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The KG Foot Injury

Several media outlets have reported that Kevin Garnett and Kedrick Perkins did not practice today.  While Perkins seemed to have hyperextended his knee during practice, KG was hurt during Game 2.

During his weekly radio interview, Danny Ainge said that KG landed on Perk's foot at some point during the game.  The video below shows that very play right before halftime and you can clearly see KG grimacing (it's the one good observation Reggie Miller actually points out the entire game).

There was a play at the end of the 4th quarter where KG seemed to maybe aggravate the injury.  But this seems to be where it initially happened.

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  • DRJ

    Whew. Nothing horrible. KG should be fine by Friday. Good find!

  • sanabeans

    Perkins actually hurt his knee during shoot around right BEFORE game 2. Perk said he was just clumsy & hurt himself. He was able to play game 2 with the knee sprain so hopefully all will be well with him after a couple days rest. Let’s go C’s!!

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Don’t wanna be a stickler here, but I remember this play, and I don’t think he was shaking his foot out, but his knee. From my memory Perk accidentally backed into Kevin’s knee. Could that have caused his current ankle/foot issue? Maybe. And looking at the video…it doesn’t look like Kevin’s feet landed on anything besides the court.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Well it’s funny because while watching the game I actually noticed a different instance that made me nervous where I thought KG was hurt.
    Earlier in the game than this I believe, after the whistle blows on a foul a loose ball rolls over to Anthony Parker and he shoots a jumpshot in between the whistle and KG went up to do his usually block of the shot to get under the guys skin but when he lands its awkward and he comes down strange and grimaces and I saw this and was nervous immediately but he kept playing so I thought nothing of it. That could be the instance he aggravated it.

  • tcelt

    that was the 2nd qtr he played the r4est of the game please

  • Alex

    I think we are making Garnett sound like he’s fragile. C’mon people.
    There’s times where even I grimace when I land awkwardly (minor) and I shake it off and keep playing. Just because it’s Garnett, doesn’t mean he can land awkwardly and feel no pain.