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How dare a commoner approach The King?

Here's a little something to highlight what a self-centered douche he's become… and to stoke the fires a little bit as we get to Game 1. 

What the hell did the ball boy do?  LeBron knew he was there.

Douche move.

Thanks KWAPT for the video

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  • Rush

    yup. the boy was right there asking/trying to get his warmups and he kept on dropping/throwing them away from the kid. what a fcuking douche.

  • Mauritz

    Douche move to say the least. LeBron is an awesome player but turning less likable for each passing day.

  • rodger

    I dont know where he got the knickname king james but in my book it will always be cry baby cry lebron make your mother sigh.

  • DB

    I always call him Queen James or LeCrab. LOL

  • Sal

    Or maybe he knows the kid and he’s messing with him.
    …Goddammit Red’s Army, don’t turn me into a LeBron apologist now.

  • Spiraea

    I saw this clip the other day and if he was messing with the ball boy, I would think he would have been smiling or laughing or something. To me, it was an whole act of “You’re nothing, I’m everything”. Very king-commoner as the topic title says. I’ve never really hated on anything Lebron’s done but lately, yeah he’s looking very much like an asshat with every passing day.

  • Jeff


  • droopdog7

    In lebron’s defense, it would feel weird to me to disrobe and hand my clothes to a male. I know he still had clothes on and I am not sure of the proper etiquette. Like I said, it would feel weird to me.

  • larry

    hhmm…i actually hate him more than kobe.!!never thought i’d say that.!!

  • unstoppable423

    lebron is SO much more cocky than Kobe, i don’t c HOW people didn’t see that, and look at how he acts in this video…. pathetic, can’t believe i’m acctually gonna cheer for the Celtics :S but DAMN i want you guys to beat his ass

  • Well I’m going to ask a couple of logical questions – How do we know Lebron is expressing his superiority here and not just screwing around (as he is prone to do)?
    I know it is easier to just hate him (intellectual laziness) and not consider the fact you’re judging someone YOU DON’T KNOW based on a minute’s worth of video, but sheesh…
    Don’t make it easy to not like the Celtics.

  • CFH

    But would you deal with that weirdness by deliberately throwing the clothing away from the outstretched hand of the man/boy whose job it is to pick it up?
    When is it ever proper etiquette to go out of your way make someone’s job harder or to not acknowledge someone?

  • I think we’re investing too much of ourselves into players’ personalities. So what if he’s a douche? So’s Kobe (who’s the bigger douche is a debate for another time). If I made hundreds of millions of dollars and was followed around every day by fans, I’d probably be a douche, as much as I hate to admit it. The reason we watch them is because they are absolutely RIDICULOUS at basketball, not because they’re nice guys. NBA Cares, but only about gettin’ paid.

  • CFH

    A. Actually, I don’t like to hate LeBron. I prefer to save all my hate for the Lakers.
    B. When LeBron is screwing around, dancing and taking fake pictures and swiping a fan’s french fry, usually there’s a signal (smile, laugh, disarming gesture) that this is a joke. He’s not smiling here. The kid isn’t smiling. That he’s being a jerk is a pretty logical conclusion based upon the evidence before us.
    C. How come it’s wrong to judge a minute’s worth of someone’s behavior on a minute’s worth of video, but it’s OK for you to attribute the opinions of people you don’t know to intellectual laziness?
    D. This video has been making the rounds, and lots of non-Celtic non-Cav fans have made similar comments. So, the playing field is nice and level… it’s now easy not to like all the teams except the Cavs!

  • Mr West

    im actually starting to like Kobe better as a person n baller than LBJ…moves like this, and the whole” I can be scoring champ if I really, really, want” is killing his rep

  • A. I understand – I don’t care for the Lakers or the Cavs, myself.
    B. It sounds like you’ve studied the man quite a bit, but I don’t think any human being acts consistently in every situation. Dead pan delivery is still funny. Until I hear Lebron say, “Yeah, I wasn’t in a good mood. Sorry about that,” I’ll reserve opinion.
    C. Turnabout is fair play. Maybe my point will be made clearer…
    D. I think you misused the “level playing field” phrase here, but I understand your point. I don’t think it changes anything though.

  • Uncle Leo

    Why was the ball boy even there as he was undressing? Don’t they usually just throw their shit on the floor and someone picks it up later?

  • There’s no excuse and no way to justify this. He simply goes out of his way to make it hard for the ballboy to do his job. At first I thought, ok, he’s in Chicago, but really-the ballboys are kids-it’s not like he feels threatened by them. The one thing I do try to remember is that Lebron is really still a kid too-if someone threw 100’s of millions of bucks at me when I had 1st come out of high-school, I’d be pretty arrogant too. Thank God for KD. He’s the one guy out of all of these young superstars that has some class and humility. And I’m sure alot of that comes w/being raised well. But that’s another topic for another blogpost.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I gotta disagree here. Lebron most likely was messing with the kid, and I actually read in another blog where this video was up that a Ball boy had commented saying this happens about 50 times a game and usually it’s the players messing with the kids and it is not a big deal.
    I really can’t think of one thing Lebron has done in his career that would make me, or any other fan of the league dislike him as a person. He always handles himself well in interviews and seems very polite and honest. I might be in the minority here but I happen to think Lebron is one of the true good superstars we have in professional sports. Unlike Kobe who is a complete and utter douchebag and picks on his teamates and rapes women and just plain conducts himself in an extremely arrogant manner in interviews and all the time. Kobe makes it hard to like these guys but Lebron on the contrary makes it hard not to like him IMO.

  • jared

    Effing DOUCHE!!! Ultra Douche! King DOUCHE!!!

  • Dead Auerbach

    A Small Quierce fag having the nerve to call someone eles a “douchebag”? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA at your logic. Fuckin Celdick fans are a joke. An unfunny joke at that.

  • CFH

    A. Good taste.
    B. If you’re going to watch the NBA, how can you avoid seeing a lot of him? Deadpan humor, like other humor, isn’t funny if it’s based in someone strong humiliating someone weak who isn’t in on the joke. Of course I don’t actually know either of these people, but I and many others got the impression (from video put out there for our consumption) that LeBron was being a jerk. You have the right to reserve opinion… I have the right to form an opinion and comment.
    C. OK. But two wrongs don’t make a right is also a good cliche.
    D. OK, poor choice of words. But I’m still not sure how Celtics fans picking on LeBron for this makes it easy not to like the Celtics when fans of 28 other teams are saying the same thing. Isn’t it easy not to like 29 teams in that case?

  • Jon with no H

    he’s old enough to know better

  • Mikey

    dude the guy is an idiot.

  • Mikey

    go log in to craglist.
    Her name is Chaci.
    Tranny dude with a package.
    Right up your alley.

  • Jeff

    Has anyone else seen this yet?

  • Mikey

    no thanks