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Caption this: Thanks Kobe for the photos that will live forever

Kobe minstrel

These are among the photos taken for an LA Times magazine article. They are also pure gold that we will tuck away and bring up every time we want to bust Kobe's balls from now on.  I mean… what's up with the breakdancing pilgrim outfit?

So go ahead and fire away with some captions.

This is gonna be good.

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  • for photo 2, “when i came from old country, i had nothing but potato, basketball and shawl on back. i treasure these. i keep potato forever.”

  • PPSucks!

    why would you want to bust Kobes balls?

  • Uncle Leo

    “yo kobe we about to roll and get some burgers and fries you in?”
    “….what the fuck do you think?”

  • NorthernGreen

    Trying to get in touch with your feminine side, Kobe?

  • ferdinand

    is he modeling for clorox bleach or progressive insurance? maybe a new reality show “Kobe of Love” where hotel maids fight for his love. Sasha, come get your white apron. too funny.

  • rod

    at least he is cool enough to make fun of himself like this, i respect that

  • Rond0

    I actually respect him, my hate for lebron made me realize that Kobe ain’t too bad

  • The Truth is Here

    “Hey, so what do you think my spices girls name should be?”
    “oooh, I don’t knowwww, maybe SASSY SPICE!”

  • I never, ever, ever thought I would feel sympathy towards Kobe.