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And cue the disrespect card


I'm looking forward to all these guys being very wrong.

Thanks Scott

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  • Wow. Adande is actually allowed to contribute on a non-laker topic?

  • Christopher

    Red’s Army, why do you think they picked the way they did? WE SPLIT THE REGULAR SEASON!? we both just made mince meat outta our last opponent? wouldn’t it be mixed? or is it because these are all Lebron Lovers?

  • I’m glad they’re all picking the Cavs. ESPN’s college basketball “experts” all picked against Duke this year too. Proving they don’t know anything.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    It’s not like they are all picking Lebron because they love Lebron. Looking over everything that this series has involved, the Cavs are the clear cut favorite. They have the best player on the planet, home court advantage, can go big or small, match any style of play and they are seemingly more hungry and they “need” it more…
    That being said, I still am picking the Celtics to win, basically because I love the celtics and I’m biased. But people don’t wanna hear the truth, and the truth is that we don’t have one person on this team that can dream of guarding Lebron, and expecting Pierce to do it means he’s going to be either 1) DEAD or 2) in foul trouble.
    Knowing the history of Ray Allen with this team and him disappearing against this team for some reason just scares me even more. Rondo is going to be more than crucial in this series, it all comes down to him completely dominating and outplaying Mo Williams and also KG locking down Jamison, if those 2 things happen we have a shot. Also I think you are going to see more of Marquis Daniels in this series for the sole purpose of another person to throw at Lebron.
    Prediction: Celtics in 6.
    We want nothing to do with a game 7 in Cleveland…

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    If we get game 1, we’ll win the series in 6. If not, we’ll lose 5.

  • DRJ

    I hope they make a poster out of that, and hang it by the Celtics’ locker room door.

  • Mikey

    1.they’re nuts.
    2.espn has no credibility.
    3.they’re racist.
    4.they’re insane.
    5.they’re nuthuggers

  • Mikey

    1.The cavs are not the clear cut favorite.
    2.lebonehead is nowhere near the best player on the planet, never has been, never will be.
    3.The cavs are not more hungry at anything. They don’t have big game players.
    Plain and simple.

  • Mikey

    Imagine Kevin Garnett logging into espn and reading that.
    Celtics in 4.

  • mikey

    0% chance cavs in 5.
    0.7% chance cavs in 6.
    1.2% chance cavs in 7.
    Lets be realistic.

  • ssshady35 aka ANGRY TURK

    Abbott in 4????? Who the Fuck is he? This should be bulletin board material.

  • Mikey

    This is so comical and such a display of utter nonsense I cannot take this seriously.
    First off, it is a FACT, espn has no basketball credibility. None. 0.
    You have a 2008 nba finals where the same 10 idiots, total and complete idiots, pick the Lakers to win 9-1. Legler picked the Celtics in 7.
    All 10 of them were wrong. Only Legler got the winning team right.
    Then 2009 ecf you have 10 idiots picking the Cavs 10-0 against the Magic. All 10 of them were wrong. Only Abbot was even as close as 2 games to being correct, because he had cavs in 7, and the Magic won in 6, so he was only 2 games off. The other 9 idiots were at least 3 games off on the series.
    So they are 1-19 when predicting the two teams they hate the Celtics and Magic, who are the 2 best teams in the nba, to the two teams they lick balls the Lakers and cavs.
    If I gave you advice on stocks and was correct 5% of the time and wrong 95% of the time, would I have a job? Would you have any money? No. So how is this any different.
    Here is where it gets stupider and stupider.
    This idiot Abbot picks cavs in 4.
    There were 80 total predictions by these rodeo clowns for the 1st rounds of the 2010 playoffs.
    Only 1 idiot, Hollinger, picked ANY team to win in 4 games, picking the ball licking cavs to win 4-0 against the Bulls.
    So 79 out of the 80 predictions on the 1st round matchups had the series going at least 5 games.
    And now the Celtics face the cavs and this idiot Abbot picks cavs in 4, when only 1 out of 80 idiots picked ANY 1st round series to go in 4 games?
    Stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Has to be. 2009 ecf is the 2nd stupidest thing I’ve even seen in my life.
    espn has no credibility, that is the point. These circus clowns can get a job for espn doing some stupid mascot commercial because as far as basketball predictions go they should be fired. They don’t belong in the position they are in, that is the point.
    Now watch as it gets even more stupid.
    These 10 idiots all got the Celtics Pistons 2008 ecf wrong, because nobody picked the Celtics in 6.
    These 10 idiots all got the Celtics-Heat series wrong, because nobody picked the Celtics in 5.
    These 10 idiots all got the Magic-Bobcats series wrong, because nobody picked the Magic in 4.
    espn predictions
    2008 nba finals Celtics 4-2 Lakers. 0-10
    2008 ecf Celtics 4-2 Pistons. 0-10
    2009 ecf Magic 4-2 Cavs. 0-10
    2010 1st Celtics 4-1 Heat. 0-10
    2010 1st Magic 4-0 Bobcats. 0-10
    These dudes are 0-50. Celtics championships Cavs championships 17-0, so they pick cavs 10-0.
    These dudes are 0-60.
    How stupid is this network going to get?

