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Your Morning Dump… Where KG is in the Cavs’ heads

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Rivers wants Garnett to look for his own offense more, which runs
counter to his nature.

“He’s got to stay on that,” Rivers said between games. “He fights his
own self because people don’t get that. They criticize him for being
unselfish which is the craziest thing on earth, but that is who he is.”

Garnett has been aggressive. He tied a season-high with 20 shot
attempts in Game 1 and shook off a slow first-half in Game 2 in which he
went 2-for-9, by making his first three shots in the third quarter when
the Celtics dominated play.

“Kevin was playing way too fast in the first half but he was still a
concern on the post,” Rivers said after Game 2. “They’re trapping.
They’re worried about him right now.”

WEEI:  Cavs don't rest on off day

I'm going to disagree with Chuck on KG on the post.  I do think he can drop 20 on Jamison if he's left alone.  But even more than that, I think KG, with single coverage, can sit there and pick the Cavs apart as the rest of the Celtics set picks and cut to the hoop. 

But let's stay on the scoring for a second.  The Cavs have a bit of a dilemma right now.  If you leave KG 1-on-1 with Jamison, he can get his shot off.  If you leave Ray Allen 1-on-1 with Anthony Parker, he can get his shot off.  If you leave Rajon Rondo 1-on-1 with Mo Williams, he can get his shot off.  Only Paul Pierce has a struggle offensively 1-on-1… but he's too good to leave alone.  He's forcing LeBron to play D.

So who do you use for the double?  When do you send the double?  Or do you let Jamison just check KG and hope for the best? 

I see what Chuck is saying about KG being the 4th option on offense.  That's true.  But that's a hell of a 4th option.  It's not like Mike Brown idiotically trying to establish Shaq early in the first 2 games and watching his team fall behind early both times.  Sending the ball to KG actually has the possibility of paying off for you.

On page 2: Doc wants even more from Rondo

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

“There were times I actually wanted him to attack a little more,” Rivers
said. “There were times, especially when we lost our way a little bit
in the fourth quarter (allowing Cleveland a 15-0 run that proved
meaningless only because the C’s held a 25-point lead at the time it
began). But he just had a great floor game. I call him (Jason) Varitek. I
thought he called great balls and strikes, if you want to put it that

“We get the ball to him as much as possible when we get stops because he
can create havoc,”
Paul Pierce said of Rondo. “He is one of the fastest point guards in the league
when he gets into the lane and finds guys. He can also finish, and
that’s what we need.”

Herald: Rajon Rondo makes point


You want Rondo to do MORE?

Actually… yeah… I can see why Doc would say that.  It's the playoffs.  And sometimes a great performance isn't enough.  Sometimes, when you're great… you have to be greater. 

So Rajon is going to have to keep pouring it on this Friday… and on Sunday… and beyond.  Because he can't be stopped, and in the playoffs, you have to keep pushing until there are all zeroes on the clock.

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  • Orb

    Here’s how Doc can get Rondo to do more, especially in the 4th quarter: TELL PIERCE TO STOP BRINGING THE BALL UP. My 9-year old yelled “get it to the point guard” twice during that ridiculous Cavs run. Of course he’s been well coached over the years…

  • For the record, I stated I don’t like KG taking 21 shots and I don’t think he’s capable of scoring 25-30 points from the paint.
    He needs to work in some of his jumpers. The dude is a great medium range shooter.

  • Perry

    Kevin has a nice efficiency to his game in terms of scoring and must continue to look to score in the post. If they decide to double, he’s more than effeicent getting the ball to the cutter. I like the high double srceen, with Rondo attacking, penetrating and kicking out to the right screener or the right cutter.
    Kevin can own Jameison, and Brown has figured that out. I’ve noticed he’s opting for Varejao, and in that case I would leave Kevin on the perimeter. It keeps Varejao at a safe distance from the rim and his active hands from being a factor.
    Bottom line is if Mike Brown doesn’t adjust his line up for the remainder of this series to a smaller, quicker ensemble that would create more lanes for JBL to glide through Cleveland is doomed for failure. I doubt he will. He and GM Ferry would be making a public admission about Shaq’s impact or in this case lack thereof. For the same reasoning Doc didn’t quit on Sheed, you can expect the Cleveland hierarchy duplicating the same script.

  • Celtsfan33

    Im just pumped that KG has been bringing the energy and mental toughness that we’ve been waiting to see from him again.