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Enemy Chatter: Celtics have an alpha dog crisis


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters
and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics.
Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Cleveland.

-You know what the difference down the stretch was? Rajon Rondo isn’t
the most experienced player on the Celtics. He’s not their locker room
leader. He played the smallest role of anyone in the “big four” in
Boston’s 2008 title run. He’s the least complete offensive player of the
Celtics’ top players. He’s also, by a wide margin, their best offensive
option against the Cavaliers. Down the stretch, all those cliches about
what separates fourth-quarter baskets from first quarter-baskets
clouded the Celtics’ thinking down the stretch. They’re having an alpha
dog crisis. If they figure it out, they have a great chance of taking
this series. If they don’t, they’ll be doing the Cavs a huge favor.
Fortunately for Cavalier fans, the Cavs are not having an alpha dog

-Man, I’m glad Rasheed Wallace plays for the Celtics.

Fear the Sword

This Cavs blogger is right on the money. Last night in the final 4:30, after making 1-2 FTs and the Celtics trailing 92-91, Rondo did not attempt another FG attempt.

So why is Rondo deferring too much? It could be a
combination of things. Maybe Rondo is lacking confidence. Or the other
guys are demanding the ball. I get that Rondo's primary job is to distribute the ball, but on nights like last night, when he's the team's best offensive weapon, he needs to shoot the ball.

Doc can solve this problem by drawing up plays for Rondo in the final two minutes of a game and ordering the other guys to get the hell out of the way and be ready for the pass.

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  • King James

    Sounds like the celtics. Play good for 2 quarters and then fall apart in the 3rd lol

  • SorryMan

    I have a question– If the Celtics won the championship, could you guys actually see Rondo being the Finals MVP, or do you think Pierce would get it again despite the high play of Rondo?

  • I don’t see why Rondo couldn’t get it. Tony Parker got in in 2007 even though Duncan was/is the face of that franchise.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Good question and I really think that it all comes down to how each person plays. Pierce flat out deserved the MVP that year IMO. He had some dramatic moments and crucial play throughout the playoffs and in that series that led us to the championship. If rondo keeps up his play and we happen to win it all I can see him getting it, but you could make a case for KG and Ray as well if they play well so who knows.

  • mikey

    Rondo, Davis, Pierce all in foul trouble because of rigged calls.
    That explains their lack of aggressiveness in the 4th, they didn’t want to pick up fouls, they never committed in the first place.
    100% cheating.

  • King James Is Da Best

    lmao who would be the finals mvp? u aren’t gonna win a championship in the first place goof ass celtic fans hahahaha personally guarantee that

  • mikey

    You’re a liar go find another website.

  • DRJ

    In the post just before this one, John questioned whether Rondo should have involved the Big 3 more in the 2nd half. Here you seem to be questioning why he tried too hard to involve his teammates. Seems poor Rondo can’t win no matter what he does.
    I think he played a great game. The letdown came from his teammates in the last 1.5 quarters… they just disappeared, in part due to the non-stop biased whistle-blowing of the refs. I only hope that Rondo continues to play at exactly this high level in every game from now on. The others won’t screw up like that very often (hopefully).

  • mikey

    It is such a lie, when these idiots talk about Pierce or Ray not having a good game.
    Look at Jamison & Parker, a combined 3-9 in 61 minutes of game time for only 9 points and 1 total assist. That is 2 players out of the Cavs starting five.
    But you won’t see that on espn, and if you post that on the espn boards they will cancel your membership.
    Antawn Jamison & Anthony Parker 3-9 9 points 1 total assist in 61 total minutes.
    Straight garbage.

  • mikey

    Antawn Jamison & Anthony Parker 3-9 9 points 1 total assist in 61 total minutes.
    You will never see that stat on sportscenter.
    It will never be printed in any article or on any website, even though it is a fact.
    They want to talk about all the baskets the Cavs made and all the baskets the Celtics missed. And none of the baskets the Cavs missed or the Celtics made meant anything, because they simply screen all those plays out, and report the media completely 1 sided.
    Go ahead. Go read articles and comments on Game 1. See how many people give you Jamison’s or Parker’s stat line. Nobody. I’m the only person to give their stat line. Becuase both of their stat lines were garbage and much worse than any Celtics starter. But the media doesn’t want you to see it. They only focus on the “made” baskets by the Cavs and the “misses” by the Celtics.
    The media is heavily 1 sided.
    The refs are heavily 1 sided.
    Most of the webistes are heavily 1 sided.
    The league office is heavily 1 sided.

  • larry

    mikey, you are exactly correct, the cav’s can hide guys like parker and jamison..because they have the chosen one, we can’t hide pp..i think doc thinks he owes it to peirce to got to him repeatedly down the stretch..don’t know why, cause he’s killing us.!!unfortunalely i think our best chance to win was game 1..rondo is our best player.!!


    I think Shaq throwing Rondo to the ground sent a message to him. It takes Rondo a few minutes maybe even a quarter to get aggressive again after he takes hard fouls.
    ps: excellent job of staying on topic. Who gives a shit who the finals MVP is

  • Rondo is not guilty

    Thanks DRJ for noting that…
    I was stunned by the first article about Rondo not involving the Big 3 enough and now I’m totally flabbergasted by this article asking why Rondo is deferring too much…
    You guys got to be kidding me!! Pierce goes cold and all they see is Rondo this Rondo that..!! WOW!! Everybody makes mistakes but please for this game at least leave Rajon alone and find your culprit somewhere else for once… Jeez!!!