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Wade Was Clutch But Pierce Was The Greatest Of All Time

On Sunday afternoon the NBA world watched Dwyane Wade unleash one of the greatest performances of all time in an elimination game.  Wade was essentially giving everyone a preview of what his NBA Jam character will play like when the re-release hit stores.  The only thing missing was the net actually bursting to flames.  With that being said, his all-time performance doesn't rank as the best.  In fact, according to basketball-reference.com, it ranked as 40th best.

The folks at the aforementioned site compiled a fascinating list of the best clutch performances by an individual player when his team is facing the daunting humiliation of "Going Fishing" with Kenny Smith.  The comprehensive and somewhat convoluted "Win Shares" statistic was used to rank said best performances.  Who sits alone high atop this list?  Captain Clutch himself, Paul Pierce, for his exceptional performance against the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 5 of the 2002 First Round.

Here's the list and here is an explanation of how "Win Shares" are calculated.  Einstein, Newton and Emmitt "Doc" Brown are proud of Pierce.

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  • Celtsfan33

    I was at that game and there was no doubt about it – Paul Pierce was unstoppable. Great flashback!

  • Steve

    i remember it like it was yesterday…amazing

  • I was there as well, it was unreal the throttling he gave Philly. At the time, the new Garden was never louder.

  • Joseph

    Greatest of all time??? Ridiculous! I’m going to leave you with a number that isn’t the greatest of all time, but clearly better than anything that Pierce has produced … 81

  • Come on Joey. It’s a big word. Sound it out. “Plaaaay”. Good. Now the second part. “Ooooffs”. Very good.

  • Jason

    Don’t feed the trolls. This loser never has anything but stupidity spewing out of his orifices.

  • Jason

    And you would think he would pipe up for once, since the C’s are about to clinch their series 4-1, while the Fakers, the high and mighty champs, are about to head back to OK down 3-2 against an NCAA Final Four team. And Kobe’s looking damn good nowadays, too. Ha. Nope, he just keeps blindly spewing more stupidity. It’s all he knows how to do, circumstances be damned.

  • Joseph

    You mean the OKC Thunder who beat the Suckdics in Boston?
    The same OKC Thunder that won 50 games this year, like all playoff teams in the West did. Too bad the same can’t be said in the East.
    The same OKC Thunder team that has the EXACT same record as the Suckdics (50-32). I guess that makes the Suckdics an “NCAA Final Four” team.
    The same OKC Thunder team that finished above .600, like ALL playoff teams in the West (too bad the same can’t be said in the East).
    Face it idiot, the Suckdics are so bad that in the West they would be the #8 seed!
    The top 4 seeds in the East have it easy, as the lower Eastern conference playoff teams are terrible. All the top seeds in the East should sweep their lower seeds, because the lower seeds in the East are garbage.
    Know your facts Boston f*ggot

  • prefuse

    A men.

  • nick

    Poor Rodney Rodgers, the guy is paralyzed from the neck down..We never would have made it to the ECF that year without him.