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Rondo Reminds Varejao Where His “Air Sideshow Bobs” Went

By now we have all “been witnesses” to the beautiful artwork of one Rajon Rondo during these 2010 NBA Playoffs.  Last night against the Cavs, he executed his signature magic trick by faking Anthony Parker and Anderson Varejao out of their shoes.  There are a couple of subtle points to view here along with the yo-yo effect.  First, Antawn Jamison does a superb job of help defense on the play (end digital sarcasm here).  Secondly, watch just after the timeout gets called, Rondo gives Varejao an earful.  Clearly he’s helping Varejao out by letting him know where his shoes went.

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  • DRJ

    Great… thanks for pointing out Rondo’s verbal jab at Varajeo. Anything we can do to set him off, and earn us things like technical FTs and flagrant fouls, is good. I would LOVE to know exactly what Rajon said…. maybe something like “Hey Sideshow, wanna borrow my shoes?”
    That guy went nuts eventually. Couldn’t come back, because of “back pain” they said. Or maybe they had to cart him off to the loony bin.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Great move, also a travel. No pivot, both feet slide. Just as much as LeBron’s was.

  • DRJ

    Yes, technically a travel… both feet slide. Lebron’s was not a travel, this was. But… the refs do NOT call this kind of thing, ever. It’s become the de facto standard. And I think that’s good for the game… makes it much more exciting and fun when we can see these kinds of plays.

  • Jason

    Tangent. After Game 1 I was hoping for this exchange.
    Reporter: Rondo, you were taking constant punishment attacking the rim, especially from Shaq. Think you’ll adjust your strategy at all?
    Rondo: Hell no. I’m going to keep going wherever I want and that means you’ll be seeing me at the rim all series long. Shaq outweighs me 3 to 1, but none of his hits kept me down. I hope he hits me harder next game, actually. I’d like to see him try. He’ll earn a suspension if he does.

  • Jason

    They call it. But not on stars. The refs were mesmerized, too. Keep up the good work gentlemen. You PROFESSIONAL referees.

  • Jason

    Just after VJ got his double technical, he swung a wild elbow at Perk who was guarding him at the top of the key. Perk had just started leaning back in his defensive stance, so it missed by a healthy margin. But that shouldn’t matter. The refs should have blown the whistle and gave him his second T. Anyone else remember this play and how they reacted to it? Curious if I’m off base. Anyone got a video of it to post?

  • DRJ

    Well, one can never be certain about a negative. Can only say I haven’t seen that call. And it was so beautiful… there should be an exception in the rule book for “things of beauty.” So the refs confer, and they say: “He traveled, but I think the “thing of beauty” rule applies. What do you think, Dick? C’mon Dick, don’t be a Dick!”

  • Hmm I can try to find it for you.

  • KY Celts fan

    I remember Perk throwing an elbow, but don’t recall Varejo. Which, by the way, I’m surprised Cavs fans aren’t up in arms about, calling for a suspension.

  • Jason

    Are talking about the VJ swipe, Perk elbow, VJ bigger swipe that resulted in the doubt techs?
    I’m talking about a possession or two after that. VJ has the ball at the top of the key with Perk on him and swings a wild elbow through where Perk would have been had he not just sagged.

  • MS

    Yes I vividly rmr that, I’m surprised no one else does. If it was in Boston, we wouldve heard some oooos and ahhhs followed by boos. But he was far enough away that the refs let it go even tho he deserved a tech. What I think is potentially important is that’s a another sign of him losing his shiyat. I think perk, baby, kg should continue to get at him and w/ him losing his temper/control he’ll get away from the way he had been beating us in the reg season.

  • I’ve reviewed the sequence of the game that you’ve suggested, but I didn’t see Varejao do this (at the top of the key anyway). What happens is both he AND Perk swing elbows at each other (Perk’s is worse actually).
    I’d post it, but I’m afraid Perk would get suspended if someone from Cleveland saw it! I’m not exaggerating here, it was suspension worthy only in the same way that Dwight Howard’s was last year against Philly.

  • I stand corrected… I found what you’re referring to (I think). Varejao gets the ball at the top of the key, turns, and as he pivots he swings his elbows (with the ball) to begin making a move.
    Not sure if this is what you mean though.

  • Jason


  • Gotcha… it’s not that bad to be honest with you.

  • Do you have a youtube account, I’ll share the video to you.

  • Jason

    No. Can’t make a public link?