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Your Morning Dump… Where Baby is confused

Baby cavs

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“The referee’s job is hard,” Davis said after yesterday’s practice.
“You can’t always get the right call at the right time. We’re an
aggressive team, and it kind of shakes up the game when the fouls are
called. You don’t know how to play the game, and you’re trying to
retaliate at the same time. I just have to keep playing the game, and
hopefully the calls go the right way.

When asked if he loses aggressiveness once he gets into foul trouble,
Davis responded: “Most definitely.”

“You get three fouls in the first half it hurts,” he said. “You have
to work on getting your rhythm and timing back. It never helps. Just
have to see the way the game’s being called. You can’t foul. Whatever
the ref thinks you’re doing, you can’t do it. You just have to learn
from mistakes.”

Herald: Celtics must stay tough

You know… Glen Davis getting into foul trouble hurt the Celtics on Saturday as much as anything on Saturday.  He's your energy guy off the bench.  He's the wild man getting offensive rebounds out of nowhere and keeping possessions alive.  When he lost his aggressiveness, the Celtics didn't have anyone who would crash the boards with reckless abandon.

So yeah, a lot of guys picked up fouls and that hurt us, but it was Davis' foul trouble that really put the Celtics in a hole because no one off the bench can match what Glen gives the team.

On Page 2, the Celtics are playing Game 7 tonight

Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

"The urgency has to go up. You don't want to go down 2-0 and put
yourself in that type of hole, especially against a team like
Cleveland," Pierce said. "The urgency is there. We felt like Game 1 was
important, but we let it slip away due to little things. Hopefully we
clean those things up, come back with the same type of mindset, the same
type of energy, with a little more perfection in our game, and we'll be
all right.

We gotta play Game 2 like it's Game 7," he added.

Chris Forsberg: History isn't on Celtics side

I said going into this series that I think each team is going to win on the other's home floor… so if the Celtics are going to make me look good, they're going to need to win tonight.

The optimist looks at Game 1 and says the Celtics had the Cavs down 11 and only when they let off the gas in the 3rd did the Cavs come back.  And it was only in the last minute or so that the Cavs pulled away.

The pessimist looks at Game 1 and says the Celtics aren't capable of putting 48 minutes together against a good team and things pretty much went according to script. 

These are two pretty evenly matched teams.  The bottom line for the Celtics:  Play 48 minutes and you have a shot to win.  Let up at all and they'll bury you.

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  • Alex

    The refs clearly were going after Big Baby Davis in Game 1. Most of the fouls called on Davis was absolutely atrocious, especially one of them where he barely pushed a guy and he got the foul. Seriously, he had his fingertips and barely pushed whatsoever, more like brushed the guy FFS.
    Let’s watch this game closely and watch what the refs will do now. I want a well officiated game or this could be the final NBA game I will ever watch.

  • LarryBirdsJumper

    Alex, I’m sure David Stern will miss your viewership

  • BigMck

    Am I the only one who didn’t think the officiating was all that bad? Sure there were blown calls, but I didn’t think it was anything out of the ordinary of one-sided.

  • Alex

    He better.

  • David Stern looks like a creepy child molester with his unnatural smiles… if refs keep messing with the celtics again someone on the celtics bench should box them right in the head and if he gets fined then the team can pool together the money to pay for it. Make finley do it, he’ll retire soon anyway.
    Anyway I’m pumped up after seeing KG’s interview. I don’t really trust Pierce that much anymore, he didn’t really deliver in last year’s game 7 against Magic. Though they got a pass for being tired and running on foams…still it makes me feel a lot more secure if KG and Rondo are focused. No more Pierce isos please esp against lebron

  • Thats as good of an officated game youre going to get against the cavaliers.
    which is why it was the perfect game to win, and a trrible one to lose.
    anyone expecting the officating to be any better then that is asking for a miracle

  • eh, Pierce is easily, more times then not the most trustworthy player we got in big games.
    Before joining the celtics KG had been out of the first round once, and has missed em all toether for 3 seasons straight.hes had very little big game, must win game performances

  • Hope you are right. we sure as hell can use either Paul or Ray on offense beside Rondo to put some pressure on Cav’s defense. We shall see very soon

  • jakster

    Man, you’ve become desensitized to it.