  • mikey

    abbot is god he created the universe in 0.1 seconds. jk

  • Mikey

    And I know the article reads “I’m looking forward to all these guys being very wrong.”
    They’re already wrong, that’s the point.
    They’re 0-60.
    Celtics are 18-3 in the nba finals, I think I’ll go with them. THE CHAMPS!!!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I guess I can’t argue with those percentages.

  • mikey

    Hey espn “predictors”
    Blog over here at Red’s Army.
    You’ll see so many STATS and FACTS, all 10 of you will be dressing up as those hot dog mascots that run around during baseball games.

  • Mikey

    Had to comment 1 more time, couldn’t resist.
    espn has their head posted so far up their ass, they gonna need about 100 .79 cent meals from Taco Bell, just to push it out.

  • Coma

    Reality will be Celtics in 6. I hope the Cavs get picked apart and bounced out in the second round.

  • dave cowens

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. What’s the over/under for number of times Lebrick checks his head for blood after the whistle? I’m saying four (per game).
    Here’s my prediction: C’s are going to get physical with Lebrick and force him to to make shots. Refs are going to blow the whistle anyways, might as well actually foul him.
    Nate Robinson will be an impact player in at least one game.
    Sheed will have a creepy patch of grey hair in the back of his dome.
    Quis will contribute by fouling Lebrick…A lot.
    The Shaq/Baby low post battle could be interesting.

  • DRJ

    Lol. Good one!

  • xkenchy

    lol, i know lebrick always checks his face to see if there is any blood, after someone fouls him .omg thats sooo funny u said that. Everyone on espn loves lebrick except for skip bayless

  • nick

    Fucking Jon Hollinger, what a douchebag in every sense of the word. I love Tim Legler and I get the feeling that he really thinks the C’s will win but is just a little gun shy to be the only guy on that list with the Celtics logo up there. But to think they are going to beat us in 5 games shows what an ignorant puke Hollinger is, but then again this guy picks the Jazz to win the West every year. Fuck it lets get it, screw what all these ass-clowns say

  • Um, why is everyone all of a sudden overconfident we are going to beat the cavs?
    seriously? calm down
    although the cavs in 4 or predictions ive been hearing are a bit absurd…the celticss may lose, but they wont be an easy out, and could pull it out in 7

  • greenbeand

    JA is the biggest bigot out there- personally I like the celts in 6

  • Shawn-cvd

    1 Agreed
    2 Agreed
    3 huh? (whether or not true what significance does it have to this topic?)
    4 Agreed
    5 Shaq size agreement

  • Double P Reppin the B

    exactly my point. everyone around here seems to be all of a sudden mighty confident since we ousted the Heat in the first round. BREAKING NEWS. THE HEAT BLOW.
    This is not going to be an easy series, all the odds are stacked against us, and it’s going to take everything this team has to beat the Cavaliers and if you think it won’t then your clearly looking through green colored glasses. I’m hoping more than anything we do it and laugh in the face of everyone and their mom who said we can’t BUT I do know that this team has to play MUCH better than we did last series to beat the cavs

