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Your Morning Dump… Where the C’s just backed off


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"It had an impact, but not that big," said Rivers. "It was with us. Maybe mentally, guys were worried about fouls. I told them at halftime, I don't care if everybody fouls out by the third quarter — don't change. We were winning because we were attacking. [The Cavaliers] won the game because they attacked in the second half. 

"You can't worry. We had enough guys. I told the bigs that. I told [Davis], 'I don't care if you foul out in the first half. You have to be energy guy.' I'm using Baby as an example, but he went away from being an energy guy because he was concerned about his fouls. I thought, overall, in the second half, we just went away from what we're supposed to be." 

Echoed Rondo, Boston's offensive spark plug all night: "We stopped being aggressive. Not just offensively, but defensively as well. We stopped our pressure, they started attacking us, and we fell back on our heels." 

Davis picked up three fouls in little more than five minutes of court time in the first half. Rasheed Wallace earned three quick ones as well. Paul Pierce picked up his third foul with 1:57 to go in the first half, limiting his ability to attack, particularly in the pivotal third quarter. 

"I got my third foul, which really hurt me in the first half, and I wasn't as aggressive in the third quarter as I wanted to be," said Pierce. "I can't really worry about that. I just have to continue to play and be aggressive on both ends of the court and see what happens. 

Chris Forsberg: Refs not the difference

I did my fair share of bitching about the refs.  We all did.  So did Cavaliers fans, I'm sure.  But Doc is right.  You can't let it change your game.

Go watch that Mo Williams steal and dunk on Pierce again.  Watch Pierce tippy toe and get his steps right to go up and try to block Mo's shot rather than beat Mo to the spot and try to either take a charge or change his shot.

The result was an emotional, in-your-face dunk that got Williams and the rest of the Cavs off their heels and into an aggressive frame of mind. 

So you've got to keep marching forward in this series, Celtics, no matter what.  We could have used Marquis Daniels more.  We could have used Shelden Williams. The bodies exist.  They may not be the best bodies around, but they're bodies nonetheless.  And if that's what its going to take to maintain our aggressiveness, then so be it. 

Because the Celtics backed off last night.  And that's why they lost. 

On Page 2, The Rondo effect

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

“He’s an engine,” Williams said. “He’s a tough cover. But as a team in the second half we did a good job on him. When you turn the ball over you play into his hands.”

Said James: “He poses a threat to our interior. He’s able to get a layup or can kick out, and we have to do a better job of keeping him out of the paint.

“Rondo’s going to be a really good point guard in this league.”

Herald: Celtics Notebook

Rajon Rondo went nuts in Game 1.  Every time you looked up, he was at the rim.  He cannot be stopped.

The question, however, is how the Big 3 are handling Rajon's domination of the game.  In the box score, Rondo took 10 shots, but he went to the line 14 times, so he really took about 16 or 17. (By the way, Rondo was 12-14 from the line.  Not bad, huh?).  

But when push came to shove at the end of the game and the Celtics needed big buckets, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett were cold.  Rondo did have 12 assists… so I'm by no means accusing him of being selfish.  I'm just asking the question… Is the Big 3 going cold just a coincidence, or does Rondo have to find a better way to integrate them in the midst of him demolishing the Cavs?

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  • Tough loss to take… especially seen Rondo tries soooo hard to take the win and take hard, hard fouls time after time. I hate Wallace… wouldn’t it be great if we can combine TA and Nate into a player that can defend and score ? lol sorry for the digression. But yeah, I dont think it’s on rondo. THere were many times in the fourth were pierce just takes the ball and either hits the rim/get blocked/turned it over. ALlen disappeared and KG missed a layup and a tip in.
    If Doc leaves next year i think it’s best if we go for a rebuild. I think we should get that Beaubois rook from Dallas. He’s got amazing talent and quickness. A backcourt of him and rondo would dominate. Dump rasheed in the process too…

  • NineSevenEight

    I was thinking kind of along the same lines too as far as Rondo trying to get other guys going more. I just think he had everything working for him last night that everyone else kind of just sat back and watched, which is the normal thing to do. He had the hot hand and no one could stop him so the C’s just let him do his thing. But then when he picked up his fourth and PP and Ray had to start “taking over” everything just went downhill. I really can’t blame Rondo for his efforts, he played superbly. You never discourage hustle and effort, and that was Rondo in a nutshell. I just wonder if maybe the Celtics should look to getting Ray, Paul and KG going first and if all else fails, Rondo comes in to take it to them because it’s obvious he can’t be stopped.
    I just feel like if there were ever an opportunity for the Celtics to steal a game, last night was the night. They contained everyone they needed to except for Mo and that was the difference, not even taking into account the countless missed layups and silly turnovers.