  • NineSevenEight

    I actually didn’t have a problem with the refs aside from about 3 or 4 calls (particularly that And 1 that was taken away by a terrible charge call and Lebron traveling and juggling the ball under the basket). But then again, they’re in Cleveland so I wasn’t expecting the C’s to be on the good side of the officiating.
    Overall, I was happy with the effort from KG and Rondo, they were basically the reason the Celtics had a lead to speak of. It’s on PP and Ray to be contributors as well from here on out.

  • NineSevenEight

    And as we all know, it starts with defense. Ray and Paul can combine for 27 again tonight for all I care, as long as they defend throughout-they’ll win. They lost because they let Mo Williams go off when they did a great job of containing everyone (aside from Lebron) else until last few minutes of the third.

  • DRJ

    He may not miss Alex, and he may not miss me, but they will miss the thousands of others just like us. If they steal this series, it will be the final straw, because this camel has seen enough to know that the sport is fundamentally rotten.

  • DRJ

    3 or 4 calls is THE GAME.

  • DRJ

    You’re speaking of the past, the deep past mostly. Paul sucked last year’s vs. the Magic, and he has failed many, many times this whole season when the team relied on him at the ends of games. That’s why we were all so happy when he hit the buzzer beater vs. the Heat (on what was actually a bad shot option)… it has become so unusual for him to actually succeed in doing what they keep going to him to do. Clearly, they need to stop that. The Paul iso should be considered dead and buried… it rarely works anymore.

  • DRJ

    I sure hope you’re wrong. If you’re right, there is no point watching the NBA any longer.

  • NineSevenEight

    I hear you but there are other things to point at. They let Mo Williams go off. That is something that is actually IN the Celtic’s control and they didn’t do anything to stop it.

  • DRJ

    No question… you’re right. The could still have won.

  • Im not saying anythin about go to the paul iso over n over…but we will live or die with how paul plays in big games, there isnt another player on the team capable of stepping up, putting a team on there backs, creating their own shots and winnin a tight must win game.
    Rondo can do it all, throughout an entire game literally everything…hes not there yet to win us a close tight game where he needs to make the basket, creatin his owns – not happening. nor should it have to with the money “the big 3” make
    KG can play solid, he isnt winning us any close game, and ray can but rondos gonna have to get him that open shot.
    what the hell else are they going to do?
    Rondo will have this team in contention if hes playing well, someones gotta finish it out for him

  • No offense, but how often have you watched the cavs, or lebron james play?
    That was easily the most fairly offictated game hes participated in.
    I expected worse, and expect tonight to get absurd.

  • yawn…

  • people realize the refs actually called an offensive foul on lebron james? has that happened his entire career?

  • NineSevenEight

    Exactly. The Celtics need to worry about what the Celtics can control. As long as they do that and give 100%, they will win. Despite the calls, despite the poor showings for Pierce and Ray, the Celtics were in it right down to the last minute. Lebron got his which is always a given. But for as good as the Celtics contained everyone else…..they forgot that last player. They just have to tighten it up.

  • we miss Leon Powe the Cavs signed him so we wouldn’t have him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If they had a hand in Mo’s face on his way to a personal 8-0 run, we wouldn’t be talking about fouls today.
    That said, the refs just suck. I personally don’t believe it’s a conspiracy to get Kobe v Lebron or anything but stars definitely get treatment, and they have zero consistency from play to play. Spare me the, “they work so hard, the game is so fast”, excuses. I work hard for the ticket I buy and the cable bill I pay. It’s your job, you are on the elite stage, be an elite ref. I think the league can also help by making the rules more clear and less subjective, but it would take Stern to admit he had a problem, (not in my lifetime), before it can get fixed.

  • DRJ

    All true… except this part “As long as they do that and give 100%, they will win.” If the refs decide they’re not gonna win, they’re not gonna win.