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Ainge fined $25K

Chuck - Red's Army May 6, 2010 Uncategorized 36 Comments on Ainge fined $25K

Via Marc Spears on Twitter

celtics prez ainge fined $25k for throwing towel up as a distraction during GM2 vs CLE

That's a pretty expensive move.  What's he being fined for, really?  This whole thing is a bit silly

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  • JPD985

    That’s bull. It’s not like he threw the towel on the court.

  • Orb

    That’s insane. Now Stern will give a speech about how people can’t even TALK about towels anymore. Then Bavetta will call a double technical on Rondo in game 7 for USING a towel and El B.J. will move on.
    I can’t wait to see how many towels go up at the Garden tomorrow.

  • Donald

    Is there a more pathetic duo in sports than David Stern, and Stu Jackson?

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    Worth every penny Danny. F#ck stern.
    Redsarmy – How soon till I can buy my commemorative throwing towel at the Redsarmy store? Please put a likeness of stern on it so I can attach it to my golf bag and wipe my sand wedge with it.

  • Jason

    Beyond lame.
    No Balls League.
    It gets worse every year, too. So disgusting.

  • Perry

    It’s bad enough we’re playing 8 on 5, and now this? Stern should be more concerned about horrible non calls like the Lebron up-and-down travel sequence. It’s 60 grand and counting if you wear the green in the playoffs. Wait, I forgot the Kevin suspension and donation!
    The owners are letting him run the league like a Gestapo. Danny is no Cuban. He was just in the moment, rooting as if a parent would be for their kid at a ball game. How’s about levying a fine on the Suns management last night for expressing a political viewpoint? The NBA is so blatantly biased towards the Celtics it makes me sick.

  • paul

    Stern has reached a new low. Why doesn’t he just fine every fan who waves a towel too?

  • Boston Man

    Lets all just be quiet when the opposing team is shooting a free throw

  • Joseph

    You guys are the biggest bunch of idiots alive. You guys don’t understand what he is being fined for? Are you guys that f’n dumb?
    Danny Ainge is the general manager of the Boston Suckdics (i.e. an NBA executive) and he’s throwing a towel in the air to distract another player shooting a free throw. How unprofessional can he get?!! That’s a new low!!! If you guys don’t get this, then you guys are bigger a**holes than I gave you credit for. I mean, fans don’t even throw towels in the air to distract players. When was the last time you saw a paying fan do this?
    It’s one thing for fans to do this (which is ok), but again Ainge is NBA executive and this is what he resorts to? Hell, I don’t even think Mark Cuban has done anything like this.
    “What’s he being fined for, really? This whole thing is a bit silly”
    Ainge is being fined for for “an unauthorized distraction and for conduct detrimental to the game.” You’re right the entire thing is silly, but a silly effect is caused by a silly action and no one can deny that Ainge’s action was completely “silly” and just dumb.

  • Mauritz

    So it’s ok for Miami to have noise from their speaker system when opponents shoot free throws (since their crowd sucks so horribly they can’t disturb opposing players any other way), but it’s prohibited throwing up a towel? Don’t teams place things in the seats behind the baskets for fans to use when opposing players shoot? In what way would this be worse?

  • Alex

    It’s Joseph. He has nothing better to do than read Celtics articles and troll whenever he wants to be an annoying douchebag.

  • The Truth is Here

    It’s pretty ridiculous he got fined. Would a normal human get fined for that? I don’t think I really get it. Sure he is an executive, and he should be more professional, but that is just a slapping on the rest from stern, not a fine. That is dumb.

  • WRA

    Is Lebron going to be fined for throwing powder in the air on the sideline before every game?

  • joseph is a really dumb sucky cavs fan

  • CFH

    Also, a retroactive fine to Cedric Maxwell for telling opposing players that they were going to choke while said players were trying to shoot free throws. Maxwell wasn’t a fan– he was in the employ of the Celtics at the time, and it was conduct detrimental to the game.
    This may not have been the most mature or professional thing Danny could have chosen to do, but I genuinely didn’t expect a fine for something WELL within established guidelines for what people in the stands do during games.

  • Orb

    I’d argue with you, but you’re doing a fine job of it yourself: Fans never do this, but fans do this (which is ok), and we don’t understand what he’s being fined for (because we’re a**holes, obviously) but yes the entire thing is silly. Nice, you have your moral relativism honed to a fine edge.
    And isn’t Ron Artest’s hair an “unauthorized distraction? What’d he get fined again?

  • CelticBalla32

    “Unauthorized distraction” … “Conduct detrimental to the game” – give me a break pussy.

  • Yeah, can I get this list of authorized distractions? I want to test each one.
    C’mon. I like this from any owner!

  • Joseph

    Fans don’t do this (when was the last time you saw a fan do this?), but if they did it would be ok because they are fans. They are not NBA executives.
    Last time I checked, Artest is an NBA player playing in the game. He’s not an NBA executive sitting behind the basket, doing something dumb like throwing a towel in the air. Next thing you’re going to say is “uhh, aren’t their tattoos a distraction”.
    God you’re dumb.

  • Joseph

    And you’re a pathetic Suckdic fan

  • What I don’t get.. didn’t Q get fined 25k for instigating the fight and taunting Pierce? Throwing a towel, (NBA Exec, fan, whomever), warrants the same fine?
    How about some consistency? Stern says ‘Make my day’ for coaches to criticize the refs in the playoffs.. Mike Brown anyone?

  • Nope.

  • Coma

    Stern is getting more and more ridiculous. Love Danny for doing that!

  • DRJ

    I’m just wondering if you’re blind. Fans never do this? Omg — they yell and scream and wave batons and generally do ANYTHING THEY CAN to distract the opponents’ shooter. Not just occasionally, but EVERY TIME, in EVERY NBA GAME.
    Why can fans do it, but Ainge cannot? Huh? It’s nonsensical.

  • DRJ

    Why does EVERY troll eventually get into homoeroticism? I mean… it never fails. Lol.

  • DRJ

    I wish one of these guys would go to court over these things. Maybe they can’t per the CBA… but Danny? I bet he could….

  • prefuse

    I’m a Lakers fan and gotta say that this is RIDICULOUS. The NBA is starting to get embarrassing..

  • NorthernGreen

    Why do we have to put up with this Joseph clown?

  • Joey does with every post.

  • Joseph

    Yes, fans yell, scream and wave batons, THEY DON’T THROW SH*T IN THE AIR though. But, even if FANS did this, they are FANS, they would allowed to do this (however, the building would probably ask them to leave). FANS are NOT NBA EXECUTIVES.
    Last time I check, Danny Ainge is an NBA executive . Because he’s an NBA executive, he is held in a higher stanrdard than a regular fan is. It’s the same thing with Mark Cuban. He’s an owner of an NBA team and when he does something that is of unproper conduct, the YES, he gets fined. So does Phil Jackson, Greg Popovich and even players. Why? Because, they all work under the NBA umbrella. FANS DO NOT. Understand the difference?

  • DRJ

    I do not understand the difference. If fans can do it, anybody should be allowed to do it.

  • mikey

    lebron & kobe

  • mikey

    The league is garbage.
    It is a fact they cheat against the Celtics.
    100% FACT

  • mikey

    Its been embarassing for years. About 25 to be exact.

  • mikey

    not me.

  • jared

    David Stern is the bastard son of a rabies infected weasel.