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Just what did Mark Blount teach Perk, exactly?

Mark Blount is human Ipecac.  I may hate him as much as I hate anyone I've never met before.

So I found it both nauseating and humorous to read the end of Chris Forsberg's Thursday leftovers.

generated some chuckles during the end of his chat with the
media after Thursday's practice. After being snubbed a bit in the
All-Defense balloting, Perkins was asked if his intimidating scowl could
have affected some of the coaches that didn't vote for him, but he
noted that wouldn't change because that's just how he looks. When asked
about the five stitches he needed to close a gash in his lip after
receiving an elbow from
in Game 1, Perkins added, "I'm already ugly. I can’t add
nothing else to that, man."

But Perkins wasn't done. While discussing his defensive development,
Perkins noted he's taken a little bit from all the big men he's been
around, most notably Kevin Garnett. "I learned some things from
, too," said Perkins, who even seemed to crack up at his own
suggestion. "Believe it or not."

Ok, everyone get a little guffaw out of the "I'm already ugly" line. That's a good one.  

Now let's get to the heart of the matter… 

What the EFF did Mark Blount teach Perk?  I'm just going to assume it's all the bad stuff like "how to sit in a crouch while defenders catch up to you and negate any good offensive move you've made" or "how to run from a rebound a like you're an 18 year girl being chased in a horror flick".

So no Perk, I don't believe it.  Learning from Mark Blount is a patently unbelievable statement.

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  • He could learn how to get overpaid, a skill I would certainly love to learn.
    Yeah, even Perk laughed at himself. Maybe he learned what ‘not’ to do.
    * funny on the human Ipecac

  • JPD985

    He learned what NOT to do by watching Blount.

  • jared

    When I say Mark Blount I throw up in my mouth a little bit.

  • 1sport1team

    Blount = play for contracts only

  • Mark Blount Jr.