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Charles Oakley Calls KG a “Phony Tough Guy”

Yesterday's Chris Sheridan held a chat session for NBA fans to submit their questions to him.  While most of the questions centered around where Chris Bosh would sign as a free agent this summer, there were a couple of Celtic nuggets towards the end of the chat session.  Apparently, for no reason at all, Sheridan wanted to let it be known how Charles Oakley felt about KG's elbow to Quentin Richardson in Game 1 against Miami.

The Oak Tree's opinion: "Garnett is a phony tough guy."


In the very next question however, he does rank Rondo as a top 3 point guard in the NBA, so there's that.  Although he does rank Derrick Rose ahead of him (just behind Deron Williams).  He and Charles Barkley must have been drinking from the same punch bowl, since Barkley ranked those two at the top as well last night during the pre-game show on TNT.  Chris Paul was sitting right there too! 

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  • KG is a phony tough guy…sorry but this should be accepted as fact, doesnt mean hes not a good, important player to us..
    and anyone rating derrick rose ahead of rondo right now should just jump off a bridge, based off what? potential ceiling? Rondos the better player right now, thats all that matters
    even derrick rose being better then nash or paul = total joke

  • I agree, and i hate the fact that because rondo is playing with 3 future HOFers he gets so much less credit… but then again those giving him less credit for that reason really dont know much

  • I classify todays point guards, i dont rank them
    here is how they should be classed
    the best two – Williams and Paul
    The young guys who are already good and have loads of potential but arent quite the best two… yet – Rondo and Rose by the end of next year i am guessing this is the class wall will be dancing into
    Not as good as they once were, but as good once as anyone (sometimes) – Nash, Billups, Kidd, Parker, Barron Davis
    Solid starters who are what they are – Bibby, Mo Williams, Jameer, Andre Miller, Ray Felton
    Young guns with loads of potential – Westbrook, Jennings, Tyreke evans (even though he is really a shooting guard) Curry, Aarron Brooks, and Johnny Flynn
    you never know what your gonna get – Mike Conley, any sixers point guard, TJ Ford, Jose Calderon, any knicks point guard
    guys who im wary of because they’re not really point guards and they kinda scare me – monte scooter ellis, Gilbert quick draw arenas
    guys im not sure if ill ever see play – Ricky Rubio
    Does that cover just about everyone?

  • But if your drafting point guards for the rest of their career id go
    1. derron williams
    2. cp3
    3. Rondo
    4. Rose
    5. Wall
    6. Westbrook
    7. Evans
    8. Jennings
    9. Brooks
    10. Tony Parker/Devon Harris

  • T Diggs

    Coming from Oakley, one of the dirtiest cheap-shot basketball players to ever play. along with fellow thugs Anthony Mason and John Starks, they set the game of basketball back 10 years. Never did get that title Charles.
    Go back to your shitty car washes in Westchester, NY

  • Uncle Leo

    Only phony tough guys call other people phony tough guys behind their backs.

  • mikey

    Oakley, another guy who hates the Celtics.
    Do you see any ex-NBA players running their mouths about the Cavs?
    Wow, some of you people.
    Dude, the Celtics are blatantly cheated against by the league, the Cavs are blatantly cheated for by the league. The hate for the Celtics in this league is unreal. 100% CHEATING.
    100% FACT

  • aaron

    KG a fake tough guy? doubtful. if push came to shove, literally, KG would be one of the few guys anyone in the league would mess with. I am pretty sure SLAM or one of the mags did an article on Ron Artest and his intensity and asked Ron Ron (who is also nuts) who he is afraid of in the NBA and he replied “Kevin Garnett, thats a dude i dont want to see in a dark alley”….
    enough said.
    oakley your career, like all of your knicks team-mates was a JOKE

  • G4L

    I do agree KG is a phony tough guy.. he always cute little cheap shots & does seem to talk more smack to smaller guys.

  • Joseph

    KG is a total phony tough guy. He wasn’t like this in Minnesota, which is why every player in the league can’t stand him (talk sh*t and doesn’t back it up). Players should dunk over him at will. Oh wait, Bynum did this in Boston earlier this season. HAHAHAHAHA.

  • kendall1

    You can’t really count Wall because he’s not in the league yet.Lots of guy are good in college and fail in the nba.

  • Actually he was even more of a phony tough guy in minnesotta…maybe if u had actually watched them, obviously you did not

  • oh, and honestly Chris Paul can suck on my nuts, the pedestal hes been put on makes me sick
    He had 1 great season and he led his team to a 2nd round exit, other then that hes put gotten injured and put up inflated stats in a system where the ball is constantly in his hands.
    hes done nothing, and no PG in this league has played better in the postseason the last 2 years then Rajon rondo.
    This whole derrick rose bullshit is also puke inducing. he didnt deserve to be an all star, and he belongs nowhere near the top 3 pgs in the league list…hes a scorer in a pgs body from what i can tell, and hes done nothing and put on a pedestal because of his potential ceiling and athletisicm.