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Is LeBron’s injury legit?

If you're like me, the mere mention of anything "elbow" makes you nauseous at this point.

But there's at least one report out there that claims LeBron is suffering from a legitimate injury.  It comes from Ball in Europe, which is an ESPN TrueHoop Network blog.

The bombshell: A source close to the Cleveland Cavaliers who wished to
remain anonymous has admitted that LeBron James should not playing with
his injury in its current state. Apparently, the damage is enough that
the right arm of King James – perhaps that should be “King Richard III”
for the nonce – is having great difficulty in carrying anything heavier
than a basketball.

Take this for what it's worth.  It's one source… and we don't know how good that source is.  It could be a ball boy for all we know.  I know LeBron's elbow sure looked fine to me.  He was shooting fine.  No one said squat when his shots were falling.  But it could be legit.. so we're throwing it out there.

Thanks to John for sharing in the ShoutBox

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  • NineSevenEight

    What I don’t get is that he’s going in for his second or third MRI today. What is the purpose for more than one at this point in the post season? What is he going to do? Take a game off? Yeahhh.
    The Cavs wouldn’t sit Lebron if he showed up in Boston without his right arm.

  • Venus

    Yeah riiiiiiiiiight. This dude is an even better actor than I thought if he can get chase down blocks and throw down two handed dunks and hide his pain from the viewers.

  • LeLoser

    He’s having great difficulty picking up anything other than a basketball? He sure seemed fine picking up that MVP trophy.

  • LarryLegend

    I wonder if the source is the same as John Tomases? C’mon now, they need to come up with something better on why they can’t handle the Celts.

  • Josh

    I would assume with the extra MRI’s they are checking to see if anything has changed for the better/worse since the last scan.
    He is their franchise and they just want to know as much as they can…

  • Donald

    F’n classic John Tomase reference!!!

  • pro8000

    he is their franchise guy?
    not for long.

  • doubtit

    anybody have the thought…that he may be tanking the games…taking less shots,….so they lose and he can go to another team????? Or that he might want to play the hero???????? HE IS FAKING IT…I GUARANTEE IT.

  • Another Josh?

  • larry

    i think he realized it’s tougher to beat the celtics in a seven game series than it is in the regular season.!!or he’s trying for a willis reed moment..

  • LarryLegend

    —and on another note if he can’t lift anything heavier than a basketball than how the hell did he life the MVP trophy over his head? I smell some bullsh*t

  • river

    i think it’s legit. there’s something wrong, for sure. he just isn’t playing at his usual level, with his usual aggressiveness. if he’s faking it, or playing up a minor injury so he has an excuse, then we can no longer call him king james, but he must be re-crowned queen james, since that would the biggest drama queen move ever.
    either way, something isn’t right with him, and i have a hard time believing it’s just in his head.

  • DRJ

    Cavs and Celts are in a PR/injury war. ‘I see your elbow and raise you one knee (Perk) and one foot (KG)’. Cavs come back with another raise – ‘One REALLY bad elbow, can’t pick up anything but a basketball.’ Celtics’ turn now.