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Fun with photos, courtesy of Doc Funk


If you're not making Doc Funk one of your daily stops for basketball fun, then you're missing out.  The photo captions are just priceless (some of the best are NSFW).  Here's another one from Game 5… but check out the whole batch because they're priceless.

Pierce wade 

Here's Game 4 , and Game 3… and…. oh you can surf the web…. just go check it out

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  • Jason

    I don’t know exactly what this means if anything, but even as it happened I was both impressed and confused when Perk blocked that with his left hand. Not sure if most people realize this, but lefties (like David Robinson, Josh Smith) have an advantage blocking because facing a player, their left hand matches the shooter’s right hand; they don’t have to cross their bodies to contest a shot. So, when Perk was doing this I was thinking Beasley himself is a lefty, so blocking it left-handed is actually disadvantageous, yet was impressed that he seemed to realize that lefty he could block without fouling whereas righty he might have jumped into Beasley and committed a foul. All in all, considering Perk is not a high flyer, you have to give him credit for fundamentals and smarts to be one of the league’s top shot blockers and this one play I think is rather indicative of where someone else might have committed a foul, but he instead makes a great play.

  • green8teen

    That website is hilarious, I’m gonna try and start checking it daily.
    Why not enemy chatter today? That’s usually my favorite post of the day.

  • Ahhh… cuz Chuck is away today and he usually does it.
    I’ll have to see if I can put something together when I get home.
    Sorry guys.

  • Appreciate the shoutout. Best of luck against LeCrab.