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Red’s Army vs. Waiting For Next Year… the challenge continues came to us with an idea:  Take on a Cleveland blog in some
kind of online challenge where your readers could win prizes.  Of
course, we're happy to give you guys the chance to win free things… so
we said yes.

We're in the midst of a battle with Waiting For
Next Year
… and here's our second challenge:

After two games Rajon Rando and LeBron James are the only two
players who have racked up more than 40 points overall. Check out the
rest of the totals at and
let us know who you think will hit the 40 point mark in Game 3. Winner
receives a free prize package from to our readers. 

forget that we're competing against the guys at Waiting
Next Year
let's make this count. 

There's a bigger prize waiting for someone at the end of this.  A representative for will be choosing the winners at random.


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  • ben

    Uncle Ray Ray!

  • AMP

    Ray, KG and Pierce…don’t think any Cavs will make it.
    Technically, I don’t think any will make it BY game 3, but I think you guys meant in game 3.

  • ray allen, kevin garnett, paul pierce, awtawn jamison, mo williams…

  • Joe

    Ray Allen

  • andrew nelson

    Ray Allen, PAul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, J J Hickson

  • finn

    ray allen, kg, pierce, mo williams.

  • Shawna

    Ray Allen or KG though I’m leaning toward Ray.

  • Rich

    Garnett, Allen, and Pierce
    JJ Hickson, if Mike Brown smartens up.

  • clubfed34

    KG,Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Hickson

  • Steve

    Paul pierce

  • Robby C

    Ray Allen, KG, Paul Pierce, and Mo Williams

  • Mr West

    Paul Peazy

  • Josh

    ray, kg, pierce

  • Christopher



    Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Antawn Jamison

  • GranTur

    Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce will hit 40 points in game 3.

  • Adam

    For Boston: Ray Ray, KG, Pierce, and, I’m saying it, Sheed
    For Cleveland: Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison

  • Chris

    Pierce, Garnett,Ray, and Mo Williams.

  • JShuttlesworth

    KG, Ray Ray, Pierce, Mo Will

  • CFH

    Pierce, Garnett, & Ray Allen
    Hickson & Mo Williams

  • Orb

    KG, Ray, and Pierce for the Cs and Jamison for the Cavs. In that order.

  • The Truth is Here

    paul pierce, ray allen, kevin garnett
    mo williams, antawn jamison, delonte west.

  • The Truth is Here

    Change d-West to Shaq.

  • Scott

    Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce will all reach 40 overall points for the series in the next game on Friday.

  • mike

    ray allen, paul pierce, kevin garnett, and antwan jamison will all reach at least 40. I don’t believe in mo williams…go rondo

  • Seth

    Jesus, Big Ticket, the Truth, and I’ll take Antoine for 40 bucks in a basement casino in PR and Dino Radja for 40 shots of Russian vodka in Eastern Europe somewhere

  • mike

    repost –
    ray allen, paul pierce, kevin garnett, antwan jamison, AND JJ HICKSON will all reach at least 40. I don’t believe in mo williams…go rondo

  • seth

    marv albert for 40 mentions about lebron’s elbow

  • DRJ

    KG, Ray, Paul.
    (Hickson might, if KG’s really injured. But not gonna say it… doubt he will get 16 or more in Game 3. They’re gonna keep a lid on Mo, but Jamison, like Hickson, might make it, but again, not gonna say it.)

  • JD

    The Truth!!!

  • Mike P


  • Jeff

    Ray Allen.

  • dave

    ray ray

  • John

    Ray, Garnett, Mo Williams

  • He has already passed this mark…

  • Big three + Jamison

  • Eli

    Ray allen, KG, Pierce, and Jamison

  • Dan

    garnett, pierce, allen

  • Pete

    Ray Allen Then KG in that order, no Cavs will reach 40 till game 4

  • cdiraimo

    KG will be the next person to reach 40 points before anyone else. By the end of the 1st quarter.

  • Benson

    Jesus Shuttlesworth

  • Paul Pierce, Ray Ray, Mo Williams

  • Can I get your email address? Looks like you’re the closest