  • The Truth is Here

    Really tough loss, but for some reason I am still optimistic about this series, dunno why. Rondo obviously was great last night, but so was KG. I thought he played like old KG a big, and feasted on the smaller Antawn Jamison. He deserves a shout out.
    Watching Paul Pierce take bad contested shots and miss them down the stretch is so frustrating. I don’t know why we get into this mentality of running iso’s when it was the opposite that got us the first half lead.

  • JD

    I was thinking about the same thing with Rondo. Its not fair at all to him, but the Big 3 are just not programed to sit back and be complimentary players. This is where people who say that the Big 3 make Rondo good are wrong; Rondo has to make the Big 3 good at this point, at the detriment to Rondo’s own game. I wouldn’t call it selfishness on the Big 3’s part (although Paul really pisses me off sometime when he is clearly demanding the ball while Rondo is having a dominant game), but it appears that Rondo is the one that has to be flexible, sitting back when the Big 3 are doing well and turning it up a little bit when they aren’t.

  • Rcry

    Sounds like this team has a chemistry problem, and it’s been an issue all year. It’s too bad, because what we’re seeing out of Rondo lately should be enough to win games, but that’s clearly not the case. I’m hopeful about Rondo not letting this game bother him too much though… I remember after that game 1 loss in the Chicago series where Derrick Rose set rookie playoff highs, Rondo bounced back. I’m sure he’s not going to let Mo out of his sight again.

  • Mike Munger-Return to the Rafters

    Mo Williams was the beneficiary of ridiculous officiating taking Rondo out of the game. If they’re going to call garbage on us anyways, I say let’s send a message to Lebron or Mo. No way they can call a flagrant after letting Shaq get away with going after Rondo.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah Mo even said it in the postgame, that Shaq went out of his way to foul Rondo REAL hard to shake him up a bit. and Mo admitted that it worked stating how Rondo missed the free throw following that hard foul. We need to come back and hit them harder IMO, protect our most valued asset, RONDOOOOO

  • greenbeand

    c’mon when a neutral announcer (reggie miller) calls the game and makes several comments that the reff’s had terrible calls (all in clev’s favor). perk gets 5 stitches and no call? WTF?

  • DRJ

    Rondo played the game just right. He had plenty of assists, and would have had lots more if everyone surrounding him hadn’t fallen off a cliff in (at least) the last quarter-and-a-half. The number of missed bunnies, missed shots in general, and stupid turnovers was ridiculous, and all that was on the other 4 players, not Rondo. I don’t even understand the question — Rondo worked all game long to distribute whenever he could, just as he always does. We should only hope that he plays that well every game… I wouldn’t change a THING, except to have him not stop playing that way.
    It’s been said before but worth repeating that though it is true that the Celtics reacted badly to the terrible officiating, that does not excuse the officiating. Both factors contributed to the loss. The Cs, however, can only control their own actions, so they will have to try to do better next time.
    But the refs’ behavior was inexcusable. Which begs the question: WHY THE HELL DO WE CONTINUE TO PUT UP WITH THIS? If games are going to be affected this dramatically by the refs — who REFUSE to call games accurately and fairly, with agendas we can only guess at — WHY ARE WATCHING THIS TRAVESTY? Is this “sport”? Is it “fun” watching 3 old guys run around ruining the game for our team?
    I don’t know whether the refs’ agenda is to make sure Lebron gets to the Finals this time, or just to prolong the playoffs, or that they’re gambling, or WHATEVER the reasons are. It doesn’t matter to me. Like the Celtics, I can only control my own actions. So I’m saying this now: If the refs steal these playoffs from the Celtics this season, I will stop following the NBA, completely stop buying what the NBA sell, and do my best to make sure everyone I know knows exactly why.
    What I’m doing now is in some ways crazy. I’m investing in a sport that I KNOW is unfairly officiated. I’m following a lie, a fiction. I love my team, yes… but not enough to continue this madness. At least those guys make millions of dollars participating in this sham. I’ve got better ways to spend my time.
    I know nobody cares what one guy somewhere does. That’s ok. I can only control my own actions. But fair warning to the NBA: I am FAR from alone. There are thousands, perhaps millions, just like me everywhere. We are all sick of the way the NBA is run, and while many of us have already dropped off, there are many more on the edge of doing so. I’m one of those on the edge. Lose me, and you will, ultimately, lose a million more like me.

