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Shaq vs. Rondo: You Be The Judge

After reviewing the video from Game 1, Shaq accumulated a total of 5 personal fouls, 3 of which were directly against Rajon Rondo.  As we already discussed Exhibit A, let’s take a look at Exhibits B and C (ok so maybe I was wrong in the initial post about not needing Exhibits B-Z, as B and C are needed).

Third Quarter: 9:03 mark (Rondo gets Shaq to bite on a pump fake):

Second Quarter: 11:45 mark (Rondo drives to the basket and gets bodied up by The Diesel):

Judging by these two clips as well as the previous one from the fourth quarter, the only possible gripe that Mike Brown has is the foul in the second quarter.  They all seem like legit fouls, but I’ll let you guys be the judge, jury and/or executioner.

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  • james

    shaq ALWAYS does this now. i love the guy but hes too slow to get a block so he just takes the player out with like his sidechest/ribs. happened to nate in i think his last game as a knick, same game when nate blocked him on the next play i think. totally took him out but because he actually got the ball before it wasnt called