  • Shawn-cvd

    The DUMBEST concept is that the Cavs will clinch in Boston. Bigger props are to be given for picking the team but imagining that this C’s team would lose game six at home is insane to me. Yet there goes half the brain trust at ESPN predicting in six games. Brain Fart is more like it.
    Hey ESPN! Have some balls and imagine that the Celtics are capable of doing some damage here. This isn’t David vs Goliath. And LeBrick should be checking his head…there will be blood!

  • Joseph

    It’s not called disrespect. It’s called REALITY!

  • Sal

    I want some of that green kool-aid so bad. But I’ll say it. Cavs in seve……
    Huh. That’s funny. I’ll try again.
    Cavs win the series in seve……arrrrrgrrhrgrrhr
    Weird! I just can’t do it.

  • Mikey

    try craiglist, there’s trannies there. One of them probably likes you.
    Its called REALITY!

  • Mikey

    Its not over confidence.
    When a certain network, and certain announcers, certain “experts” who make certain power rankings show favoritism and spread lies with no logic or rational all season long, make that now almost 2 full seasons wrong, nothing the Celtics do, nor anything the Celtics fans do will involve overconfidence.
    Now if all those people did what they were supposed to do for the past almost 2 years now and treated teams in the nba like they were supposed to be treated. If the announcers called the game fairly, if espn showed the highlights they were supposed to show, if Stein and other power rankings writers ranked how they were supposed to rank then I don’t think anybody would have a problem to realistically pick the Cavs to win the series.
    That is the point of the story.
    They don’t do that. They don’t do the right thing. They lie, show you slanted stats, make stupid noises when the ball goes in the basket for the team they worship, and ignore and turn the other way anytime that anything happens that doesn’t make thier team look like the greatest things since sliced bread.
    Nobody is going to beat the Celtics by acting like a bunch of idiots. Orlando is respectable, that is why they have a chance to win a series against the Celtics. That is why nobody likes Orlando either. Because those are the 2 best teams in the nba.
    So in other words, if everything went fairly, Celtics and their fans would go into this series looking foward to a fun match up between two talented teams. And then it is anybody’s ball game, because the Celtics could lose if the Cavs outclassed them and played better basketball. Now, that is not what is going to happen because of how people act.
    Take this guy Abbot for example. Do you know what will happen if Kevin Garnett logs into the espn website?
    Do you know what will happen if Paul Pierce overhears someone talking about espn?
    Imagine somebody telling Ray Allen that an “expert” picked the cavs 4-0?
    Its over.
    Those are 3 guys right there that have spent 13-20 years being who they want to be and in the position they want to be in.
    They are not going to get disrespcted. And that is not even including the other 9 guys on the Celtics or Doc.
    Too many people are way to nuts and out of their mind to call the game correctly. So because of that, any Celtics fan can basically say anything they want about the game, and all 12 Celtics players + Doc can go onto the court and play how they want to play. When you are dealing with those kind of circumstances there is no such thing as overconfidence.
    That is the point of the story.

