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Rumor: Cs mulled Perkins for Boozer deal


According to SI's Ian Thomsen, Ray Allen wasn't the only Celtic
shopped around at the trade deadline. Thomsen said there were
discussions of a Kendrick Perkins for Carlos Boozer deal, which would
have changed the landscape of the Celtics roster. 

"Everybody had heard they were looking to deal Ray Allen for Caron
Butler," Thomsen said. "It turned out that was never going to happen.
The Wizards were going to send Caron Butler to Dallas. But if the
Celtics would have been able to make that deal they would have taken
some of what they got from Washington and turned that around with
Kendrick Perkins and made a deal for Carlos Boozer with Utah. That's
what they were looking to do. I'm not sure if it ever would have gone
through, but they were seriously pursuing that end."

That would have left the Celtics with a starting five of Kevin
Garnett, Boozer, Paul Pierce, Butler and Rajon Rondo. Thomsen said it
would have been a good move, but one that would have been pricey. 

"It would have made them younger and it would allow them to contend
for years going forward," he said. "But it also would have made them
even more expensive than ever. I think it just says a lot about the
ambition of the franchise and the willingness to spend money if they
think it's going to pay off. That goes against the trend of other teams
we've seen in the NBA right now."

A 7-foot defensive monster who plays hurt for a talented, yet often-injured and undersized power forward.

Can you tell I'm not the biggest Carlos Boozer fan?

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  • Anna

    omg, this is a suckish move, kendrick perkins is so much more talented than carlos boozer.. who is he anyways?!?
    celtics already messed everything up by trading eddie house >.> they cant afford to loose kendrick. T_T

  • CelticinSF

    Anybody who can control the paint, boards, blocked shots… Just the paint is mine, and that’s just how I just gotta go into the game, every game. I own the paint, no layups or none of that, that’s the definition of a beast-Perk
    He has told us the pulse of the team all year and loves being in green. I was at two games of Jazz vs Denver and never once said, man I would love to see Boozer in Green.

  • celtified

    i wouldn’t do a straight up Perk for Boozer deal even if i could. may the Beast be forever clad in green !!!!

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    wow… Boozer is always limping or moaning. Thank god this one didn’t happen.

  • Perry

    Without a doubt I’m in complete agreement about dealing Perk for Boozer. No freakin’ way!
    Dealing Perk would have meant the Celts 5 spot would be occupied by Kevin and Sheed. It takes years to develop that position, and the pickin’s are slim.
    If you’re contemplating ever dealing Perk you have get the same type size in return. Even with his flaws there’s no doubt his game is built for the post season.

  • Admittedly I considered this one for a minute. For all his warts, Boozer can score man. I don’t think this comes down to Boozer being horrible, it comes down to Perk emerging as a true 5. As mentioned, those are hard to find especially someone that seems happy to do it.
    Let’s just get Perk on a jump rope.. Apollo Creed workouts, lighten those feet!

  • G4L

    Ummm… never!! Perk will retire a celtic!

  • stowie

    Guys, Perkins is terrible. No hands. Hasn’t developed a jump shot. Takes forever to make an offensive move. Brings the ball down low after getting rebounds (which you learn not to do in youth basketball). Can’t set picks. Gets called for stupid technical fouls. I’ll stop there. But I wouldn’t make this trade either. Not because of Perk, but because I’d rather have Ray Ray over Caron Butler any day.

  • stowie

    Also, Perk is a 10-7 guy, while Boozer is a 20-11 guy, was fifth in rebounds and 3d in double-doubles. If Utah was dumb enough to take Perk for Boozer straightup, you do this trade in a heartbeat.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah its hard to imagine at the current state we are in but this would almost definetely be a move for the future and rebuild. The idea was probably to build around Rondo Butler and Boozer, which rondo is the only one out of that mix that I really think to highly of. Never liked boozers game, even though he puts up good numbers reminds me of a poor mans chris Bosh who i don’t particularly like either