games where they shot more than 10 FT than their opponent and only 5 games where they shot less than 10 FT than their opponent.
    1996-97 Chicago Bulls
    More than 10 FT attempts Less than 10 FT attempts
    SAC 38-24 MIA 31-14
    CLE 24-13 TOR 28-12
    GS 32-13 DET 39-19
    SAC 28-14 BOS 35-20
    VAN 23-9 PHO 27-17
    CLE 26-13 MIA 23-11
    WAS 28-18 TOR 25-9
    ORL 25-14 ATL 38-25
    IND 25-14 HOU 29-19
    CLE 37-21 ORL 22-12
    NJ 20-10 SEA 32-19
    MIN 23-13 ORL 27-15
    LAC 35-20 DEN 33-23
    DEN 47-32
    MIA 36-24
    IND 39-22
    IND 36-21
    CLE 30-16
    OK? And this is the 1996-97 Bulls we are talking about. Arguably the best team of all-time, I think they were even better than the 1995-96 Bulls even though they had 3 less losses (72 to 69) because they had better numbers in other areas.
    1996-97 Bulls 74 decisive wins.
    2009-10 Cavs 25 decisive wins.
    1996-97 Bulls 18 to 13 in times they shot 10 more or 10 less FT attempts than their opponents.
    2009-10 Cavs 18 to 5 in times they shot 10 more or 10 less FT attempts than their opponents.
    Lakers PF Opponents PF
    1990-91 1524 1823
    1991-92 1543 1831
    1992-93 1778 1872
    1993-94 1877 1659
    1994-95 1933 1807
    1995-96 1702 1806
    1996-97 1818 1934
    1997-98 1859 2151
    1998-99 1231 1271
    1999-00 1841 2099
    2000-01 1872 2002
    2001-02 1823 1890
    2002-03 1874 1916
    2003-04 1732 2024
    2004-05 1794 1814
    2005-06 1894 1925
    2006-07 1889 1916
    2007-08 1691 1850
    2008-09 1698 1816
    2009-10 1592 1737
    14 consecutive seasons now where the Lakers have gotten calls.
    19 out of 20 seasons now where the Celtics have not gotten calls.

  • mikey

    and you can’t NOT prove “intent”

  • This is too fun. The burden of proof lies with you, man. You are the one claiming intent, I am not claiming no intent. I am only stating facts while you are stating opinion. The FACT is that over the last 20 seasons (and most of which this team was not even close to a top ten team) the Bostons Celtics have, on average, been only called for 1.13 fouls more than the league average. During that same time, the Spurs and the Pistons have been called for 1.5 and .44 fouls LESS THAN league average. These figures are better than the Lakers .43 less than league average. So by your thinking the League favored the Spurs and the Pistons more than the Lakers over the past twenty seasons. Nice. In the 2008 Finals the Celtics were called for less fouls than the Lakers (9 for the six game series, or if you prefer 123 for an 82 game season.) No wonder the Celtics won, the refs were clearly favoring the Celtics based upon Stern’s bidding.
    Now I haven’t even gotten into how ludicrous it is to use fouls called and/or free throws shot as the only measuring sticks for anything. These disparities are more indicative of aggressiveness (on offense and defense for both teams), defensive proficiency, mismatches, individual quickness, style of play et al.
    How about this exercise, anyone name the one stat (besides points scored of course) that if a team wins they are guaranteed to win the game. Anyone? Right, there isn’t one. Yet Mikey is claiming fouls called are it. Just not true.
    Again, I admire your competitiveness and fanaticism, but you’re just not convincing. You’re trying, you think you have statistics that prove you right, but I’m not so sure you do.
    Refs are human, and are prone to moods, lapses in judgement and even personal preferences, just like us. But that isn’t to say there is a league wide half a century spanning conspiracy against certain teams. And that seems to be what you are claiming (if not just the past 2 decades). This is classic conspiracy theorist thinking.
    Red’s Army sorry I’ve taken up so much of of your bandwidth here. Mikey email me at with your thoughts if you like. I’ve just made this email so you can keep sending me your kool aid and maybe make me see the light.
    Celtics by 8 today!

  • Shawn-cvd

    Holy crap! TTR and KGHaTTR are getting along!?! It mmust be against a common enemy…

  • mikey

    You are taking the stats and saying fouls per game.
    The stats show that of the 9 winning seasons the Celtics have had since 1990-91, 8 OF THEM, they were called for more personal fouls.
    It is not fouls per game, it is total fouls over the course of the season.
    The stats show that of the 17 winning seasons the Lakers have had since 1990-91, 0 OF THEM, they were called for more personal fouls.