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KG calls out Sheed… in the shower


After the first game, I went to him in the shower… Sheed doesn't listen to a lot of people, Sheed sorta goes by his own tune and he only respects a few. I'm one of the very few he listens too. I said, 'If you give us 10 and 10, we are not only gonna beat these cats, we are gonna blow them out. I don't care what you've been going through, you can make it all up right here. It rubbed him the wrong way a little bit, but he said 'you're right.'

The hell with Vince Lombardi and Knute Rockne. After hearing this story, KG is the king of motivational speeches.

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  • rod

    and here i am expecting kg and sheed made a porno together

  • Jason

    Yeah, bad headline. Really bad.

  • Eli

    Actually, I thought the headline was pretty amazing.

  • I am a diehard RedsArmy fan. But please-that headline has got to go. Just too gay. Thx.

  • Agreed.

  • BRADinLA

    Dude, that’s movie-level drama. You don’t hear that kind of shit from other teams. That’s heart, that’s real.

  • DRJ

    Funny headline, but AWESOME CLIP. Just AWESOME. Thanks! Here are some more quotes:
    About his convo with Sheed:
    “I said, I need 10 and 10 every night witch you, at least in this series right here… I said, I don’t care what you’ve been goin’ through… to hell with what the year is, so what?… you can make it all up right here, man… And you know, I got into him a little bit, you know I rubbed him the wrong way a little bit, and then later on we talked, he said ‘You’re right.'”
    LOVE this one by KG about Varajeo:
    “The man does one thing, and he does it well… he doesn’t score a lot, he feeds off Lebron, he picks up the garbage, he does the dirty work, he’s out here trying to get guys rattled, trying to get technicals, the dumb stuff, you know? The stuff that shouldn’t even be in basketball, but it is.”
    About what fans will give us on Friday:
    “I already know what the fans are gonna give us…pure Boston, you already know what it is, it’s gonna be GREEN HELL….. pure energy.

  • I agree with the rest that headline is awful. Funny but awful.

  • Oh everyone just chill out about the headline. It’s supposed to be funny.

  • Alex

    Uh no, you are just giving the Laker trolls and other dumb trolls material to use to annoy the shizzle out of us.
    My eyes narrowed when I saw the headline >_>

  • Zauer

    Personally, i love that quote: “If you give us 10 and 10, we are not only gonna beat these cats, we are gonna blow them out”. Owned. There will never be next one like KG.

  • DRJ

    Recommendation: stop the automatic audio load on the home page soon (tomorrow?), loading it just on the post page. Takes too long, and it’s gonna get real annoying once the post drops down.
    The headline… if I had to vote, I’d vote to change it. Bothers too many people.

  • AMP

    It is really funny.

  • JPD985

    I thought the headline was good and don’t feel there is a need to change it.

  • Blame WEEI for the automatic audio load. That’s not our style.
    You are right, I will need to adjust it somehow once the post drops.

  • If you don’t like the headline, give me an alternative. Maybe I will select yours, if its funnier.

  • DRJ

    Yeah, you could just change it to an IMAGE of that link, pointing to the post page, which can retain the actual WEEI link.

  • DRJ

    It’s changed already. Looks fine.

  • What’s up with you the last few days? “Don’t bitch about the Ref’s” over and over; “Chill out about the headline”.
    Just sayin.
    By the way I thought the first headline was a riot.

  • Honestly, the refs thing is pissing me off. Not so much that people are bitching about the bad calls…. that’s no big deal. But all this craziness about cheating and blaming refs for losses.
    All I’m doing is trying to show people that it goes beyond the refs. But I certainly haven’t censored anyone.
    As for the headline… It was my reaction to the reaction.

  • Thank you Jon.
    Occasionally complaining about refs in a very poorly officiated game is one thing, but the constant bemoaning and conspiracy theorists and spamming has just taken it way to far. Everyone deals with the refs just put that to bed

  • “We got, uh, the man of the hour up in this piece”
    haha Maxwell is hilarious

  • Celtics version: KG makes an intervention on a team mate that is notorious for not listening to people, avoiding people, etc. When ANYBODY is in a funk, they avoid people, and this is Sheed. Sheed has no where to run when he’s in the shower; he can’t even answer a fake cell phone call.

    Evaluation: tactical ambush – good leadership move – and for whatever reason, Sheed resurrected his game in game 2.

    Lakers version: Ron Artest, attending the game as a fan, visits Kobe after his devastating series ending finals loss against Boston. He visits him in the shower. Ron consoles Kobe, and they have a heart to heart about their hoop dreams. A love affair begins between Ron and…the Lakers?…he signs for short money to help them win a championship.

    Evaluation: suspiciously fruity…although in the immortal words of Jerry Seinfeld, “not that there is anything wrong with that.”

    What’s funny to me about the KG thing is that he will ambush team mates when necessary.

    Another famous KG ambush:

    -After the story comes out about his fight with a friend and a broken thumb, Glen Davis is leaving the Health Point facility after a lonely, soul searching midnight tread mill run at the Health Point facility. He gets into his SUV and begins the drive home, but can’t resist pulling into a 24 hour donut shop. He is about to order when a flashlight, held under his chin, clicks on to illuminate the face of Garnett who has been sitting in the back seat the whole time. Paralyzed with fear, Davis says nothing when the shop employee asks “can I help you?” After a lengthy stare down via the rear view mirror, the employee asks “can I help you?” again and Garnett shakes his head for ‘no’ and turns off the flashlight. Davis is unable to respond and drives away. At the next red light he is finally able to speak…but when he looks, Kevin is gone.


    Hope Sheed puts out for the whole series….(jeezz!!!)

  • about time.
    It took KG, the great leader until the conference semifinals to finally light into rasheed?
    bout time, thats really all i can say