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3 Keys to the Cavs series

My boy Rey from The No Look Pass asked me a few questions about the upcoming C's-Cavs series.  In my responses were my 3 keys to the C's winning:

1: Keep them off the boards. If Varejao is
flying in and getting second chance buckets, forget it.

2: Make LeBron a jump shooter: This is going to
take some great help defense and very crisp rotations. It’s one thing
to stop LBJ from getting to the hoop. You can clog the lane all you
want… but he’s a really good passer. If they can rotate over and cut
off all of his other options, then he’ll just have to settle for
jumpers. I don’t care if he drops 35 doing that… it means he’s not
getting to the rim and he’s not setting up his teammates.

3: Share the ball. The Celtics are at their best
when the ball is being worked around. They’re not a pick-and-roll
team… they’re a motion offense. But every once in a while they get a
little isolation/pick and roll happy. That’s not their game. If they
do that, a bunch of guys are standing around… and that carries over to
the defensive end. They’ve got to keep things moving.

That was one of 5 questions I was asked, so head on over to check the whole thing out.  It includes a bit of smack talk in the final answer. 

If you want things from a Cleveland perspective, he's got a similar Q&A with Glenn Moore of the Dugout Sports Show and Scott from Waiting For Next Year

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  • Mike Munger-Return to the Rafters

    You forgot the most important member of the Cavs…the officiating. The refs are basically wearing Cavs jerseys anyways.

  • Mikey

    We know