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Your Morning Dump… The road to victory goes thru KG


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

By committing to getting position inside, the Celts occupied the
Cleveland defenders and allowed Allen and Paul
to shoot squared-up jumpers.

“Not only outside but the drives, as well,” said Rivers. “I thought
establishing Kevin (Garnett) . . . you know, Kevin was going way too
fast in the first half. But he still was a concern on the post, and I
kept telling our coaches, ‘I don’t care that he’s not converting right
now. They’re trapping. They’re worried about him down there, and if we
keep hammering down there, eventually the outside would open.’ And
that’s what happened for us.”

Garnett’s first seven field goals were paint products. (His last was
an open 19-footer with 1:14 remaining and the Cavaliers crawling toward
their dressing room.)

Hey, the fact KG took 21 shots was huge. By continuing to go into the
post to wrestle with Antawn Jamison, it gave the Celtics a consistent
presence that changed the game for others.

Herald – Hanging Tough

Like I stated in last night's game recap, I don't like KG taking 21 shots. Even with Antawn Jamison guarding him in the post, KG is the Celtics 4th best offensive weapon. If I was coaching the Cavs, I'd go one-on-one and let KG beat me. I don't think he's capable of dropping 25-30 points from the paint. He's too erratic with his post moves.

But… if Mike Brown is going to continue to double team him, then the Celtics should continue to feed Garnett the ball so he can find the open man.

On Page 2, Rasheed lets his play speak for himself.

To his credit, Wallace didn't talk to reporters following Monday's
win. In past games, he's deferred to teammates like Glen
when they've carried the bench, and he didn't want it to seem
he was thrusting himself into the spotlight for a single quality outing.

Wallace wheeled around after getting dressed Monday, he simply slid his
headphones on, picked up his iPad, and pardoned himself by walking
through the middle of a camera throng hoping for some classic

"I thought Rasheed was phenomenal," said Rivers. "Obviously, the
3-pointers were huge, but his post play was good as well. I thought,
defensively, he was so much better than he's been for us. We need that
from him."

Sure the 17 points jump out, but how good was Wallace's
defense? Perkins, the team's most consistent defender, offered a
thumbs-up review.

"The whole time, he was focused," said Perkins.
"He was doing a lot of great things for us tonight. That's what we need
out of Rasheed every night."

ESPN Boston – For once, Sheed comes up big

As great as Sheed played in the 2nd quarter, Chris Forsberg points out he did very little the rest of the game. But hell, beggars can't be choosers.

My concern? An overconfident Sheed comes out bombing away in Game 3.

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  • Walker

    Sheed gaves us a legit Dumb and Dumber moment…just like Harry purchasing the motobike, Sheed has COMPLETELY REDEEMED himself in my mind

  • funniest thing i’ve read all morning. I see Sheed driving up on a scooter to the next game!!!!!

  • And that’s the beauty of sports. Everything all season long wiped away in one quarter of effort.

  • Orb

    Sheed yelling back to Scal: “Just go man!”

  • Magic Fan

    Great win for the Celtics! Cleveland is going to be in big trouble with the series shifting.

  • BigMck

    The JD Drew grand slam!


    If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it – It’s working for the C’s so stick with it. A good mix of KG on the block with Rondo’s speed and Ray and Sheed from the outside gives us the versatility we need. it’s worked for 7 out of 8 quarters – even with KG shooting below 50%,
    The Cavs will surely change up how they’re defending in game 3 but there’s no way of stopping Rondo – dude is dominating the series…

  • Ace-One

    You know how KG is a great help defender (the oft-stated “qb of the defense”)? I think he’s a great “help offender” also, if you get what I mean. He’s not going to put up the huge pts at this stage in his career, but everything runs better when he stays involved in the offense.
    Good things happen when the Celts feed KG the ball in the post. BAD things happen when he shoots after holding onto the ball for more than 3 seconds. That generally means he’s trying to back his guy down, and KG is not a back-to-the-basket post-up scorer. He’s at his best when he’s scoring within the flow of the offense, not when he’s trying to force things.
    KG is one of the best passing big men of his generation, and like Doc said, having the offense go more frequently through him helps the spacing throughout the rest of the court. He may be the 4th best scoring option, but in half-court sets, he facilitates the offense for his teammates more than any player besides Rondo (and sometimes just as much). So, yes, I say keep getting KG the ball down low as part of the larger offensive scheme, but don’t
    force feed it to him in the name of “being aggressive” like he’s 2000-season Shaq.
    Will be interesting to see how Cavs defend him, and if they think he has a mismatch on Jamison or not.