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It’s come to this: Hey Danny… Activate Scal

My friends… I was wrong.

I was wrong to expect something out of Rasheed Wallace. 

I wasn't expecting much.  I was merely expecting a modicum of productivity.  I was expecting a little defense.  I was expecting a couple of rebounds.  I was expecting a couple of shots to fall. 

But I was wrong to do it.  Watching that play unfold Saturday night… with the Celtics up 3 late in the third and the Cavs making a run… I thought to myself "Oh finally… we go the stop we needed.  Now let's… WHAT THE $%$#%^&*!!!!"

All he needed to do was hold onto the ball.  He just needed to secure the rebound.  If the Celtics had gone down and scored, they would have gone up 5 with just 20-something seconds probably left on the clock.  If they had gotten another stop, they could have easily gone into the 4th up 5, rather than down 1.

So I'm done.  I'm done with hoping for Sheed to snap out of whatever it is that he's doing.  He's not doing anything out there but hurting this team.  So let's do what we need to do to win.

Deactivate Rasheed Wallace, and activate Brian Scalabrine.

I'm not saying Scal should play a ton of minutes, but he'll make the most of the minutes he's out there.  And he'll at least hustle for 3 to 5 minute stretches.  He'll at least work the ball around the offense and not hurt the team with boneheaded plays. 

I'm sorry, Sheed.  I didn't want it to come to this.  But to paraphrase you… eyes don't lie.  I see what I see.

It's nothing personal.  It's just what's got to be done.  I actually believe that Brian Scalabrine on the floor helps our team more than Rasheed Wallace on the floor.  He couldn't have made things any worse. 

It's sad really, but I think activating Scal is the best thing to do.

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  • AMP

    Off topic, but I think we need to drive Dan Shaughnessy out of town…

  • NineSevenEight

    Tony Gaffney would bring more energy than Sheed.

  • can’t blame sheed…. we gave up.

  • He’s got his coming… don’t you worry

  • AMP

    I do hope you know something I don’t…

  • DRJ

    I’ve got no problem with this. Between Shelden and Scal, I think we can “fill in” for Sheed [eyes rolling].

  • Donald

    I agree. Watch the replay it was Ray Allen who missed the box out.

  • I’ve been on the Scal > Sheed bandwagon for a few months, though it started as an intentional overstatement to try to describe how useless I thought Sheed was. It didn’t take long to actually believe it.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Yep, at this point Scal will bring more hustle AND a better 3 point shot. Mabye Sheed can just go clothes-line LeBron and get suspended, then we get a twofer.

  • BigMck

    How did Ray miss the box out? Varejao is Sheed’s man. Watch Wallace turn as the shot goes up and do nothing!!!!

  • Sheed should be told not to even show up to the gym
    Scal shouldnt be in the NBA
    Play sheldon williams
    and this clip just reminds me we lost a crucial game 1 on the road where we did everything we had to win, except finish…thanks

  • GoWYO

    I still have faith the Celtics can win this series. But if they do end up losing, I’d rather see it happen with Scal and Williams playing with hustle and effort rather than Sheed not giving a damn because he’s got a ring and fooled Danny and the Celtics organization into paying him alot of money to be totally and utterly worthless. Hopefully Doc finally realizes that he is NEVER going to show up and “turn it on”. (I’m so sick of hearing that line of BS).

  • I noticed the cavs got any offensive rebound they wanted with KG, Perk out of the game.
    what celtic wasnt in foul trouble?

  • Donald

    Please confirm this if you can. WEEI is reporting that Mike Brown has sent a tape to the league of Shaq’s foul on Rondo’s drive (where Rondo went about 4 feet to the side) saying that he doesn’t believe that that was a foul. Are you F’n serious? Has he seen some of the calls his team get’s?

  • I don’t, unfortunately.

  • forget all the box out stuff…
    Sheed got the ball ripped right out of his hands. He had it and it got ripped right out of his goddam hands.

  • Yes! Please write something on CHB that POS. Wrote something on CelticsLife earlier myself. We need everyone to put that punk on blast.

  • Haha! Sheed’s useless! From here on out, he should be the Celtics designated Enforcer.

  • Scallie can space the floor, Box out, and hustle. I’ve always been a Scallie fan.
    Throw up the Classic little orphan Scallie pic that will get danny to notice

  • celtified

    i feel the pain redsarmy…it’s the playoffs sheed so we need you to bust your ass in the reduced minutes you are getting in the playoffs. And forget about varying levels of playoff intensity, sheed needs to shake himself NOW!
    as for Scals being activated, i thought we have to roll with our 12 man playoff rosters, good or bad unless injurie(s) get us an o.k. from the league. i am fine with putting Scal in the rotation insread of Sheed if i’m wrong on the roster thing. Danny’s going to pimp sheed to whatever team Larry Brown winds up with next season…

  • Ha.. I forget Scal can hit the trey every so often.. this is starting to make SENSE! Holy crap, I’m not sure if I hope ‘Sheed is reading this or not.

  • Let’s hope so.. don’t we have him for another 2 years after this?

  • DRJ

    What a GREAT idea! Love it.

  • DRJ

    Yes… 1 year, plus another year at his option. That a horrible thought… imagine Sheed 2 years from now… omg…
    This is a fundamental structural flaw in the NBA, and most sports leagues. It’s completely anti-capitalist, and therefore often backfires. When you GUARANTEE that you will pay someone REGARDLESS OF PERFORMANCE…. you are gonna get totally screwed when that someone is (a) on his last contract and knows it, and (b) doesn’t give a damn. That’s where we are with Sheed. They will have to move him, or eat his contract for the next 2 years.
    Unless he gets caught in a room with someone naughty, for example…. hmmmmmmmm…. lemme see if my sister’s available…………….

  • Not just sports leagues, aren’t the feds going after ‘teacher tenure’ with guaranteed contracts now too? It’s a bad approach from a financial or productivity standpoint, I fully agree. I don’t want to get too political, but they do both have unions.