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The worst foul call ever

This, dear friends, is the worst call in the history of basketball.  And it comes as absolutely zero shock that Joey Crawford is not only involved… but is ADAMANT about the call.

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  • CJR1285

    So terrible

  • To quote the great Tommy Heinsohn, “these guys are ree-DIC-ulous.”

  • Sal

    Is there anyone in the league who doesn’t hate Crawford? (I guess, aside from whoever’s playing the Mavericks or Spurs)

  • BRADinLA

    I hate even looking at Crawford. He looks like a giant, evil baby.

  • RAS

    Wait…You mean he isn’t a giant, evil baby?!?!

  • shahtzee

    Really? Not sure I agree with you on this one. Camby grabbed Grant Hill by the throat as he went passed the screen. You can clearly see it. Nash had nothing to do with it. I agree that Nash shouldn’t have taken those foul shots, but to say that there wasn’t a foul on the play? I disagree.
    What about when Rondo and D-Wade were on the fastbreak and Rondo dished it to Ray Ray…D-Wade ran INTO Rondo and Rondo was called for a foul because D-Wade flopped. THAT was the worst call of the playoffs.

  • Jason

    This is such a drop in the bucket. You could have 20 of these EVERY game. Times 82 games for 30 teams, that’s 50,000 ATROCIOUS calls a year. It’s unbelievable how bad these guys (and one woman) are at their jobs. And to boot, they’re major assholes. (Or 150 years old). And Stern has decreed no one is allowed to disparage them anymore. Such a pathetic, disgusting joke NBA officiating is.

  • Green8Teen

    Crawford did a Heat-Nuggets game where HE fouled Damon Jones on a fast break and called it on Billups. Unbelievable.

  • Green8Teen

    I don’t think he grabbed him by the throat. How can you can determine that from that angle? You have no idea where his hand is, only his shoulder. And if he did grab his throat, don’t you think Hill would have made some sort of gesture? If ANYTHING, it should have been a moving screen on Hill. But the correct call is a no-call.
    LET THEM PLAY! They should take away a player’s ability to complain so much, and let the game be more physical. Too many players are babies now (and that includes Pierce a lot, as much as I love him). Referee’s over-call games, and it starts to ruin them for the fans.

  • MikeintheNEnowNYC

    Guys above are right. Camby grabbed hill by throat like he was a low rent hooker on a Umass road trip.
    Wrong guy shooting but it was a foul.

  • Jason

    Holy crap. That is so bad. That is the worst ever, hands down. How have I never seen that before? Up until this point I thought it was the Maggette 6-step (, but this is beyond ridiculous.
    Like I said, they make 20 atrocious calls a game. It’s abominable.

  • Jason

    +1. He definitely is exactly that.

  • DRJ

    Worst call ever, for me, was in the 08 playoffs, Cs vs. Pistons. Pierce pump fakes Richard Hamilton in the air, Hamilton FALLS ON Paul — who somehow still manages to get his shot off, which goes in — and Salvatore calls the offensive foul on Pierce. Can’t find the video, but that was just soooo ridiculous.
    This one is worse in one way: the fact that Nash took the FTs. All other calls can be deemed “in the eyes of the beholder” — but Nash taking the FTs is clear referee error, in the same way that taking Shaq out of a game after 5 fouls was an error. And they had to play that game over, from that point. Seems to me the league has to do SOMETHING about this one too.
    These refs, and the league… they have NO credibility with fans. Why the hell we keep following the NBA… I don’t know. It’s weird.

  • Jason

    Or the refs letting the Blazers play the Cs 6 on 5 and then compounding the error by not taking the points off the board.

  • DRJ

    Oh yeah… that was a good one. I think they actually changed the rule after that one…. For sure, that was the funniest major ref screwup. I still remember Ray pointing all around going ‘what the hey….?!’ Lol… so ridiculous…..

  • Mikey

    I know I want to see that replay again, I can’t find it either.
    It was hilarious.
    The refs last attempt to push the Pistons into the finals.

  • Mikey

    The 6 on 5, as if 8 on 5 wasn’t bad enough, now its 9 on 5.