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Your Morning Dump… Where Quisy might get the call

Marquis lebron

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“We don’t need them all, but we need a couple in every series,”
Rivers said. “This is a series we may need Marquis because of LeBron
(James). He’s done decent against him.”

Before Daniels tore ligaments in his left thumb, requiring surgery in
December, he was indispensable off the pine. That was evident in the
season opener in Cleveland six months ago when the subs saved the day,
and Daniels led the way with a plus-11.

Now he’s hoping for a similar opportunity.

“He told me to be ready for it,” Daniels said of Rivers. “I’ve just
been trying to stay upbeat and positive about whatever goes on, so
whenever my name’s called or my number’s called, I’ll be ready.”

Herald: Marquis Daniels may lock on LeBron James

This is a typical Doc Rivers move:  DNP, Garbage Time, DNP, DNP, DNP, Check the best player on the planet.

But Marquis has good length and might be the best guy off the bench to bother LeBron… at least to some degree.  So get ready, Quisy… now's your time to shine. 

Could it be that this series will hinge on our two key bench acquisitions that have turned out to be huge disappointments this season?  Rasheed Wallace and Marquis Daniels might be the guys that swing this series… only because this series is going to come down to just a few plays in each game. 

I have more confidence in Quisy, though.  I think he just ended up lost because of all the time he missed.  But with a chance to focus on one team and one role, he might do well.

Sheed… I keep saying he's going to surprise us this series, but I'll be honest, I'm wearing these as I say that.

On Page 2… The D is still not quite there yet

“Up and down,” the C’s coach said of his team’s consistency in
getting a stop. “The first two games, I thought it was the old Celtics.
It was absolutely wonderful to see. I was upset after Game 3 and we won,
but I kept saying we can’t keep doing that again, and we did it again
and lost Game 4.

“If you rate (Game 5), for 3 quarters we were absolutely great again
defensively,” said Rivers. “So we’re getting there. We’re really close,
and you can see it defensively. That’s who we have to be, though.”

Herald: Doc Rivers still pressing 'D'

Yeah, the Celtics let up a bit, which is still going to be a problem against a team like Cleveland.  That line up is a bit different than Miami's.  Mo Williams is a little better than Carlos Arroyo.  Antawn Jamison is a little better than Quentin Richardson.  You can't miss rotations on those guys and expect not to pay. 

So let's not get blinded by how much Miami's supporting cast sucked.  The C's still have to tighten things up against the Cavs to win this series.  

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  • Mauritz

    Claiming Cleveland is better than Miami? I think you’re going out on a limb there John…

  • MK

    Typical Doc move? Yes, but it’s worked before. Eddie House was useless in the first round in 2008 and he ended up being huge for us. Wouldn’t shock me at all if Quis comes in and makes a huge contribution, he’s too talented to write him off.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Mo Williams is a little better than Arroyo????
    Antawn Jamison is a little better than Richardson???
    I’d say they are a whole lot more than a little better. I don’t know if anyone realized last series but Miami litterally has NO ONE other than Dwyane Wade that can score effectively. The cavs have a crew of players that are going to score, the Celtic Defense has to be a lot better than it was last series.
    Miami was probably the worst team in the playoffs, I think the Bobcats, Bulls, and maybe the Bucks were a better TEAM and your overemphasizing what we did to a horrible ONE MAN SHOW who coasted into the 5th seed with an absolutely easy schedule to end the season and some injuries to key players on other teams that let them get there.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    maybe that was sarcasm in your post that I didn’t pick up on… haha not sure I just couldn’t believe what I was reading for a second there

  • greenbeand

    watching the jazz and nugs last night everyone on denvers bench had their face covered like someone shit themselves, even dantley was gagging for a few min’s.. funny shit

  • Yeah, that was sarcasm.

  • Joseph

    Marquis Daniels guarding Lebron?? I’m sorry, did a major cloud of pot just cover the city of Boston?

  • mikey

    “The cavs have a crew of players that are going to score”
    Yeah about 1 bucket each, lots of 2-11 & 1-8 that’s for sure.
    Miami wasn’t the worst team in the playoffs. They won 12 of their last 13 games. When the Cavs do that though and go 12-1 during the regular season they are god right? But when the Heat do it, they stink, right?
    “ONE MAN SHOW who coasted into the seed with an absolutely easy schedule to end the season and some injuries to key players on other teams that let them get there”
    Again what team are we talking about. Cavs right?
    That is what it sounds like to me.

  • mikey

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