  • Mikey

    Nobody is over confident.
    The Heat don’t blow anything.
    Wade is a big-time player, percentage wise he is better than Lebron. I don’t give a crap about phony stats that people like a Hollinger makes up. Wade is a more efficent player, just look at the percentages. Wade creates a better percentage of points. Not more points, a better percentage. Not field goal%, you have to take into account everything, like turnovers and FT.
    Jermaine played poorly, Anthony is a good defender, that is Shaq & Varejeo right there. Maybe a slight advantage for the Cavs, not by much.
    Arroyo is Parker, Beasley is Jamison, Mo is Quentin, & Dorrell is Moon.
    Delonte is half of Mo, because they will split time trying to guard Rondo.
    Hickson is good, Leon is in a suit, Danny Green is Lebron’s prom date, Gibson looks good in a windbreaker, and Big Z is ok. However JJ, Z AND Shaq & Varejeo AND Leon aren’t all going to be effective. They all don’t get enough playing time for everybody to have a big series. Also take into account that Jamison and Lebron play on the front line for lots of minutes when they go small.
    We don’t have that problem. Garnett, Perk, Sheed, Big & maybe Shelden are our Bigs. That’s it. We know who are bigs are. They don’t. They have too many bigs who don’t play consistent minutes and when Jamison and Lebron are on the front line, that gives them even less of a chance to get thier bigs impacted in the game.
    The odds aren’t stacked against us. The odds are well in our favor. espn is nuts.
    Its not going to take everything we have to win this series, it will take everything they have just to make it to Game 6. Because when you look at the personality and ball handling issues on the Cavs to get everybody in rhythm it is going to be much more difficult then to get all the Celtics players on the floor in rhythm.
    There is no such thing as green colored glasses. Tell me what colored glasses espn, tnt, & nba tv have?
    We don’t have to play much better than we did against the Heat. We play the same way it will be the same result. Maybe Celtics in 6, because the refs are bonkers.

  • Mike

    I agree. #3 is a stretch.
    When you read the predictions though they are so off the wall it basically gives me the opportunity to say anything and have it be on par with what they say.
    Take Abbott’s line cavs in 4.
    I can tell you that I went into my backyard and found an alien and put it in my pocket.
    Both statements have the same amount of credibility.


    Nothing else to do today Mike???

  • How are these predictions based off of no logic?
    The cavs have been the best team in the east, possibly the league for 2 seasons, and got upset last season in the ECF, the only team who should be playing the disrespect card is the Orlando Magic.
    You really sound like an idiot when u act like the Cavs havent deserved to be ranked #1 in the power rankings etc, its like you havent watched the games

  • NineSevenEight


  • Mikey

    oh believe me I got lots of things to do.

  • Mikey

    The cavs haven’t been the best team in the east nor the league for 2 seasons.
    2009 ecf was not an upset.
    You tell me that 3 weeks before a playoff series begins, a team that has an 88-47 lead at home is going to be an underdog?
    That is a team that got lucky in an upset?
    When has that ever happened in the nba?
    How about not, never happened.
    No team that builds an 88-47 lead, like Orlando did is a team looking for an upset against the same team 3 weeks later.
    The predictions are not based on any logic.
    Perhaps if 1 guy picked the Cavs in 7, it would be respectable. Because all 10 pick the same thing, none of it has anything to do with logic.
    2-2 season series.
    That’s it, there is nothing else you need to know. Just in case you wanted to know more, look at the box scores, look at the FT disparities, look at the rosters, look at the 1st rounds, look at who is healthy, and what players are getting what in the rotations.
    7 of the Celtics players are 2 years removed from a 39 point finals win.
    Last years Celtics took Orlando to 7, Orlando went to the Finals. During last years series between Boston & Orlando espn picked it 5-5. Magic beat the Cavs.
    The Celtics just traded Eddie House, Mikki Moore & Stephon Marbury for Kevin Garnett, Rasheed Wallace, Michael Finley, Marquis Daniels, Nate Robinson & Sheldon Williams.
    That’s good.
    So at the very least 2010 Celtics are on par with the 2009 Magic.
    Another reason why the predictions are based on no logic.
    When Kevin Garnett arrived here in 2008 this team formed at the head like voltron son. Anybody who can pick an 0-10 weirdo prediction for this team, gives them the opportunity to play the disrespect card if they choose to do so. Ask Garnett about it, ask Doc. Its their call. They will let you know what they think. I am a fan who can post, not an actual player.
    espn makes the predictions, these games are on espn correct?
    their announcers will telecast some of the games correct? Same network who will pick the Celtics 0-10, and I sound like an idiot?
    What Celtics fan deserves to watch a network that unfarily anylyzes their team and their players?
    And I’m not saying the Cavs haven’t deserved to be ranked #1 in the power rankings. They have. Anything over 3 or 4 weeks total each for the last 2 years is unofficial, because the real stats and the real box scores don’t show that. The ball doesn’t really go in the basket much when the Cavs play. Its about whistles. Both the 2010 Cavs and the 2010 Celtics are roughly the same amount in +/- on FG vs their opponents.
    That is the point of the story. Their numbers are much closer to being even, than being anything near 0-10.
    Now add in the fact that 19 out of the last 20 years the Celtics have been called for more fouls than their opponent during the regular season.
    Flip a coin 20 times and tell me how many times you get 19 heads or 19 tails.
    Then flip a coin 10 times and tell me how many times you get 10 heads or 10 tails.
    Is 19 heads or tails out of 20 logical?
    How about 10 heads or tails out of 10, is that logical?

