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Remember kids, celebrate AFTER time expires

I don't really know which league this was in other than to guess it was somewhere central-Europe-ish.  Quite honestly, I don't care.

I just love the guys who celebrated like idiots when time was left on the clock… and the fact that they had to sit there and watch the other team celebrate like idiots when the miracle shot went in.

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  • Mauritz

    Serb league, Southern europe (right north of Greece).

  • Rodger

    I hate teams that celebrate when they havent won anything.
    Some guys make a basket and act like they won the championship.
    Kinda like miami one game aint nothing hope doc showed the clip of duane wade blowing on his hands you won one game barely.

  • It is called Adriatic League.

  • SydneyCeltic

    I thought those names looked familiar. This is a Serbian league (I’m Serbian). I’m surprised they have enough fans/resources to even HAVE a league over there.