  • mikey

    They didn’t back off.
    They got cheated.
    Celtics PF opponents PF
    1990-91 1695 1660
    1991-92 1686 1634
    1992-93 1862 1676
    1993-94 1849 1739
    1994-95 1975 1922
    1995-96 2041 1965
    1996-97 1915 1827
    1997-98 2203 1719
    1998-99 1193 1001
    1999-00 2223 1928
    2000-01 1952 1903
    2001-02 1776 1734
    2002-03 1758 1798
    2003-04 1837 1819
    2004-05 2000 1937
    2005-06 2033 1837
    2006-07 1971 1757
    2007-08 1864 1818
    2008-09 1897 1820
    2009-10 1816 1777
    That’s 20 seasons I’ve rooted for this team.
    19 out of 20 seasons they got called for more personal fouls.
    You people are suckers.
    Make a site, state the truth.
    Don’t let people take advantage of you.
    They aren’t talking advntage of me, because I am not affiliated with the NBA.
    They take advantage of kids, because they look up to this crap.
    How can any of you can look at the numbers above and not tell me the refs cheat the Celtics?

  • mikey

    I Don’t DRJ. I’m not like them.
    I have been on the internet for 2 years telling people this.
    I’m glad there are people like you DRJ1.

  • mikey

    I hate this crap.
    I hate what they do to kids.
    They ruin their lives, and teach them the wrong way to do things.

  • jakster

    I couldn’t agree more.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    No matter who you are as a fan, and what team you follow YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A GRIPE WITH THE REFS for the simple fact you see everything in favor of your team and always believe your team is in the right.
    my point is that I am sure Cleveland fans have things to bitch about the refs for today too about yesterdays game. So quit thinking the NBA is out to get the celtics. If you were a Bucks fan, or a lakers fan, or a cavs fan you’d be bitching about the same shit. The refs are going to make mistakes, but they make them on both teams NOT JUST YOURS
    The issue isn’t this hidden agenda that they are out for the celtics you sound ridiculous, the refs just plain suck in general.
    God people are plain delusional about the refs. You always think the refs are screwing you cause your mroe focused on the calls that are going on your team and overlook things your team gets away with. ITs a two way street so shut the hell up if you like watching the games. The refs aren’t going to change and they aren’t out to get the celtics

  • mike

    You never ever ever say anything that includes stats.
    19 OUT OF 20 SEASONS.
    How do you try and side with something without showing stats?
    “for the simple fact you see everything in favor of your team and always believe your team is in the right.”
    That’s garbage.
    The stats show the Celtics don’t get calls.
    19 out of 20 seasons.
    66 out of 102 playoff games.
    You are wrong double p you are wrong.

  • mikey

    Yes they make them for both teams.
    2 bad calls against the Cavs.
    11 bad calls against the Celtics.
    That is how you decide a game.
    Where is the advantage in this game?
    Celtics Cavs
    36-81 38-78 FG
    4-16 4-12 3PT
    17-21 21-31 FT
    41 41 Rebounds
    20 18 Assists
    25 17 Fouls
    16 10 Turnovers.
    The difference in the game is the fouls calls and the free throws, and not only that the bad calls add extra turnovers for the Celtics, take away a made field goal, and add an extra field goal miss when the foul call is not made.
    You are wrong double p. Wrong.
    The stats show that the only difference in this game was the FT & Fouls.
    The stats show this has happened now in 66 of the last 102 Celtics playoff games.
    The stats show this has happened now for 19 out of the last 20 seasons.
    The Cavs got calls. The calls went against the Celtics. The calls were wrong.
    They did it on purpose. ALL FACTS.

  • mikey

    its not a two way street.
    Its blatantly one sided.
    It is 100% cheating.

  • mikey

    If your a Cavs fan you have a gripe?
    1591 fouls called all season.
    22nd lowest total in NBA history.
    Every team has a gripe right?
    You are wrong double p

  • mikey

    espn picks the Cavs 10-0, then all the calls go the Cavs way. The announcers start to lie, the anylysts start to lie, the journalists always lie.
    You think espn is going to pick the Cavs 10-0 and they don’t influence the refs?
    You think espn doesn’t hang out with the refs?
    You think they don’t influence the refs?
    The Power Rankings?
    The Commericals?
    It is all interelated it all favors the team that everyone says over and over again will win, when the stats show the only difference ever is FT & PF 100% ref cheating.

