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Cooz gushes over Rondo

Cooz rondo

If you don't read this article by Peter May in which Bob Cousy gushes endlessly about Rajon Rondo, we can't be friends anymore.  Here's some of it:

"I've been watching the Celtics for the last 50 years,'' said Cousy, who
retired in 1963 but made a brief, forgettable comeback as a
player-coach with Omaha-Kansas City in 1969. "And Rondo is the first
point guard since moi that I've been really excited about. Bird excited
you, but he wasn't a point guard. JoJo [White] wasn't a point guard.
He's the first since moi to get my attention."

"What more can this kid do? He sees the floor extremely well,'' Cousy
said. "He's even starting to put what my old coach, Doggie Julian, would
call a little French pastry on a play, going behind the back. The kid
is only 24. People talk about the Big Three. But this is the Big One.
The sky is the limit as far as I can see."

Cooz also talks about not even being aware of his stats being kept back when he played… and how he used to get all up in people's faces.

I love Cousy.  And I love the fact that he used "moi" to refer to
himself.  And I love that he called Rondo "The Big One". 

I so want Game 3 to start right now.  Like now now.

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  • jared

    Im going to start referring to Rondo as Cousy’s heir. Or the Son of Cooz. Or something.
    And to be honest, I still dont think most people, even Celtics fans, know just how lucky we are to have this guy on our team. I literally would not trade him for anyone in the league. Hes an artist, and guys like that come around once in a generation.

  • Sami

    He is like the second coming of Cousy.
    I don’t think we realize how lucky we are to have him on our team either. He has truely grown and developed over the past four years and the scary thing is he’s only 24.
    He’s got a lot of basketball in him yet and he’s not even as great now as he could be.
    The day he gets a consistent jump shot and makes his free throws is a day I can’t wait for. I love this kid and i look forward to watching him for years to come.

  • Wouldn’t it be great to see a Cousy / Rondo interview similay to the Russel / KG one from 2 years ago? I would love that.

  • HA! That would be a good commercial. They are both kind of arrogant too which I like. Good article by May. I love Cooz’s use of the word ‘moi’. Fantastic.

  • The Truth is Here

    Love Peter May, love Cooz, love Rondo.