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Your Morning Dump… Where KG isn’t shooting enough

Garnett shooting Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

“We want Kevin to be more aggressive,” C’s coach Doc Rivers said. “I told him 20 (shots) isn’t enough. I want 25. I
just think the more aggressive he is – even when he doesn’t even shoot
the ball – the more we can go to him, good things happen.”

It’s not natural for Garnett to look to score first, but it’s
necessary for him to exploit the matchup with Jamison.

"That’s what he’s got to do,” Kendrick Perkins
said. “When he’s not shooting, he’s hurting the team.”

Herald: Kevin Garnett go-to guy

Not gonna lie here… I put this particular headline and quote up simply because Chuck thinks KG is shooting too much.

But as long as Mike Brown is going to keep sending double teams to help Antawn Jamison, then Doc is going to keep doing this.

And this shows a little something about what's going on in this series.  The Celtics are dictating everything the Cavs do.  EVERYTHING.

Mike Brown is reacting to the Celtics at just about every turn.  His substitutions are in reaction to what the C's do… the Cavs on defense are reacting to what the C's do… the Cavs are doing it on offense too. 

One team is saying "We're doing this… good luck stopping us"… and it ain't Cleveland.

We're also not taking into account that Kevin Garnett might be the best passing power forward ever.  He's still the best passing big man in the game.  The more he shoots, and the more he's doubled, the more passing options will open up later in games.

So keep shooting KG… and keep dictating to the Cavs what they're going to do.  If the C's keep doing that, this series will be over quicker than anyone would have ever guessed.

On Page 2, why I made this:

Danny as lucky

"That's a lot of towels," Rivers said of the $25,000 price tag. "Those
are Grade-A towels that Danny bought. I'm surprised actually by the
fine, though I know a lot of people are not, because he's just an
employee. I mean, what's the difference — mascots do it all the time?"

Asked if he was comparing Ainge to Lucky the Leprechaun, Rivers
laughed and ran with it.

"I was wondering if he had worn Lucky's outfit, would he have gotten
away with it," joked Rivers. "I was surprised."

…"[The] $25,000 [fine], that's not funny. I guarantee you that. The
joke's over now."

Chris Forsberg: Ainge's fine? Very un-Lucky

What can I say that hasn't been said.  Honestly, I just wanted to photoshop Danny on Lucky's body cuz it's funny.

Danny got screwed out of $25 G's.  The whole thing is silly. Doc's right… the joke's over now.

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  • BigMck

    Doc is playing mind games with Mike Brown.

  • lainok

    Being a Laker and Kobe Fan, and an advocate for a Celtics/Lakers finals, because that is the way basketball should be, the LeBitch Injury crap pisses me off. When our teams are injured, if we don’t win, there is no excuse. We get the, “injuries happen, and champions play thru it” treatment. And I do believe that statement is true. If Kobe is struggling like he has been I know it’s because of the mile long list of injuries he has, not to mention all the other injured players. When Garnett hurt his knee, we all knew he wasn’t being as effective because of it. But to the on Lebrons nuts constantly media, it didn’t matter. Except in Lebron’s case. You guys are going to give them an unexpected exit, and to the media and fairweather fans it will be for no reason other that he got a boo boo on his elbow. Never mind they have to dinosaur centers, one of whom is just an empty shell of his former self. Never mind the supporting cast would be lucky to win more games that the nets without lebron. Never mind that my 12 year old sister knows more about basketball than their coach. And never mind that Lebron acts like a jackass when he wins and pouts like a toddler when they lose. I’m sure if they don’t win a title this year it has nothing to do with that, or lebron trying to go 1 on 5. It’s all with the elbow. Free pass. They’re still the best team in all of basketball 3 years running. He is the air to jordan, isn’t it obvious? He hit one game winner his whole career…last year…in the ONE game they won against the magic. Kobe only did it 7 times this year. Man Kobe is getting old. All hail king james. I am going to watch you guys destroy them tonight while the rest of the sports media world strokes his nuts some more.

  • I got $20 on it Danny. Let’s start a charitable fund.
    Now GET THE GARDEN ROCKING! I can’t even try to focus today. Keep us well fed Red’s.

  • The Truth is Here


  • DRJ

    It is ridiculous. Not sure we can blame Lebron tho… it’s the media. And for a 25 year old, he’s handling the (really unbelievable) media attention and pressure pretty well. In terms of the real world — which has almost nothing to do with what we do here, btw, but still exists (I think) — that attention he gets is worth a fortune (literally).

  • DRJ

    The great part of the story is how KG managed to hit his very PEAK… just as the playoffs started. Just as they planned. Couldn’t be more perfect if they’d scripted it.
    So far so good (knocking wood).

  • Nick

    I agree completely that K.G needs to attack all the Cavs big men they put on him. K.G is either bigger or faster than every single one of the Cavs canditates to guard him. So in my opinion Chuck is very wrong! Pierce and Ray took care of buisness against Miami but this series belongs to Rondo and the Ticket..They are owning there respective matchups both offensively and defensively. GO C’S

  • Jason

    I LOVE Doc’s statement to KG because if KG thinks he only needs to put up 12 shots in the game, his thinking is well in the normal flow, Rondo gets me those, I can wait for them to come to me. But if he needs to take 25, now it’s I gotta go aggressive here, not kick it out and reset the offense.
    I know his efficiency wasn’t great in the first two games, but honestly I only ever noticed that after the games were over. During the games, I was seeing him drive past VJ, really grind to get position on Jamison over and over, make moves we haven’t seen him make in a long while. At the end, his percentages could have been higher, but he was aggressive, he was taking it to them, he was drawing doubles, he was making quality passes and decisions. All in all, I felt better about KG than I had all season. I say keep it up and more. That’s why I applaud Doc’s KG initiative wholeheartedly.

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    I’m with you on this. Perhaps the mascot for this charitable fund should be “Towelie” from south park.

  • Ha.. I like it. Don’t forget Danny and Towelie.
    I’m losing it. The Garden fans, even if you’re a first timer that scored a dope seat.. STAND UP!! Make that place an insane asylum. Each time Varajao touches the ball, “Eu-Ro Flop-er, (kinda like You’re a Flopper)” When Mo, “ONE FOR NINE! ONE FOR NINE!”, Shaq, “PERK IS BETTER”, LBJ, just yell anything that comes to mind. Just yell.