  • Champ

    Dude, Mikey,
    You are embarrassing yourself. Take off the foil hat.
    If the Celtics won with the same officiating, we would be so lucky and wouldn’t be treated to your inane bantering with yourself.

  • Alex

    After the whole referee ordeal with that… what’s his face again… that corrupt ref that got caught doing cheap calls to win gambles, I truly believe there is something fishy going on with the NBA refs.

  • mikey

    I could care less.
    I’m not embarassing anything.
    The refs cheat on purpose and you blame me.
    And again your post showed no stats or facts so everything you post is useless.
    If you don’t show stats or facts don’t tell me what the refs are doing.
    They are obviously cheating.
    The numbers show that.
    Show me numbers that prove they aren’t cheating. Sorry you can’t do that.
    There aren’t any.

  • mikey

    No such thing as a foil hat when you don’t get calls for 19 out of 20 seasons.
    The numbers prove that.
    The Celtics only got favorable calls 1 season out of the last 20.
    It is supposed to be 50/50.
    It isn’t 50/50, its 95/5.
    The Celtics won with that officiating one game in 20 years, the stupid Game 2 of the 2008 Finals where they did a halftime piece on Leon Powe about being homless and he got all the calls in the game.
    That’s it.
    There aren’t any Celtics win with the same officiating.
    You’re lying about that.

  • mikey

    If you don’t show stats. Don’t respond to my posts.
    I clearly state facts to back up my statements.
    One year out of 20. ONCE. 2002-03. That’s it. Look at the numbers above.
    66 out of the last 102 playoff games the Celtics got unfavorable calls.
    That is a fact.
    It cannot be disputed.

  • mikey

    Not only that you have to look a the ref’s attitude.
    Watch how they act towards the players.
    They clearly have a chip on their shoulder.
    They act like cops when somebody gets caught doing something criminially, like they are asking for a favor.
    It isn’t supposed to be like that.
    Refs are not neutral.
    They do not call the game by the play, but by the player and by the team.
    They are cheaters.

  • mikey

    If you get more FT and less fouls than the other team you got calls.
    Whether it was rigged or not, you got calls.
    The Celtics have not gotten calls now for 19 out of 20 seasons and 36 out of 102 playoff games.
    Those are facts.
    Becuase in every one of those seasons or games, the other team got more FT & less fouls calls.
    So the Celtics do not get calls.
    That is a fact, backed up by statistics.

  • mikey

    66 out of 102 playoff games not gotten calls, correction.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Mikey you are a complete idiot. You post numbers stating the Celtics took a low amount of foul shots with respect to the rest of the league in the last 20 seasons, and that is supposed to uncover this giant plot the Refs and the league and ESPN and it’s specialists, and announcers all have against the Celtics?
    What about the fact that the celtics teams of the past 20 years SUCKED… You prove absolutely ZERO with your so called “facts” except that you are a strange dude who talks way to much. What about the year we won the championship? Were the refs out to get us that year as well? They decide after 20 years of plotting against this team that they would “let” us win one championship? Or maybe the fact that we brought in good players who came together and played well as a team, unlike the past 20 years of celtic history? You seriously need to stop posting because you are a fool

  • I don’t want to take sides here, mostly because I don’t believe the refs have an agenda consciously in games, but they may subconsciously call more one sided. I just wanted to point out that the picture up top of this post is a blatant offensive foul that wasn’t called.
    Talk amongst yourselves.

  • Mike Munger-Return to the Rafters

    Tim Donaghy. And he’s the reason Stern is so scared of people calling out the officials so much. Donaghy gains credibility each game you see Lebron get away with murder.

  • mikey

    You’re wrong. again.
    Not a low amount of fouls shots with respect to the rest of the league.
    A less amount of foul shots compared to their OPPONENT!!!
    Don’t you get it yet??
    It isn’t supposed to uncover any plot, but you are just as willing to side with the cheaters as anyone else.
    The Celtics teams of the past 20 years haven’t sucked. They have had 9 winning seasons over .500 1 championship, and another ECF appearence. They didn’t suck the past 20 years. Again you are wrong.
    In 2007-08 when the Celtics won the championship the first 6 GAMES AGAINST THE HAWKS, The Hawks shot more free throws and were called for less fouls EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!
    Even in 2007-08 the Celtics were called 1864 fouls while their opponents were called for only 1818 fouls. Even with 66 wins they still didn’t get calls that year. The Celtics opponents in 2007-08 STILL Got less personal fouls called against them.
    Everything you post double p is a lie.
    Besides that, the only reason you post is to side with the cheaters.
    You’re a fool and a liar.
    You are wrong.
    Wake up.

