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C’s are moving forward

"We let the game get away, but we gotta move on," said Kendrick
. "Doc said it, we can’t live in the past. We've got a
chance to tie it up, 2-2, and get back to Cleveland. I feel like it's a
must-win for us tomorrow."

And after what he dubbed two "lousy" practices before Game 3, Rivers
felt like the Celtics ended practice on the right foot Saturday.

"We had a good day today, and that was good," said Rivers. "It
should be after [Friday]. That doesn't guarantee [a strong effort
Sunday], but we had a great focus today — focus in film was great and
the limited work on the floor was phenomenal. That's how we have to
stay. Stay in that mode and we can't relax. We can't take our eye off
what we're trying to do."

Chris Forsberg – Power of Positive thinking

This is exactly what you've got to do.  If you sit there and cry about getting blown out, or the officiating, or whatever… you might as well just not play Game 4.  That's all loser talk.  You'll just get smoked again.

Winners say "you know what, you got me.  Now I'm going to get you back".

The only thing I hope for the C's is that they realize that the second they believe their own hype, the get trounced.  The second they slack, they get hit hard, and they get knocked the eff out. 

So all this other stuff is just white noise and distraction.  They have to take responsibility for their own actions.  The Celtics have to look at themselves and only themselves.  Because that's all they can control.  If they play well… if they leave Game 3 behind, focus on Game 4, and put out a maximum effort for 48 minutes, they WILL win… and nothing else will matter.

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  • DRJ

    Here are the details on the officiating of the first part of the game:
    9:51 – KG hit on elbow while shooting, ref standing right there watching: No call
    7:00 – Flagrant-1 on Perk. Not sure if there was any other way for Perk to contest the shot. Highly debatable.
    5:11 – 2nd foul on KG. There was NO CONTACT by KG. His arm swings out at the end of the play, but in slow-mo it’s clear that the arm did not touch anybody.
    4:58 – *Rondo shoots over Mo, gets hit over his whole body, no call. About 1 minute later…
    3:54 – Ray is called for a foul on Jamison for doing the EXACT same thing Mo did to Rondo at 4:58* (which was not called, 1 minute earlier). The similarity of these two events is remarkable. One called, the other ignored.
    3:39 – Baby sets a perfect pick. Gets called for an offensive foul. Baby did NOT move. Ray hits the 3, but it’s negated.
    0:27 – UNREAL foul by Varejao on Baby, who was shooting right under the basket. A very violent SLAM, sending Baby to the floor. No call.
    10:41 – the coup de grace. Lebron fouls Baby in the MOST OBVIOUS WAY POSSIBLE. While Baby is shooting, he SLAMS him on the elbow and sends him to the floor. No call.
    End of review
    I must admit that it’s clear the Cavs were incredibly hot, right from the start, and the Cs were incredibly cold. But nevertheless, the refs had a lot to do with it. If the refs had been reasonably fair, the Cs would not have given up. But – with the Cavs hitting everything they were throwing up, AND with the refs clearly biased in their favor, the Celtics, understandably, gave up. And that was the game.
    But you are right in this post. The Celtics can only affect their own behavior. They gotta move on from this.
    But let’s not put blinders on. What happened happened. Doc ASKED US TO TALK ABOUT IT. Let’s do that, and not pretend it didn’t happen.

  • I don’t want to repeat the diatribe I left as a reply in the last post. I’ll only expand on it for a second:
    Winners never find excuses to quit. The second you say “that’s why they quit”, then you’re talking about losers. And the Celtics played like losers last night.
    There’s never a reason to quit. Never.

  • DRJ

    Agree, as in my answer to your last diatribe 🙂
    Putting myself in their shoes… the Cavs were hitting every piece-of-junk they were throwing up, from EVERYWHERE it seemed. That alone is daunting enough. Throw in the refs giving the Cavs every call, letting them maul us HARD with no calls… and I can understand (if not excuse) giving up. And they did give up.

  • mikey

    no such thing as winners when people cheat.
    How many winners were there that invested into Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme?
    Did you find any “winners” there?
    “There’s never a reason to quit. Never.”
    Those are your exact words.
    You have no problem telling me to quit talking about how there is a double standard with how the Cavs are called as opposed to the Celtics. So which one is it.

  • mikey

    They should give up.
    They should walk off the court.
    That is what I would do.
    I don’t let people take advantage of me, plain and simple.

  • mikey

    100% Correct.
    That is 16 points right there in only 14 minutes handed to the Cavs.
    There is a clear double standard as to how the Cavs are called as opposed to how the Celtics are called.
    They do not call the teams the same way.
    They clearly show favoritism to the Cavs and against the Celtics.
    It is a clear double standard.
    It is not fair officiating.
    It is heavily one sided.
    It is consistent with other venues of the game, like espn, announcers and experts who do the same thing.

  • DRJ

    I left out the mauling Paul took under the basket just before the flagrant was called on Perk. Time: Q1, 7:05. Just to be complete.