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Game 2: The Lost Fourth Quarter

For the Celtic fans that live in or around the Boston/greater New England area, they were able to see the local broadcast version of Game 2 against the Miami Heat.  Even more importantly however, they actually witnessed the entire game.  Unfortunately for the green people living outside of the area, they were subjected to the TNT broadcast whom inexplicably cut out a large portion of the fourth quarter.

Until now.  The lost video footage has been un-Earthed in all of its widescreen HD glory for your enjoyment.  Re-live the shellacking that the C's gave Miami in Game 2 below. Go to the YouTube page to find the entire playlist located on the right hand side of the page.

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  • newyorkceltics

    SWEET! I was at a Specials concert during this game, so I missed the whole damn thing. Good looking, Mr. Triples DOUBLESS

  • Glad to provide it for you. Let me know if the HD quality doesn’t come through as it was giving me issues initially.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Awesome!!! I got something to see tomorrow to tide me over to Saturday! Thanks a million Trips!!!

  • You’re quite welcome. The entire series should be up on my page before the Cleveland series begins. Let me know if you get any issues with the HD quality of the vids.