  • hmmmmm– this really resembles espn’s predictions for the Lakers/Celtics series in 2008. What happened that series? Oh Yeah! We won in six.
    I like this stuff. Good motivation!
    The experts should remember, the Celtics are former NBA champs. The Cavs have never won a thing.

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    Its called history TTR, who has CHOKED more times in a playoff series then the Lebrons?…..wait for it…..wait for it….NOBODY. The deeper the playoffs go the more heart matters. Its what carried the Celtics in 08 and its what dooms the Cavs every year. I’ll never argue with you that the Cavs aren’t the most talented team on paper – they are. But they are also the most gutless playoff team in recent years. CELTICS IN 5
    P.S. Rondo will have 2 triple doubles in this series if that makes you feel better.

  • Scott

    You’re in strong denial on #2 there man. I’m a die-hard Celtics fan and even I gotta say he’s arguably the best player in the game.

  • Lebrons cavs have only choked 1 time in the playoffs, that was last season, every other year, even though they didnt win anything, they overachieved….sorry to give u the facts.
    I hope youre right tho, altho u definetly arent.
    0 chance celts win in 5

  • Didnt read your long drawn out post, but yes indeed the cavs have been the best team in the east for 2 seasons, the record would tell u that…pretty simple

  • reading over your post again…its ridicoulous…just let me know when these “gutless” cavs choked other then last season against orlando, the one time the lost a playoff series they were favored in.
    It was a huge upset when they made the finals.
    It was an upset even bringing us to 7 the year we won the championship. nice try tho…try being obejective

  • Mikey

    not even close, nice try

  • Mikey

    That is why you don’t read the post.
    Becuase you don’t want to admit the truth.
    The cavs have not even been close to the best team in the east for 2 season.
    Their regular season record means nothing, its heavily ref influenced. Look at the real stats in the box scores.
    Its not simple, its complicated, but you don’t know that, because you don’t read.
    You take the easy way out, and it doesn’t work like that with Boston Celtics basketball.

  • Mikey

    The cavs don’t overachieve, the refs overachieve them.
    60% chance Celtics in 5

  • Why is it a dumb concept the cavs will clinch in boston?
    We’ve been a horrid home team all season, even losing to the scum of the league, Nets and Wizards

  • Mikey

    Lakerhater’s post is not ridiculous.
    It is credible information.
    It wasn’t a huge upset when cavs made the finals in 2007. The Eastern conference in 2007 had 1 53 win team and 1 50 win team.
    That is the 5th lowest total in NBA history for the top 2 teams to have.
    The 2007 Eastern confernce was statistically the 5th worst Eastern confernce in nba history.
    It was an upset for the Hawks to go 7 games against Celtics in 2008.
    You’re not being objective. You treat Hubie Brown & Mark Jackson’s words like they are gold. now tell me how espn is objective? tell me how Brent & Jon Barry are objective or even Barkley, or Hollinger, or crazy Stein, or nutty Broussard, or the knucklehead on nbatv.
    Listen to your own people. Lakerhater knows exactly what they are writing about.

