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Here’s an unheralded Rajon Rondo stat

I looked this up just because of the comments in the last post noticing his improved free throw shooting.

Rajon shot 15-18 from the line in the first round of the playoffs.  That equals 83.3%.

It is a very… VERY… small sample size.  I get it.

But it continues the trend.  Remember when we freaked out over him shooting 38% to start the season?  He finished at 62%.

Just sayin'.

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  • DRJ

    Yes… he improved month after month, and that’s a huge for this team.
    Now… if only friggin PERKINS would learn to shoot the damn free throw! Oh, and also learn how not to dance without dribbling, shoot without gathering, pick without fouling… we’d be golden. (Very frustrated with Perk, in case you couldn’t tell……)

  • Like i’ve said before, If Rondo develops to be a legit outside threat he becomes a top 10 player at any position in this league.

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    Perk is regressing on offense no question. He looked better than ever at the start of the season but has slipped ever since. Except for free throws, he has always sucked there.
    Isn’t he due for a contract soon?


    Here’s hoping no one else notices and keep thinking he’s shite…

  • Bill

    He has a nagging injury no one knows about, he couldn’t have done so well and show so much potential and go downhill since without something being wrong.

  • It was quite obvious it would get better this year after the worst possible start at the line, everyone kept preaching it would, mostly due to change of mechanics…and right now its very much improved….props to rajon