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Enemy Chatter: Screw the elbow


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters
and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics.
Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Cleveland.

Might as well start with the MVP, James, who accepted his trophy
before the game to much fanfare. Unfortunately for the Cavs, that was
the most heavy-lifting he did until it was all over.

Lethargic for much of the game, James turned in his weakest
performance of the playoffs even if his numbers read 24 points, seven
rebounds and four assists. The Celtics rotated defenders and played
standard defense, crowding the lane behind James and bringing double
teams. Only James didn't seem inclined to attack as he's done every
meeting with Boston this season.

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Enough with the elbow. Screw the elbow. First of all, the Cavs
weren’t winning this game if LeBron had three healthy elbows. Second of
all, LeBron is 48 hours removed from taking over a game. Third of all,
LeBron didn’t play like he was hurt. He played like he didn’t have
control of the game.

He was waiting for his teammates to get involved early, and tried to
get the team back in it in the second. After the Celtics made their run
in the third, it was too late. LeBron going to the basket is like a
100-mph fastball. It’s great early in the count. If the batter is
thinking about the curveball or the changeup, there’s no way he’s going
to catch up to it. You almost always go to the fastball on a 3-2 count.
But no matter how good a fastball is, it’s going to end up in the
bleachers if it’s a 2-0 or 3-1 count and the batter is sitting on it.
That’s what happened in this game.

Cavs the Blog

Give credit to these Cavs reporters and bloggers. They could easily make the case that LeBron's elbow is hurting him more than he's letting on, and it's preventing him from playing a consistent 48 minutes. 

On Page 2, some harsh words for Shaq and Mo Williams.

Shaq sucked. He’s getting position on those hooks and they’re not
falling. He’s not exactly making up for it on the defensive end, either.
He looks like he did at the beginning of the season. If he can’t score
when they single-cover him in the post, he shouldn’t be on the floor.
-18 in 19 minutes for Shaq tonight. Right now, Shaq’s thumb is the much
more significant injury than LeBron’s elbow.

-Mo was horrible. 1-9 from the field is not going to cut it, and he’s
yet to hit a three in this series. Part of it is that the Cavs aren’t
running their offense to set him up with open threes, but he needs to
figure out a way to be effective without going off for 12 straight
points after a dunk.

Cavs the Blog

Shaq's thumb? This blogger refuses to cite LeBron's elbow, but uses Shaq's thumb as an excuse? I say Perk's defense is a much bigger factor than a sore thumb.

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  • JD

    Mo Williams is playing more like a good bench player rather than a 2nd/3rd scorer… in fact nobody around LeBron can seem to play the role of 2nd scorer. One guy goes off one game, then sucks the next. And I’m ok with it.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I don’t think it’s either Shaq’s thumb or really Perks D. Shaq just straight up blows and everyone needs to realize it haha Hopefully Mike Brown doesn’t though. Notice he didn’t even play Big Z last night though? That is what everyone was worried about, but we seemed to handle the Varejoa and Hickson tandem pretty well.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I agree, I bleed green but I think its obvious we actually look like the better team, with more scoring options, a better bench and a better defense. Even with the refs helping out the Cavs, we’ve still won 6 of 8 quarters in their building.
    DOC, call out Sheed before every game PLEASE!

  • LarryBirdsJumper

    doc has been on sheed all season, it was almost undoubtedly KG who sat down with sheed and should be credited for kicking his ass into gear

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    I almost spit my coffee this morning when ESPN actually called out Lebitch for over dramatizing the elbow. Here’s hoping he keeps faking and playing like sh*t!

  • DRJ

    Brown seems pretty bad to me. I mean… who talks like that?? With that weird exaggerated enunciation….? Guy’s friggin weird. More important… I think he’s stupid. If he were smart, both Shaq and Z would ride the pine in this series, and Hickson would start. (But shhh… let’s not let on………)

  • Yeah, but he did say Shaq sucked, which is probably the biggest point of his thumb, Perk’s D, or otherwise.
    And they couldn’t even bitch about the refs, which is even more pleasing.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I said two months ago that Mike Brown would find a way to lose this Play offs couching the original Dream Team! The guy is awful…

  • jimkanicki

    Yes, Brown is dumb. Ferry needs to host an intervention for him. Like this:
    “Mike, Shaq was acquired FOR ORLANDO. He can guard Howard one-on-one and hopefully we’ll be able to defend their threes better. He was NOT acquired to run the offense through. He was not acquired to help in a running game which has proven effective against the Celts. SIT HIM.
    Also, Mo is the slowest PG in the game… he’s not really even a point guard, he’s a short #2. SO DON’T LEAVE HIM ALONE ON THE QUICKEST PG IN THE LEAGUE!
    Last, we grabbed this freakishly long-armed Jamario Moon to bother the guys who light it up with threes. Psst… Ray Allen kinda fits that mold. You might want to put Moon on Allen and try West on Rondo.”
    I swear, we’d have lost game one too except Shaq got his 4th foul early in the 3rd quarter. Like right before we closed out that quarter on a 30-15 run or something.
    Cheers Boston! Mike in Hampton