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    Your read it twice? I’m touched TTR. They were favored against the C’s in 08, Magic 09, and nooo they weren’t favored in the finals but they were SWEPT as I recall which in any “obejective” individuals mind leads you to the conclusion – choke in the big moments.
    I don’t know how objective I’m being here but certainly no less objective than lebron’s fluffers at ESPN. CELTICS IN 5
    Have faith – in Rondo if nothing else

  • Mikey

    Ray Allen missed a few shots in practice, so is he horrid?
    Nets and Wizards game bro thats preseason, same thing as practice, it means close to nothing.
    You’re the person who wants the Celtics to get all amped up and destroy the Nets and Wizards and flash and profile and get all crazy with high flying dunks and alley oops and showoff plays. The Celtics lost to the Nets and Wiz because they have heart. They respect their opponents. They are not going to step high octane on the gas pedal and try and embarasses guys like Lopez, McGee, Blatche, Thornton & CDR. You want them to step on the gas pedal, because you most likely take the road of not wanting to respect your opponent.
    Did you see how the Cavs acted in New Jersey? Like it was the super bowl, that’s how.
    So understand that the Nets and Wizards are not the scum of the league, they are the teams with the 2 worst records in basketball. 12 mostly young and upcoming players on each team trying to make a name for themselves. Not some scum that a guy like Garnett is going to give 110% every second of all 82 games for 15-20 straight years to destroy and embarrass.
    This years Nets and Wizards game means about as much Perkins taking a jump shot with a crumpled up napkin and trying to bank it off the wall and into the garbage at the Holliday Inn after a nice breakfast.

  • Mikey

    and if you don’t read the post, don’t respond, because you won’t have the necessary information to do so.

  • I have faith, just not celtics in 5 kinda faith..
    And Nope, the cavaliers were not favored against us the year we won the championship,thats ridicoulous and made up…we had 66 wins, homecourt advantage and were the clear favorites over the 40 something win cavs.
    Lebron has lost 1 playoff series in which his team was favored, jus sayin

  • Also, the reason they got swept in the finals, was because Lebron singlehandedly carried the single worst team that has ever made the finals, they had no buisness being there…and oh yeah they were up against the 4 time champion spurs.
    How is the ESPN “experts” picking the cavs, not realistic? they were the better team all year. actually none of them are going out on a limb to predict the underdog celtics to win…good.
    People are getting way to pumped up because of a series win against a pathetic 1 man team.
    If we win, I see it in 6-7 games… 5 is a bit much…as if Lebron is going to be that easy of an out

  • Actually regular season games at home against the Nets and Wizards, arent preseason games…but whatever helps u sleep at night

  • Mikey

    The 2007 Cavs were not the single worst team that has ever made the finals.
    They won 50 games and the Pistons won 53.
    That’s it. That is all they had to do to get to the Finals. There was no great team in the east in 2007. It was a very weak conference.
    The espn experts picking the cavs is not realistic because all of them pick the cavs. It is not a representative sample of anybody. All of them hate the Celtics anyway except for Legler, so there is no logic behind any of their picks.
    The cavs were NOT the better team all year!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! LOOK AT THE BOX SCORES!!!
    Have you ever seen a team be -22 in Field Goals against their opponent and go 15-0???
    NO. Because it has NEVER happened. That is what the cavs did this year. Do you know what a field goal is? It is when the ball goes in the basket without the refs. In 15 hose jobs this year, the Cavs opponents made 22 MORE Field Goals than the cavs and went 0-15. Only referees can create games like that. Look at the freakin box scores. The cavs haven’t been the best team at anything for the past 3 years.
    “People are getting way to pumped up because of a series win against a pathetic 1 man team.”
    What team are you talking about? Heat or Cavs because I don’t see much of a difference.

  • Mikey

    Yes they are.
    Welcome to the world of Boston Celtics basketball.
    Thank you.

  • Mikey

    “as if Lebron is going to be that easy of an out”
    Who is Lebron?
    1 guy?
    If he scores 40 and the Cavs get 100 he still isn’t even HALF of their total offense.
    “as if Lebron is going to be that easy of an out”
    and the Celtics are?
    No. Go tell Abbott that.