  • DRJ

    You are right that the refs suck most of the time, and for both teams. But in Game 1, they screwed the Celtics more than they did the Cavs. It was obvious. If you TRULY don’t think so… you need to look with better eyes than that.
    But for the sake of argument only, let’s suppose for a moment that they ARE bad all around, and everyone suffers equally. WHY would you want to watch a sport so out of touch with reality? Where the refs randomly determine game outcomes, as opposed to the players and coaches? How is this a viable sport?

  • Mikey

    Its not with respect to the rest of the league.
    Don’t you see how you’re a liar?
    You try and change everything I post, when everything I post is pure fact with 100% real stats.
    No matter what I post, you comeback with some garbage that COMPLETELY LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING I POSTED.
    Face it, the refs cheat against the Celtics and for the Cavs.
    This year in 2009-10 the Cavs were only called for 1591 fouls, the 22nd lowest total in NBA history.
    The Celtics have never been called for less than 1646 fouls in a season for the PAST 65 YEARS!!!!
    And you are supposed to believe that the 2009-10 Cavs team fouled less than EVERY OTHER CELTICS TEAM IN THEIR FRANCHISE HISTORY.
    YOU ARE 100% A LIAR.

  • mikey

    and everybody else is scared to speak the truth.
    The refs cheat 100%, it is a fact.
    The numbers show that in the box score.
    They show that the game comes down to FT & personal foul calls and nothing else, because all the other stats are fairly similiar.

  • Mikey

    In 2007-08 the Celtics STILL got called for more personal fouls than their opponent. Even with 66 wins.
    Those are Celtics games only.
    All 82 Boston Celtics games.
    Get your facts straight.
    I’m tired of you’re lying cheating garbage.

  • mikey

    They do take sides.
    The numbers prove that.

  • mikey

    I’m sick and tired of people like Double P who are on every board, answering with smartass comebacks and state nothing but lies, everytime someone brings up the fact that the refs blatantly cheat.
    They lie on every post, and never show any stats.
    The numbers show the Celtics got heavily cheated in Game 1 against the Cavs.
    All the other numbers in the game were even, except for the lopsided amount of FT & PF which were 100% rigged calls by a cheating league.

  • Dude, you have to learn to interpret numbers, or I should say know what not to read into numbers. All those numbers prove is the number of fouls called. Not how they were called, who won, which team was being more aggressive, which calls were bad or good. One thing that those numbers do not, and I should say CAN NOT, prove is intent to take sides by the refs who worked those games. I admire your determination and your love for the C’s, but your method is most definitely if not incorrect, faulty.

  • DRJ

    And there’s something else we forget when it comes to the refs. Sure, they screw up in almost every game, and it’s basically true that over the course of a whole SEASON, the screwups about even out. But when it comes to INDIVIDUAL games, they almost NEVER even out. The refs’ miscalls skew each game in one direction or another. That’s a fact. In Game 1, they clearly skewed it in favor of Cleveland.
    The question is: How will the refs impact the remaining games in this series? If it evens out, then fine, that’s the way the ball bounces. But if they skew the remaining games in the Cavs’ direction too, well then, we should admit there’s a serious problem there, and realize that continuing to invest in the sham is insane.

