Your LeBron whiny bitch face of the day | Red's Army - The Voice of Boston Celtics Fans
Red's Army

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  • Jason

    I literally laughed out loud when this site loaded and that headline and image were staring me in the face.
    Nicely done!

  • LarryLegend

    Shouldn’t that be the worst constipation face of the day? Looks like he trying to push out a huge turtlehead.

  • Jason

    Please, anyone going to the game, take this image to Kinkos and make as many posters as you can afford and hand them out to your neighboring fans. A sea of these would be off the charts amazing, hilarious, awesome.

  • Jason

    As soon as the Cs advance to the conference finals, this is becoming my wallpaper. What an epic pic. Is this new? Why have I not seen it before now?

  • I don’t know. I did a google search for LeBron whining and that came up. I don’t know what he’s crying about

  • NICE

  • celtified

    how about plastering that on one of those big placards like they do for peja stoyakavich (sp) ? that has so many caption possibilities…the best of course referring to another cavs collapse. nice find redsarmy!

  • Rodger

    Cry baby cry lebron did anyone see in game one the way he looked the first time someone hit his elbow i think it was baby on baby.


    pure magic….

  • Joseph

    I think Lebron made this face because he was crying for you guys becuase he knew his Cavs were going to beat the living sh*t out of your team.
    HAHAHA. You guys got your a**es kicked. Down by 28 points. LOL, LOL, LOL

  • lainok

    You know what is hilarious about Joseph, in 2008 he was a celtics fan going on all my Laker boards talking shit, then last year he was a Laker fan coming on here talking shit, then this year he is a Cavs fan going on both of our sites talking shit. He has got to be the biggest would suck his own dick if he could, pimple on top of pimples, would bust a grape in a fruit fight, shits his pants if anything with a vagina actually makes eye contact with him bitch on the planet.