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The NBA Playoffs: Where garbage time happens

By Rob G.

So far, by my count, home teams are 23-7 in the NBA playoffs. Out of those 30 games, 10 have been decided by 10 points or more (several by WAY more and/or featured extendo garbage time) and four more by 9 points. That's essentially half the games that were devoid of drama in the closing minutes.
And beyond the numbers, there are plenty of occasions in which teams mail in playoff games!

I hear all the excuses for regular season mail-ins. And while I don't buy them, I at least acknowledge them. But there is absolutely no reason a playoff game should be mailed in. It doesn't happen in any other sport.

Our satisfaction that the Cs played competitively yesterday is the exception that proves my point. Sterny (David Stern) or anyone else can blather about the great excitement of the NBA Playoffs, but plain and simple, the first round pretty much blows.

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  • KY Celts fan

    Simple solution to boring first rounds: go back to a 5-game first round. Games become a lot more important that way.

  • Agreed. And the C’s are resting by now too.