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Your Morning Dump… Where Sheed is ‘just hoopin’

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“Man, just playing,” he said when asked about the last game and
building off it. “I ain’t worried about last game. Last game’s over
with. Just got to play.”

On the change in his effectiveness (7-of-8 shooting from the floor),
he said, “I don’t know. Who knows? Making shots.”

On grasping his importance: “Just hoopin’, man. I mean, that’s all. I
knew it was going to be like that from Day One. Just hoopin’. Nothing

On the effect of the shower talk with Garnett: “No, it’s stuff we’ve
been saying to each other all season, so it’s nothing new.”

Herald – Coming Clean

Sheed certainly made shots in Game 2, but to be honest, he did little else. Check out his stats. Two rebounds, 0 blocks, 0 steals.

My fear is that Sheed comes out gunning in Game 3. I won't mind the shots, as long as he's working inside/out. But with KG and Perk nicked up, Sheed must hit the boards stronger and play better defense if he sees additional minutes.

On Page 2, Nate Robinson's time on the bench saved the Celtics big bucks.

guard Nate
was benched for two games near the end of the regular
season, and it cost him $1 million, while saving the team twice that

A clause in Robinson's contract calls for him to make a
$1 million bonus if he both played in at least 58 games and made the
playoffs this season. Robinson's Celtics are in the postseason but he
played in 56 games. As a result, the Celtics saved the $1 million they
would have paid Robinson — equivalent to a quarter of his reported
annual salary — and an additional $1 million they would have owed in
luxury tax to the NBA (most of which would have been distributed to
teams with payrolls below the luxury tax threshold).

ESPN Boston – Robinson doesn't reach incentive

Did the Celtics ownership conspire with Doc to keep Nate on the bench so they could save a few bucks? I wouldn't be surprised. This is a business, after all.

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  • damn i feel kinda bad for Nate. When will he see any playing time? Will he play at all in this series? Granted the more time Rondo plays the better it is for the team, but still the man’s gonna need some rest. Tony Allen’s not as good as Nate is offensively, so hopefully Nate’ll play somewhere down the road
    KG’s injury gave me quite a scare, and lets pray sheed steps up on the defense end as well.

  • Alex

    If Nate Robinson was just a bit taller…
    I’m not sure but I would rather not let Nate play during the playoffs. He’s just too short of a defender and ANYONE, I mean ANYONE, can shoot over him with ease.

  • Jason

    1) $2 million is not “a few bucks” even if you’re the Celtics organization. Even if I were as rich as Wyc, I wouldn’t be saying “$2 million? Ah, no big deal.” Sorry, but it’s a big deal.
    2) I would have to bet that if Nate was at all productive, he would have played many more than 56 games. And by productive I mean, attacking the basket more, jacking jumpers less, being a 2nd unit spark that got others involved instead of taking the air out of the ball and oh yeah playing some defense. This team’s DNA is set: defense and ball movement. Nate needed to adjust to it if he wanted to contribute. He didn’t and so only has himself to blame. You would think an extra $1 million would have been enough incentive for him get on board with the team plan, but apparently not. Quite an indictment really.

  • paul

    Sheed actually played pretty good D last game, but yeah I agree he needs to grab the boards

  • dave cowens

    Of course Sheed isn’t going to admit to the shower confrontation. It’s damn terrifying but also inspiring. Kinda reminds me of that leaked story about the 04 Sox pre-game slug of Jack Daniels.
    Will “just ballin” become the new “both teams played hard my man”?