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Nate Robinson is more popular the Rajon Rondo… sort of

Jessica Camerato's got the list of the top 15 best selling jerseys.

1. Kobe Bryant, Lakers
2. LeBron James, Cavaliers
3. Kevin Garnett, Celtics
4. Derrick Rose, Bulls
5. Dwight Howard, Magic
6. Dwyane Wade, Heat
7. Chris Paul, Hornets
8. Paul Pierce, Celtics
9. Kevin Durant, Thunder
10. Carmelo Anthony, Nuggets
11. Nate Robinson, Celtics
12. David Lee, Knicks
13. Brandon Roy, Blazers
14. Pau Gasol, Lakers
15. Rajon Rondo, Celtics

It seems surprising that Nate Robinson and David Lee are more popular jerseys than Rondo… but then you realize these numbers were a total of the sales from and the NBA store in New York.  How many people in Boston bought their jersey's either at the Garden or at some other store? 

Still, Rondo at 15 shows something.  As far as team apparel goes, it's Lakers 1, Celtics 2.

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  • CFH

    But but but… nobody likes KG anymore! His jersey CAN’T be ahead of everyone but Kobe/LeBron in addition to him being voted to start in the All-Star Game when he really didn’t play that well early on, ’cause everyone HATES him!!

  • AMP

    Does Robinson’s ranking include Knicks shirts?

  • Sal

    I think I’m supposed to be impressed that Rondo’s #15, but I’m honestly stuck on Pau Gasol selling more jerseys than…anybody. Ugly as fuck, always looks like he’s about to cry (so, like a pussy version of Perkins), knack for coming up small, the whole “Chinese eyes” thing, etc. etc. Who the hell bought his jersey?

  • Excellent question. I don’t know. Probably.

  • Jason

    That’s exactly why they are Fakers. The players and the fans both.

  • I agree. But he must be kind of a hero to the Euro guys. And since the source of sale is NYC, a hot tourist spot, and online where folks overseas typically shop it kind of makes sense.
    (the pussy version of Perk is kinda funny though.. if they had that jersey I’d buy it)

  • Joseph

    Speaking of P*ssies, is Paul Pierce still crying over the hurt shoulder that cost idiot KG a game? HAHAHA.. Or does he still need that wheelchair? If there is anybody who is a p*ssy, its PIERCE. He’s a disgrace to Inglewood

  • QualityStarts

    Maybe overall the Lakers sell more jerseys but the Celtics have 4 guys in the top 15 while the Lakers only have 2.

  • Filipe

    The team lists is about every type of gear, so maybe the Celtics outsold Lakers on jerseys but LAL was ahead thanks to the other stuff or more likely Kobe and Lebron sold much more jerseys than the other guys.

  • Middle Finger Extended

    Lol my thoughts exactly!!! i thought he was the “old coot” nobody likes anymore… lo and behold in one of his most up and down seasons(even tho percentages haven’t dropped much defensively or offensively)people still go out and show support by buying his merchandise… Some “writers”(bloggers) are as bad as NBA refs…

  • Can some one tell me how the league can pay such little respect to the C’s when they hold 4 spots in the top 15 in jersey sales???
    We are making Stern a lot of money….