  • mikey

    You’re wrong.
    Its not a method.
    It is straight up facts.
    19 out of 20 seasons with unfavorable calls proves that the Celtics have been cheated for 20 years.
    19 out of 20 is 95%
    95% of the time the Celtics opponents get less fouls and more free throws.
    8 ouf ot 20 season is realistic.
    3 out of 20 seasons would look suspicious.
    1 out of 20 seasons is 100% impossible.
    There is no “I have to interpret numbers” The numbers interpret themselves.
    The numbers show that only 5% of the time during the regular season will the Celtics get called for less personal fouls over the course of an 82 game season.
    How they were called, who won, which team was more aggresive and which calls were bad or good mean nothing.
    The Celtics had 9 winning seasons out of those 20, 1 title.
    No way they only get 1 season with less personal fouls than their opponents over 82 games. No way.
    And the “being aggressive line” is garbage.
    Was Mo Williams aggressive last night when Tony Allen got called for a BS T, and put Mo on the line? Was Mo aggressive by getting to the line?
    Who was aggresive on the fake Rondo charge, was it Rondo going towards the basket?
    Of course it was. Who got the foul called on them? Rondo, but I thought he was being aggressive wasn’t he?
    When a jump shooter gets fouled like has happened many many times for the Cavs this season, and Parker or West are taking a 25 ft 3 pointer, but they get to go to the FT line. Are they being aggressive?
    By taking jumps shots 25 feet from the basket.
    You think that is aggressive?
    Refs are cheaters admit it, stop lying.

  • mikey

    Who knows.
    I am putting the mute button on and watching the stupid game, unless I decide to go out instead.
    I have no idea what will happen.
    All I know is the calls are decided by who has what foul number on them.
    If Jamison has 1 quick foul, he will NOT get called on the next questionable play, no matter what happens, if Garnett has 1 quick foul he WILL get called for a quick foul so they can take Garnett out of the game.
    After the Celtics 1st half, everyone on every message board was saying the refs were cheating for the Cavs. Kenny Smith was almost laughing at Charles Barkley because it was clear the Celtics ARE the better team. Then Mo hits 4 shots in a row, and all of a sudden the Celtics are old and it is going to be a sweep.
    That is how reliant some people are on the officiating. How does that change so quickly? Celtics dominate the entire 1st half, Mo hits 4 shots and its a tie game?
    Only the refs can do that. People’s minds changed in what 3 minutes? How can that happen. Only the cheating refs can brainwash people like that.
    There is no investment with me in this league. I will never give them $1.
    I do this for people who do not know what is going on, and I am tired of the cheating.
    BTW Good job DRJ1

  • Double P Reppin the B

    It’s called being a fan. Get a life man, if you have such a problem with the refs why are you wasting your time bitching about it all the time and stop watching the fucking games. Your a joke. I don’t care about some bullshit numbers you pull out of your ass I come here to talk basketball and root for my team not to bitch about the god damn refs when we lose. Just shut up and go somewhere else with your garbage.

  • Joseph

    Enough with the referee bitching. Face it, the Suckdics are just NOT as good the Cavs. Get ready to get swept.

  • mikey

    What’s called being a fan?
    Are you saying you’re a fan, and I’m not?
    What is the difference?
    At least I give stats.
    You keep saying get a life, but that is ok for you to say, but once I say it its wrong right?
    And now Double P starts cursing heavily.
    Well where are the mods to tell them to stop cursing?
    Don’t tell me not to watch the games.
    And regardless of whether I watch or not, the outcome is still going to be exactly the same, but you want to blame me right?
    The numbers are not pulled out of nowhere, they are all 100% FACTS in very important statistical areas.
    How many times now had Double P responded to my posts? Over and over again, because they just want to keep people brainwashed.
    How about you go somewhere else. Because you are the one with the garbage.
    At least I give stats.
    The stats cannot be disputed either way.

  • mikey

    go to yahoo.
    The Celtics aren’t as good as the Cavs?
    Tell me here where the numbers are different?
    Celtics Cavs
    36-81 38-78 FG
    4-16 4-12 3PT
    17-21 21-31 FT
    41 41 Rebounds
    20 18 Assists
    25 17 Fouls
    16 10 Turnovers.
    Those are all even numbers. The only difference in the game is the 7 or 8 ridiculous calls that went in the Cavs favor. Otherwise the Celtics would have had an advantage in every major statistic.
    The only difference is the cheating by the refs.

  • Dude, look up the correlation between ice cream sales and violent crimes. (This is 6th grade stuff here). The numbers prove that as more people eat ice cream, more violent crimes are committed. Not actually because of ice cream, but because when it’s hot people eat more ice cream AND are more likely to commit violent crimes. I understand this is not analogous to your “use” of numbers, but it proves the point that number alone are misleading.
    Sorry, where did you get these numbers? I’d like to check em out myself.

  • mikey

    Nobody is talking about ice cream or crimes.
    That is crazy stuff.
    Stick to basketball.
    All the stats are 100% accurate and correct.
    Just go to any site that shows regular & playoff stats for nba teams.
    Some numbers are misleading.
    These numbers are not misleading.
    They tell the true story.