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The Celtics-Cavs drinking game

Someone brought up creating a Celtics-Cavs drinking game in the comments today.  We figured it was one hell of an idea. 

So here's what we came up with.

Celtics fans drink when:

The announcers mention LeBron's elbow

The announcers mention LeBron's back-to-back MVP's

When LeBron bitches to the refs

When a Cavs forward sets an illegal screen

Cleveland fans drink when:

A KG F-Bomb is caught on camera

When Sheed misses a 3

When a Celtic bitches to the ref

When a Celtics forward sets an illegal screen

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  • How about every time Lebron James refers to David Stern by only his first name.

  • as I told my friends,wife, police, and AA person. I never need a game to drink it just slows me down!!!!!!! I like the idea though….sailing with cap’n tonight!!!!!

  • I would be too, if it wasn’t 4:30 AM!

  • where the hell are u Iraq?

  • St. Petersburg, Russia

  • Alex

    Thank God there isn’t one that makes us drink every time the Celtics get a foul.

  • The refs could at least try to make it a little less obvious, not with calling them on the C’s as much as NOT calling fouls on the Cavs.. Christ.

  • i’ve been known to start drinking at 4:30 as long as you don’t work you should be cool

  • KY Celts fan

    New nickname idea for Davis: Nuclear Power, cuz he brings the energy!

  • DRJ

    Refs were fine this game. “Acceptably bad.” The Cavs are being exposed for the mediocrity they are. Great night… so far.

  • 3 minutes in to the 3rd quarter they got equally bad for both teams, just after I posted that post on here.

  • Ohio Celtics Fan

    How bout we all drink one to the victory!!!

  • IanD

    WOW great game, the Ref’s tried their hardest to keep it close but I love that it wasn’t an issue.
    Boom Headshot! Great win!

  • Donald

    Mo Williams is a little bitch. Nice acting job on the Pierce “takedown”. He also got away with falling down and them calling a foul on Sheed. He even got up laughing knowing it was a bad call.

  • beastondo32

    How about we drink every time a cavalier flops or makes some dramatic arm flail.. im lookin at you Delonte, Mo Williams, and Varajao