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The 2 craziest things you’ll see all day

It's apparently YouTube day here on Red's Army…. but these two are worth it.  They are easily the two craziest things you'll see all day.

First, this crazy Kobe fan that KWAPT sent me

Ummm….. yeeaahhhhhhhh,,,,

And now, the Bucks mascot with the most insane mascot dunk you'll ever see, via BDL

Minds… blown.

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  • That crazy Lakers guy had me laughing at first, then it quickly becomes very awkward. People have told me it seems fake, but KCAL is a pretty reputable station. I guess it was one of those live-feed things and the guy wasn’t swearing, so they just let him run w/it.

  • That fan is the epitome of a Lakers fan. LOL. Travis also posted that Bango video on GJ earlier, crazy stuff…

  • JD

    Lakers fan is clearly fake…. I’ve seen that actor before. He’s the same guy who is from the “Bobby Patronic” Dating Tape video on youtube if anyone is familiar with that. Still hilarious.

  • Scott

    Wow @ tonight’s game not being on national TV….that’s really lame.

  • The Truth is Here

    maybe that is why the bucks won both home games. Also, agree with scott.

  • Sal

    Mike Gorman: “The ball doesn’t lie.”

  • Alex

    The craziest thing I seen all day was the officiating by the NBA Refs.

  • RAS

    Just saw that video…pretty funny. same guy

  • Alessandro

    That Bucks mascot stole my idea for the dunk contest!
    Although, to be honest, my (impossible) premise was doing the backflip off of the top of the shot clock … I called it the “Dragon Corkscrew” dunk.

  • Leo

    Looks like an actor.

  • Lakers fan video is very fake – check your sources, Red! 🙂
    There’s no Doug Randall on CBS/KCAL payroll…