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Danny Ainge Proves He Will Do ANYTHING To Win

Danny Ainge was always known as a player that never threw in the towel.  He would always do what he could to win.  Boston fans loved him, but around the league he was probably one of the most hated Celtics of all time.  He's also been on the receiving end of having the towel thrown in his face courtesy of Robert Horry, while coaching the Phoenix Suns.

During Game 2 against the Cavs, Ainge proved that he has the same gusto as Celtics GM.  Watch the clip below as he tries to distract JJ Hickson on not one, but TWO free throw attempts.  Hickson missed the first when Ainge did a quick jump-up from his front row seat.  During the second free throw, he tosses his towel high up in the air, but to no avail.  The best part of this clip is how Ainge and Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck laugh it up like two fraternity bothers.

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  • mikey

    Get em back from 1987 Danny awesome play.
    Maybe next time they won’t give the Lakers that bogus timeout.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Haha!! Yeah!

  • Joseph

    What a f’n embarrassment of a GM that assclown Ainge is. Terrible. NO MORE GIFTS FROM FORMER SUCKDIC PLAYERS FOR YOU AINGE!!!

  • Stay classy Josephine.

  • Mr West

    Ainge is a Pimp!

  • Joseph

    I’ll stay classy alright just like Boston. Hey wasn’t Paul Pierce attacked and stabbed in the face in Boston.
    And what’s with the picture of the vampire muppet. Kinda gay.

  • 24/8

    Ainge is on record as regretting throwing that towel in the air. So either he really means it, which means you guys cheering him on don’t understand that it was a regrettable move, or he was forced to make that statement, which means he’s a pushover.
    Don’t get me wrong, I actually don’t mind that Ainge did that. If it’s ok for normal fans to try to distract the free-throw shooter with towels and balloons then it shouldn’t matter that Ainge did it even though he is a GM for the opposing team. What’s one more towel?
    But you fanatics have to ask yourselves one basic question – How much “gusto” would you claim that Donnie Walsh had as the Knicks GM if he did the same thing at a Knicks/Celtics home game with Pierce shooting free-throws? How much of a “pimp” would Mitch Kupchak be as the Lakers GM if he did the same thing at a Lakers/Celtics home game with Rondo shooting free-throws? If you think that Walsh or Kupchak would be an asshole for doing that and causing a Celtic to miss a free-throw, guess what, Ainge is also an asshole. Can you be man enough to see the same thing as the same or will you insist that it’s “different” when your guy does it?