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Your Morning Dump… Where the reward is the trophy

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“It’s the playoffs, man,” KG said, still not raising his voice.
“Whatever’s not important goes out the window. I think everybody starts
to focus in a little more. It’s all about winning. Through the course of
the year, different things emerge to the top of the team and things
sweep in, and there’s trades and chemistry and there’s different
dimensions that can crack a team or damage a team.

When it comes down to playoffs, all of that is settled and it’s
almost like it’s fresh and new.”

Garnett was asked if the playoffs are the reward for getting through
the arduous regular season.

“The reward is the trophy,” he said. “Let’s not kid ourselves.”

Herald: KG plays it cool, serves it hot

Why is this kicking off the Dump?  Because I love that quote. 

"The reward is the trophy… Let's not kid ourselves"

It gets me pumped.

So do things like Charles Barkley on national TV saying "If I had any guts at all, I'd say Cleveland will sweep 'em."  Join the club, ChuckWagon.  But I'm telling you, it's not going to be that easy.  Don't believe the media hype.

On Page 2, Doc compares LeBron to Magic.

“He’s a bullet passer,” Rivers said on Thursday, two days before Game
1. “He’s the only guy I know of like Magic. The ’steam’ bullet passes.
He throws cross-court passes that are 100 miles an hour and it’s tough
to react to.

“We showed the guys that on film and if you’re not down in your
stance and you’re standing straight up on the weakside and he makes that
pass, there’s no way you’re going to get out to that shooter.”

Rivers tried his best to get his team ready but admitted it’s next to

“We worked on that [Thursday] and there’s nobody on our team that can
throw that pass so the work didn’t look as good. We kept getting out to
the shooter and I said, ‘Yeah, we’re throwing softballs.’

He’s a great passer. In some ways, I think he wants to pass

WEEI: The Magic of LeBron

LeBron might be a douche that believes his own hype (see how I continued the theme there?) but he's a ridiculous talent.  A once in a generation type of player.  And his passing is probably the most dangerous aspect of it. 

So much of defending LeBron and his passing is preparation and anticipation.  You have to find tendencies.  You have to find a way to cut off his path to the hoop and then you have to know that Cavs offense so intimately, that your starting to move towards those shooters almost before LeBron is making the pass. 

And this is why a playoff series is so different than the regular season.  If this thing goes 7, the Celtics will send two weeks focusing on nothing but the Cleveland Cavaliers.  In the regular season, they would be focusing on what… 7 or 8 different teams over that same span? 

So when you hear the playoffs are different, that's a huge reason why.  You have a TON more time to prepare and break the opponent down.  Coaching staffs earn their money in the playoffs.  Spotting that one tendency in film can be the difference in a tight series.

That's how intricate it gets.  And that's they type of preparation the C's need to slow LeBron down and turn him into little more than a jump shooter.  If they can do that, then they'll have a better chance.

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  • mikey


  • 5 things we already know:
    * Lebron is going to average a triple double.
    * CLV’s bench is deeper than any other team in the playoffs.
    * CLV plays very well at home.
    * These teams don’t like each other and the play will get chippy.
    * The refs will side with LBJ more than anyone else– yes, worse so than D-Wade.
    My 4 keys to winning the series:
    *Rondo needs to control the tempo. Whether we are pushing the ball or in a half-court set, it is going to be so crucial for Rondo to make the right decisions. When to play in transition, when to settle. I can’t stress this enough: the entire series could be hinged upon this series of decisions. While it’s scary, at least we all know how important it is to the ebb and flow of team confidence and to the overall feel of the game.
    * Make the Cavs’ big men work. Put them on the line, bump their bodies, and when fouling, foul them hard. No easy baskets for Shaq, Antawn Jamison, Varejao, Big Z, JJ Hickson, or even dare I say Leon Powe. That is a long list of worthy big men. **SIGHT**
    * Get Ray Ray started early. Anthony Parker doesn’t have the legs the stay with Ray all night. Get Ray going. Get Ray going. Get Ray going. If the Cavs stick Delonte West on him, then keep running him through double screens: he’s not strong enough to fight through them.
    * Here might be the most important coaching strategy to employ against the Cavs: force the Cavs to play a sloppy game. Make the Cavs play uncomfortable basketball. I have used this block quote in two other posts during these playoffs, and damn it to hell I’ll use it again: “The Celtics are not a finesse team: they won’t execute well on every possession (evident by all of the turnovers). But if the Celtics can continue to play upbeat, scrappy, gritty basketball then they will hopefully bring their opponents down to their level. If the Celtics can force other teams to play in this kind of tempo, then they will beat better teams: such as the Cavs, Magic, or Hawks. All three of those teams are better than the Celtics, but if the good guys can force others to play at their level… then we’ve got a chance at this.” If the Celtics can get the Cavs to play a sloppy game, the Celtics can win this thing. The Celtics may have a win that was just smooth and easy going, but as we’ve seen, this is just more of a gutsy team that will rely on energy and hustle.

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    Great Public Enemy reference Redsarmy. “Yo Chuck they must be on the pipe right?” lends itself so easily on the espn/tnt predictions.


    There is NOT one position that the Suckdics have an advantage over Cleveland. They are going to beat you guys.

  • Thank you… I love me some PE. That’s a good cal on the lyric

  • Mikey

    and stop saying you guys, get another line.