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Doc to Sheed: get your ass in the post

RedsArmyAdmin April 29, 2010 Uncategorized Comments Off on Doc to Sheed: get your ass in the post

Ok… I'm paraphrasing there.  But on Dennis & Callahan today, Doc pointed out what he wants from Sheed:

“Three things: He has to be better defensively for us, especially vs. the pick and roll. Offensively he has to be a low-post presence. And then he does have to knock down a couple of shots, because that will spread their defense.”

So notice Doc didn't say Sheed should completely STOP taking 3's.  He's just publicly telling him to get in the post first… and THEN pop out and take some shots.

This is where Sheed can wipe the slate clean.  It looks like Doc is still going to go with him.

May God have mercy on our souls.

By the way… Sheed was an obvious topic of discussion on last night's Boston & That Sports Babe with Need For Sheed's Natalie Sitto.  Check out the show… and listen to her talk about how Sheed hates her, and how Brian Scalabrine stretches provocatively before games.   Sorry for that mental image.

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