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Doc states the obvious, Part II

Chuck - Red's Army May 3, 2010 Uncategorized Comments Off on Doc states the obvious, Part II


“You don’t do a lot of rotation changes, but you do make some tweaks
as far as what you run on the offense end and defensively,” Doc Rivers
said at the team’s shootaround. “Honestly, we’ve got to get more out of
our bench. The guys are on the floor too long. We just have to get more
play out of our bench. Our bench has to come through for us.

“They have to play,” Rivers continued. “We’re not going to win this
series playing five guys 45 minutes a night. It’s not going to happen. I
believe in our bench and I think they’ll come through, but we need them

There will be three days between Games 2 and 3, so that does leave an
opening if Rivers feels the need to extend minutes, but that was also
part of the rationale for working the starters so hard in Game 1 when
the Celtics built an 11-point lead only to wind up losing by eight.

“We could extend minutes tonight, but we did just play on Saturday.,”
Rivers said. “The break could go either way. If you win tonight you’d
like to play tomorrow if you could. It does change your thinking a
little bit honestly with the long lay off.”

Ease up on the deep, convoluted analysis of this series, Doc. We ain't that smart.

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