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Rajon Rondo, defensive menace

Rondo rips arenas

Rajon Rondo's star just keeps getting brighter.  He's dominating the Cavs in the playoffs… and now he's on the NBA's all-Defensive team.  Here's how the voting broke down:

First Team
Position Player, Team 1st 2nd Points
Center Dwight Howard, Orlando 28 1 57
Guard Rajon Rondo, Boston 23 4 50
Forward LeBron James, Cleveland 20 5 45
Guard Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers 13 8 34
Forward Gerald Wallace, Charlotte 11 8 30
Second Team
Position Player, Team 1st 2nd Points
Center Tim Duncan, San Antonio 8 5 21
Guard Dwyane Wade, Miami 8 4 20
Forward Josh Smith, Atlanta 6 8 20
Forward Anderson Varejao, Cleveland 2 11 15
Guard Thabo Sefolosha, Oklahoma City 3 8 14

23 first place votes is impressive.   How long before Rondo is considered a bargain again, even with his huge contract extension?

And yeah, that's an old picture of Rondo making a steal, but it might be the best picture ever of Rondo making a steal… so we're using it.

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  • Jason

    Before I ever read your last line, I was thinking “Damn, that is a great pic. I mean pick. Both really.”
    And, ha ha, there’s KG matched up against Jamison, too.
    Great question about the contract, too. My answer is that that contract already is a bargain. Nice move Danny.

  • Adam

    Perk should be on all defensive…

  • First time seeing that pic., Awesome.

  • green8teen

    Seriously. Varejao? Really? Someone actually thinks he is a better defender than Perk, let alone the best defender in the league? Wow…the NBA and its followers never ceases to amaze me.