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Cleveland Pretends They Have Some Semblance of History

It's always fun when a franchise, which has been virtually irrelevant for the majority of its existence, finally has a few years in the spotlight.

It's an interesting dilemma, for sure.  Do we ignore our embarrassing, virtually non-existent past, or do we pretend that we've been here all along?

Well, the folks over at have made their choice, and it's perplexing to say the least.

They are currently running a "Boston Celtics most hated player of all time? Poll" with an odd mix of current and past Celtics.

Here's the current count:

Total Votes: 1,710

Two of the three mentioned "heated" moments in our team's rivalry happened this year.  The other, 2004.

It was Glen "Big Baby" Davis who not only cracked Shaq's thumb
while going trying to slap the ball back in February, but Davis also
tried to twist Shaq's injured thumb.

During a preseason game in 2004, Paul Pierce became some upset with
the Cleveland Cavaliers that he spit toward their bench. After the
game, there was a scrum of sorts between several Cavs and Celtics in
the hallway leading to the locker room.

Six technical fouls were handed out between the Celtics and Cavaliers earlier this month. LeBron James got one and was spared
another when he lingered in the Celtics’ huddle during a timeout to
exchange words with Tony Allen.

I love, "LeBron James got one and was spared another…." as if the NBA would ever allow King James to be ejected from a game.

It's clear that Cleveland is doing whatever it can to manufacture some rage, but if you're going to run a poll like this, and you're unwilling to put some thought into it, wouldn't it make more sense to just focus on the current squad?

I have cans of soup that have been around longer than any "history" between the C's and Cavs.  Let's not pretend otherwise.

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  • larry

    what reason are they going to use this year when they don’t win a title.?they have to win a title this year or it’s a bust.there is no history in cleveland.!!wait, there is one..a losing one.!!they had there best chance last year…they better not let the c’s steal game one..

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    You could have done the same Redsarmy, but it would have been difficult for anyone outside of Cleveland to remember who played for them three years ago.

  • Joseph

    I think its funny how you’re talking sh*t about the Cavs. They are going to beat you guys.

  • I’m sure not to many nowadays Cavs fans remember that series in ’92 when they beat us in the 2nd round in a 7 game series when game 7 was a blowout, and it ended Larry Bird’s career.
    I remember it well

  • mikey


  • Mikey

    Yes the refs cheated in Game 4 when Reggie Lewis shirt got pulled.
    I always remember games when the refs cheated the Celtics.
    All 10,000+ of them.