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LeBron’s boo boo: Elbow strain/bone bruise

Via Chris Forsberg

Now his unexplained boo boo is explained.  Done.  Moving on.

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  • DRJ

    Maybe. Maybe not. Strain/bruise doesn’t explain the numbness he was reporting. Could be (actually, it almost certainly involves) some nerve damage, either in the area of the elbow, or, more remotely, in the neck area (brachial plexus). I.e., anything’s possible 🙂

  • Middle finger extended

    sign me as some unknown free agent… put me in the game for a couple of seconds so i can drop kick Lebron’s elbow… series over… Celts advance

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    You’re probably right here DRJ, pinched nerve seems likely. However, where your diagnosis runs astray is the effected area. Based on years of watching lebitch flop and wince everytime a pont guard brushes against him, I believe he clearly has a pinched Vagina nerve. I’m certain Mike Brown has already summoned a team of OBGYN’s and vetranarians to aid lebitch’s recovery.

  • DRJ



    I just think we send BBD his way and I mean straight at him, then hack the bastard as he comes down the lane.
    They’re dog poos without him…
    Also like Bill Simmons idea – sing ‘New York New York’ in the home games – genius!!!